If I Had…

A Sister

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

My parents died before I got to know them

Before I could get a sister or brother.

I am alone.


No brother, no sister.

But if I had a sister,

I want her to be smart,


There would never be a puzzle

That she wouldn't be able to solve

Or piece together.

She'd be helpful.

And teach me things

That I couldn't learn by myself.

She would lie for me

For my benefit.

She'd look out for me

And do whatever she could

To keep me out of trouble and danger.

She would even take my favorite treasure

If she had any belief that it was a threat to my safety.

Though I may think she's putting her nose where it

Does not belong

I know she means well

And that I'd do the same for her.

She would always be willing

To listen to whatever I had to say.

I could tell her anything.

Ask her my questions.

And she'd offer the answers.

She'd be brave.

Able to stare fear

In the face

She wouldn't let any danger

Come to me.

If I had a sister,

I imagined she would be

Just like…You.

My sister, Hermione Granger.