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Author's Note: I love this show so much, and wanted it to have its own category. I'm also a big Billie/Zack shipper, so there'll probably be tons of fics for them.

Billie opened her eyes and smiled almost immediately at the man next to her. Zack was holding their newborn daughter, Jocelyn. The little girl was fast asleep in her father's arms.

"Hey, you. How are you feeling?" Zack asked her. He loved Billie and Jocelyn so much. They were both amazing.

"I'm okay. It just hurts a little bit," Billie explained. She held out her arms and Zack gave her Jocelyn.

"I love you, Billie." Zack had already told Jocelyn he loved her, too.

"I love you too." She couldn't wait to marry him soon.

They were a family now.