If I Had…

A Brother

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

My parents died before I knew them.

Before I could get a brother or sister.

I am alone.


No brother, no sister.

If I had a brother,

He'd be funny

And able to make me laugh

No matter how bad I feel.

An optimist.

Knows how to handle the lows

And join with me in the highs

A brave knight.

Perhaps braver than me.

He would be


To sacrifice himself

For me.

So that I may live.

And just like brothers,

We'd have our quarrels

Our misunderstandings

And we'll forget our brotherhood.

But in time we'll remember

How much we need each other

And before either of us


It is forgotten

In the past

Behind us.

We'll grin at each other

Then we'd become brothers again.

If I had a brother,

I'd want him to be just like…


Ronald Weasley, my brother.