A/N:This is my response to a prompt challenge given me by a friend (USMC75) at LiveJournal. I wrote it at work between lots of interruptions. It would have been longer otherwise, but I like it, such as it is. I hope you enjoy!

Title: "Dean's Quandary" (drabble in dialog only)

Author: Kadysn

Characters: Dean and Sam, mention of Cassie

Prompt: Dean needs advice from Sam about how to ask Cassie out on a date

Words: 110

Spoiler warning: Unsure. Either it's set pre-series (which would make it AU) or during episode "Route 666." You decide.

Disclaimer: Sam and Dean aren't mine, which makes me sad. Very sad.


"I need advice, Sammy."
"'Bout what?"
"Spit it out, Dean. Don't keep me in suspense."
"How...how do...?"
"Dean...out with it!"
"I want to ask Cassie out to dinner and a movie, and since you're a girl about a lot of things, I wanted to ask you how to ask her."
"1. Insulting me won't get you anywhere; 2. Just ask her. You hook up with women all the time. I don't see the problem here, Dean."
"I said date, Sam, not sex."
"For you, that's one and the same, isn't it?"
"Fuck you. Are you gonna help me or not?"
"Since you asked so nicely..."