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Second, This is my first attempt at writting a fan fic so please be gentle with me

Let the fun begin Ch. 1

I sighed as I sat on the bed in our new room and gazed at the boxes of stuff that had not been unpacked yet. We'd just moved to our new house a few days ago. Our things were supposed to arrive the day before us but do to some reason or another the moving company had been delayed in delivering the majority of our things until just this morning. While we had all been annoyed by the delay, Alice seemed to be a little disappointed when the truck had finally arrived. No doubt she had been hoping that our things had been lost or even stolen so she would have the excuse to go shopping for the new house.

Edward looked up at me from his place in the closet, "It's only for a few days love. I'll be back before you know it," he smiled at me softly. He must have mistaken my mood for unhappiness over him leaving. I gave him a small smile and nodded saying nothing. While I would miss him I was secretly impatient for the weekend to start.

Even though we'd only moved a few days ago most of the family was going away for the weekend. Carlisle had a medical conference he wanted to attend, some kind of new surgery technique or something like that. Esme was off to New York where a large antique auction was being held. She had been disappointed when Carlise's conference happened to be the same weekend as the auction and could not go with her as he usually did. So my Edward, being the thoughtful and loving son that he is, offered to accompany her. I had my suspicions that his offer was influenced by the discovery that there would be a few antique pianos at said auction.

And then there was Alice and Rose, who were going cross country to the grand opening of some boutique that happened to be carrying the line of one of their favorite designers. I was of course asked if I would like to go with them but thankfully I still had the best excuse to decline. Even though I was very controlled for a newborn I was still technically a newborn and voiced my concern about being around so many people at once with emotions running high and the possible pushing and shoving to get the grand opening sales. I'd told them that I would hate to ruin all of Alice's fun if she and Rose had to cut the trip short because they had to restrain me from causing a very bad scene. Alice had only been disappointed for a moment before she reclaimed her chipper mood and promised to take me on the next trip once my first year was over. Needless to say I was already trying to come up with plausible excuses for said trip. I still hated to shop.

Which left Emmett and Jasper. Neither of them had any interest in going shopping or auctioning and had offered to stay behind with me in case any unsuspecting humans accidentally got too close to our secluded home where I would be staying. That's the excuse they gave the family anyway. The truth though was that my brothers and I loved to hang out with each other. We were going to wrestle and rough house, play video games and watch action movies and whatever else we could think of to do for a whole two and a half days with out anyone else around to discourage us from having our fun. What I love best about the two of them though is that neither of them care what I wear nor do they think that all the fun things we think of to do are too dangerous for me. I mean, I love Alice and Edward dearly but honestly what was wrong with wearing my favorite pair of beat up jeans and a t-shirt? Not to mention that I'm a vampire now. Unfortunately Edward still sees me sometimes as the fragile human I used to be not long ago.

I was pulled from my thoughts by Carlisle calling softly from down stairs. It was time for everyone leaving to head downstairs to go to the airport. They were heading in three different directions but their flights left so closed together they were all going to the airport together. Edward smiled at me again and took my hand as I got up to make my way down stairs to say goodbye.

Just after us Alice came down with Jasper who was carrying another three suitcases for her. They were empty of course so she would have room for all the things she was planning to buy. She was wondering if even with those three extra if she would have enough room and was wondering if she shouldn't take one or two more as well. Jasper just smiled down at her, "Em and I are gonna have to squeeze these three last minute ones in already Darlin. I don't think there's gonna be room for any more. Besides if you need to you can always buy more suitcases while you're there." This was a wonderful solution to Alice because it would involve more shopping and she happily gave up her worrying and rewarded him with a kiss before he turned toward the front door. As he dutifully headed out side to try and stuff the extra bags in the overloaded car Alice took the opportunity to wrap me in a tight hug with the promise that she would bring me back some great gifts since I couldn't go too.

Once Alice let me go Rose came over next for her hug. She was shaking her head slowly. "I swear that girl gets worse with every sale. I almost envy you." She laughed and then after checking to make sure Alice was outside she whispered in my ear, "Don't worry. I'll try and keep her from getting you anything too crazy." I could only give her a grateful smile. Rose understands, better then Alice anyway, that I'm just not the fashionista that Alice is. She also holds the same respect for a great pair of worn out jeans as I do. Although I'm pretty sure her reasons are completely different then mine.

Then she left to say goodbye to Emmett so I turned to say goodbye to my sweet mother Esme. Poor Esme was standing in the hall with a worried expression on her lovely face. Her eyes kept flicking between Jasper and Emmett who were still outside to the living room which still held a lot of unpacked boxes. I wonder what 's bothering her more, the fact that she hadn't been able to set up the house the way she wanted yet or the fact that they were leaving Emmett and Jasper alone in the new house unsupervised. Things tend to get broken when those two are left to their own devises. Her eyes then flickered to me and her frown deepened a little more. I new she was worried about them all leaving me on my own for the first time. Though I really wasn't going to be by myself I knew that as a mom that was how she was looking at the situation since neither she nor Carlisle would be here. Her concern made me loved her all the more.

Carlisle came back inside once all the bags had been stuffed in the car and gave her shoulders a squeeze, "Don't worry dear. Every thing will be alright. There's plenty of time to get everything settled when we get back. And the boys will be on their best behaviour while we are gone and they are looking after Bella. Wont you boys?" he asked looking back at Emmett and Jasper his voice so soft and gentle and yet firm and warning.

Both of them agreed but she still looked unconvinced so I stepped toward her and gave her a hug. "Don't worry mom, really." I told her earning me one of her warm smiles. I know how much she loves it when we call her mom. "I'll keep an eye on them and make sure they stay out of trouble . And don't worry about the house either. I tell you what. While your gone we'll unpack everything for you. There wont be a box left by the time you get back." My generous offer earned me a warm smile from my parents and Edward and a big frown from my brothers. While Alice and Rose just snickered at the looks on the guy's faces.

After a round of hugs and a couple of kisses on my forehead Carlisle and Esme left so Edward and I could say goodbye. He looks almost as apprehensive as Esme about leaving me. Placing my hands on the sides of his face I tell him "Don't you worry either! Everything will be fine. Now go on before you miss your flight." We kissed goodbye and reluctantly he headed out the door. I followed him out and stood on the porch so I could wave goodbye and saw him give a warning glare to the guys before climbing into the car. And instant later Emmett and Jasper were standing beside me waving as the care made it's way down the drive.

Once they were out of sight I turned and led the way inside with a large smile on my face. I hopped over the back of the couch and settled in as I watched my big brothers walk in looking a lot less excited then I felt. "Oh come on guys. Their gone. The house is all ours. Time for a whole weekend of fun to begin!"