Title: Spill
What's with you two?
Majima/Kazuma, vague hints of Kazuma/Sayama
Slash (of course), mild het.
Not mine, no sir.

Kazuma honestly had no idea what Kaoru had meant when she said, "Come on, we're going out."

This time it seemed like she was doing all the leading around, ducking into various restaurants and giving the menus glances so quick that Kazuma could barely keep up.

He could barely keep up with whatever she was thinking anyway. There had to be some purpose behind this, right? He supposed it was what most people would call a 'date'. He couldn't really be sure, being unfamiliar with the concept of 'dates', despite having been called out by some women while working at ADAM.

So it was at a table in Sushi Gin that the whole night took a weird twist, one that made him think. Kaoru was picking at a piece of sashimi, swirling it around in her plate of soy sauce when she decided to ask: "So, what's the relationship between you and Majima?"

"What do you mean?" he asked calmly, trying to choose another portion of raw fish from the plate in the center of the table.

He thought he heard her mumble: "Jeez, you know what I mean", but he was unsure and just continued staring down at the dish. She lost her patience. "Oh, come on! You know!"

"Uh... no. No, I'm afraid I don't." Kazuma said honestly. She gave a frustrated groan.

"You and Majima seem... close."

"Well, yeah. I mean, he is a higher rank than me and all that -"

"That's not what I meant, Mr. Kiryuu."

Kazuma stopped, puzzled once more. He thought he was really onto something there, beginning to understand her, but he supposed he was wrong. But then, he had no idea what she could possibly be hinting at. 'Close'?

"He... you know, he took care of me and all that."

"'Took care of you' how?" Kaoru stared at him across the table, her eyes seeming to pierce into his heart. He had to admit that it made him slightly nervous, but he still couldn't say that he knew what she was getting at.

"Like... a... brother? Like they always do in the yakuza?" he answered honestly, but she sighed, exasperated.

"Do I have to spell it out for you, Mr. Kiryuu?" she said rather loudly, causing more than a few patrons to turn their heads and whisper amongst themselves. Realising the reactions of those around her, she lowered it to a more respectable volume. "I'm asking you if you and Goro Majima are, or were, lovers."

Certainly, it was enough of a question to make Kazuma almost spit out his piece of fatty tuna. Kaoru cocked an eye at his strange behaviour as he spluttered, embarrassed. Indeed, it was the first time she had ever seen him act in such a way.

"It's there a problem, Mr. Kiryuu?" she asked. "I'm merely asking you a question. You don't need to be embarrassed or ashamed."

"What's with that kind of question?" Kazuma was wiping his face bashfully, avoiding her gaze. "It's a pretty personal one, don't you think?"

"It's just, given your... interactions... I'd like to know the full story before I jump to any conclusions." She stared, meaning to be forceful in her actions, but knew that she couldn't be so cruel as to pry an answer out of him if he didn't want to discuss such personal matters.

She sighed. "Actually... don't worry about it. Please pass me the ginger."

He did so, finally looking at her as though he was trying to prove that her question didn't affect him that much. But she knew it did.

Nevertheless, he shrugged, resuming his enjoyment of his meal. She looked up from her plate briefly, watching him as he helped himself to some radish. Don't worry, Kaoru, she thought to herself. You'll find out someday. He'll spill.


A/N: Or is it? Maybe this will turn into a rambling multichap.