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Let the fun begin chapter 7

Jasper's point of view

We finished the house with plenty of time to spare. It really was insanely spectacular. Every single item in the house and garage was wrapped up, the walls, floors and even the ceilings were covered. The only thing inside the house that was not in some way covered was the windows and that was only because we didn't want it to show through and spoil the surprise. Emmett had wanted to wrap the outside of the house as well but we simply didn't have enough for that and instead opted to play with the left over's. Emmett made himself yet another suit of bubbles and giggled like a little girl as they popped while he pranced around. Luckily Bella had thought to pull out her phone and was able to record a bit of the show so the rest of the family could see it later.

We were just hanging out in the back yard waiting until it was time to go meet everyone at the airport. We figured Alice and Rose could use the extra space for all the stuff they bought. Right as we were getting up to leave I felt a sudden burst of apprehension coming from Bella. I looked over and noticed she was eyeing Emmett who had a very mischievous look about him.

"You know Jazz, I just remembered something you and I have to do before we leave."

Bella and I exchanged a confused look. I could tell that she, like me, was trying to remember what we could have forgotten but we were both coming up with nothing. "Um, ok Em. What did we forget?" He was feeling way to sneaky and giddy for my comfort.

"Well, Bella really can't come with us you know." He shrugged and Bella's mouth dropped open in anger. A sign she was about to start protesting. "So many people in a crowded airport…….wouldn't be a good idea to take a newborn in there you know. So, before we leave we need to make sure she's safe here. For Edward's peace of mind of course."

Bella's eyes narrowed and she started to take a step away from him but Emmett was quicker and grabbing her up he slung her over his shoulder and started off toward the garage.

Just a little over an hour later we were standing at the gate waiting for our girls to make their way off the plane. Many people stared at Emmett's hair as they passed since it was still a multitude of colors. He in turn would just flash them a grin and chuckle as they hurried on their way.

Suddenly there was a squeal and a blur and I found my arms full of a very happy pixie. We let the girls chatter on about all the things they bought as we made our way over to pick up the numerous bags that they were able to bring on the plane with them. The rest of their purchases would arrive by mail later. Next we trekked through the crowd to Edward and Esme's gate. Carlisle was already there waiting and greeted us all warmly before Alice launched into describing the new wardrobe they'd bought for him. Apparently Carlisle was getting a makeover.

Twenty minutes later we were all getting hugged by Esme. "Oh my precious children," She cooed. "How were your weekends? Did you all have fun?"

"Where's Bella?" Edward interrupted with a frown firmly in place.

Emmett and I had already planned to keep our minds focused on the girls and how much we missed them so Edward wouldn't find out anything and spoil the surprise. I have to admit that I was a little worried about Emmett. He wasn't very good at keeping a secret with anyone, much less Edward who could read minds.

"Oh, she's at home." Emmett kept his eyes on Rose and played with a curl of her hair as he answered him. "Not safe to bring her out into the crowds you know. Or else she'd be here. She really wanted to come with us to meet you. She's missed you so. Wasn't happy at all about not being able to come with us but we made sure she was safe before we left. I'm sure she'll be very happy to see you." I felt Edward relax to normal and had to admit I was pretty surprised Emmett was able to ease his mind and not give our game away. Maybe we didn't give Emmett enough credit.

After somehow managing to stuff all the bags into both cars and a bit of grumbling about how Emmett and I should have brought two cars, one for just the luggage, we were all able to cram ourselves into the cars and enjoyed a nice ride back to the house. Everyone was swapping stories about their weekend and Emmett and I vaguely answered questions about ours. We told them that we'd only lazed about watching TV and playing video games but did unpack all the boxes for Esme, which made her very happy, and played some paintball. Rose thought Em's hair was funny wasn't especially happy about it.

Pulling into the drive we all practically fell out of the cars and Carlisle, Edward and I began to pull out the bags while poor Em was ganged up on by Esme and the girls. They were all examining his hair and discussing various products to use on it to get it back to normal. The poor guy was sending us silent pleas for help but we just laughed quietly and kept unloading the cars.

As we were finishing up Edward looked around with a frown. "Where's Bella? She should have come out by now. Why isn't she out here?" I could feel him starting to panic and caught Em's eye and gave him a nod.

"Oh yeah, I'll get her." Emmett flashed him a grin as he pulled away from the girls and started towards the garage. Instead of going in he walked around the side of it and came back a moment later carrying Bella.

"Bella?! What did you two do to her?!"

"I told ya, we made sure she was safe before we left. Like this she can't hurt herself. Perfectly safe." Emmett explained with barely controlled laughter. He had the brilliant idea right before we left on how to do this and now Bella resembled a mummy, wrapped up in bubble wrap from head to toe.

Both Alice and Rose were roaring with laughter. Carlisle bowed his head and was chuckling as quietly as he could and Esme gave a small "Oh my" before covering her mouth with her hand. Bless her, she was trying not to laugh but her shoulders were shaking slightly and I could feel the amusement coming off her. Edward was the only one who didn't see the humor of Bella's predicament. Emmet had often stated that he thought Edward had no sense of humor at all and though I had always argued that he did, I was now starting to wonder if maybe Emmett was right after all.

Edward hurried over and started ripping the wrap from her. Ignoring the cries from the girls to be careful with her hair, he started with her head. As soon as he had that part of her free and was continuing on down her torso she turned her head and sent her worst glare at Emmett. Considering her worst glare couldn't scare a butterfly it only cause him to laugh harder.

Finally she was free and just as both she and Edward rounded on Emmett, Esme intervened and suggested everyone head inside. I could tell she was a bit nervous but I wasn't sure if it was because of the fight that was about to break out or the apprehension of seeing how many of her antiques Emmett had broken.

They all headed in but Em and I hung back with the excuse of loading our arms with the girl's bags. We watched as Carlisle opened the door and stepped back to let Esme in. Ever the gentleman our dad. She gave him a fond smile, stepped into the doorway and screamed. Alice and Rose rushed to her side and gasped while Carlisle just craned his neck to look over their heads. The look on his face was priceless. I never knew his eyes could get that big.

They all just stood there in shock. I could tell Edward, who was still standing at the bottom of the porch steps and couldn't see into the house, was us using his gift to see what the big deal was about. Slowly they all turned to look at us. They all had the same shocked expression on their faces except Bella who was standing by Edward and was trying her hardest not to laugh. Emmett's shoulders were shaking so hard I knew he was about to lose it and it was making it very difficult for me to stay straight faced.

Esme was the first to recover. Slowly, with an eerie calmness, she pushed past Alice and Rose and walked to the top of the porch steps. She blinked at us for a moment and took a deep breath. "What in the world did you two do to my house?!" She screamed. Her face was twisted into such a ferocious look and that paired with the fact that our normally calm mother was screaming was enough for both my large brother and I to jump and back up in fear of our limbs. I was almost positive that our mother, who was the most passive aggressive and gentle vampire I'd ever met next to our father, wouldn't kill us. But judging by the look on her face and the anger coming off of her right now I wasn't so sure that she wouldn't rip us to pieces if the others let her. "Well? Explain!" She demanded and threw her arm behind her to point at the house as if we weren't sure what we should be explaining.

Em and I exchanged a glance before he turned to our irate mother with a smile on his face that was meant to be charming but didn't faze her in the slightest and made me cringe with worry. "It was for Bella mom." My head snapped to look at Bella whose face now held a look of fear. "And, well me too I guess. See we knew Edward was worried about Bells and her getting hurt although really she can't get hurt anymore cause she's not human anymore and but he's an over protective worry wart and and has panic attacks over silly things like that anyway. And we also knew that you were worried about leaving Jazz and me home by ourselves with all the antiques and stuff in the house and you always think we're gonna do something stupid and break them all which really is kind of insulting and very hurtful cause you should have more faith and trust in us. You know come to think of it so should you Eddie. Belly is our sister. We would never do anything that would put her in danger and yet you thought you would come home and she'd be missing an arm or something just because we were watching her. A little faith and trust. Not too much to ask from ones family now is it? Cause honestly the lack of it hurts." He finished with a pained look on his face and one hand over his heart.

We all stood there staring at him with matching looks of confusion on our faces. Esme was the first to recover again. "That doesn't explain my house."

"It doesn't?" We all shook our heads. "Oh, well you see we knew both you and Edward would worry so we tried to think up something that would keep both our sister and your stuff safe. Works really well too, and I think it looks cool. Adds character to the house."

Everyone was starting to recover from their shock. Edward was shaking his head in annoyance and the girls were biting their lips trying not to laugh. Esme just stood there, incoherent sounds coming out of her mouth as she gaped at Emmett. Carlisle finally put an arm around her shoulders and started to coax her into the house. Our father had a wonderful sense of humor for a such a quiet man and I could feel the amusement coming off him as he did very well at keeping a straight face.

"Come on, let's go inside dear. I'm sure it's not as bad as it first looks." He shot a smile at us over her shoulder as she finally turned to go inside.

Emmett threw me a triumphant grin as we followed the group inside, carrying as many bags as we could. We could hear the pop pop pop of the wrap as everyone entered and took a left into the living room. We stopped and set all the bags down by the doorway before slowly following them. Everyone was there looking around with open mouths except for Esme. She was currently running from room to room on the first floor taking in the damage.

"Wow, and to think you guys pulled this off without me knowing." Alice said turning toward us with an impressed look on her face.

Rose and Edward were just taking everything in and I could tell they were impressed by the sheer volume of wrap that had been used. Bella had sat down on the bubble covered couch with a timid smile on her face.

"You boys didn't miss anything did you? The furniture, the stairs and rails, floors, pictures, you even got the ceiling. You must have cleaned a store out huh?" Carlisle shook his head chuckling. "Great joke guys. Covering the living room and entry way; you really had us fooled. Although, that wasn't a very nice joke to play on Esme. I think she thought you'd done the whole house."

Bella, Emmett and I all exchanged nervous looks as Emse stormed back into the room. "They did!" She yelled at Carlisle. "The entire first floor. Every room looks exactly like this one! Every room! Every floor, wall, the tables and chairs, Edward's piano, the pictures and doors. They even individually wrapped every piece of silverware in the kitchen drawer! Everything is covered in bubble wrap! There isn't one thing in this house that isn't!" She was glaring at us again with murder, or at least harm in her eyes.

"Now that's not true. The windows aren't covered." I'd never wanted to hurt Emmett more than I did in that moment. He just kept getting us in deeper trouble.

"It's ok Esme. It was just a stupid joke. It won't take that long to put right. It's just the first floor. If everyone takes a room then we'll be done in no time." I was a little surprised that Edward was taking this so well.

Rose shook her head. "I can't believe you guys did the entire first floor. A little overboard don't you think?" Emmett and I exchanged another look and he started to fidget.

"You didn't." Edward was staring wide eyed at Emmett. "You wouldn't."

"Wouldn't what? What did they do?" Alice just had to ask. And I closed my eyes waiting for what was to come because I knew Edward knew. Suddenly this great prank didn't seem so great anymore because even though Esme and Carlisle might show restraint I knew Alice, Rose and Edward would find a way to punish us.

Edward dragged a hand down his face before, "They got the second floor too."

Everyone just looked at each other in disbelief for a moment before the girls took off up the stairs with Esme, Carlisle and Edward on their heels. Bella turned and we all just looked at each other for a moment before the screaming began.

At first it was just horrified screams from the three females of the bunch but it quickly turned into furious yells and curses from all five of them. I think Em and Bells were as surprise as I was at the language coming from our father. I know I've never heard him say those kinds of words before.

"They got our clothes!" Alice was calling to Rose.

"Take a look in your jewelry box! Everything in mine is individually wrapped! It's gonna take forever to sort all this mess out!" Rose screamed back.

"You should see my work room! They did the same thing to all my paint samples!" Esme wailed. "How am I supposed to do anything in here?"

"Of all the stupid, childish, idiotic…………Hundreds of vampires in the world and I have to be related to these two………..Think they're so funny………I'll show them funny…….." Edward was muttering to himself.

"My office?! My files! How am I supposed to work? Oh, please tell me you guys didn't do this to my office at the hospital too." Carlisle moaned.

Beside me Emmett slapped a hand to his forehead. "We forgot about the hospital office."

"Emmett" I hissed while Bella threw a cushion at him.

"Thank goodness" Carlisle murmured.

"I think we're in enough trouble as it is," I murmured.

"Oh you better believe it!" Rose screamed.

"Uh, you know I'm starting to feel a bit thirsty. I think it's time the three of us went hunting" Emmett suggested and we started for the back door.

"Oh no you don't!"

"Don't even think about it!"

"Don't you move!"

"I wouldn't if I were you."

The three of us froze and Emmett gulped. "Run!" he screamed and shoved Bella back to the couch. He bolted out the door with me hot on his heels. We headed for the woods at the edge of the back yard. Behind us we could hear Bella and Carlisle frantically trying to calm the rest of our family down. We didn't stop until we reached the clearing we were still setting up for our new baseball field.

Nearly thirty minutes later Bella was walking out of the woods toward us. "Well," she called out cheerfully, "you have to clean up the most of the house of course but they won't kill you. You two are also treating the girls to a weeklong shopping trip through Europe and are basically the family's slaves for next month."

"So the usual then?" Emmett was regaining his good humor quickly.

Bella laughed. "Pretty much and you know I'll help you out too."

"I knew it"

We all turned to find Carlisle at the edge of the woods, leaning against a tree and chuckling. "I had a feeling you were in on their pranks with them. You're never really mad and you always try to calm the others down a bit so they won't be too mad at them, thus keeping them out of too much trouble. A silent partner in crime."

Bella nodded her head with a sheepish smile on her face. If she'd still been human her face would have been tomato red. "Yeah, you're not mad or anything are you?"

"No! Not at all. In fact I think their pranks have only gotten better since you've joined them. I'm not a prankster myself but I do enjoy a good joke you know." He explained with a fond smile in our direction. "So long as you remember that my office at the hospital is always off limits of course."

Emmett let out a booming laugh, "Isn't our dad the coolest?" he asked giving Bella a nudge that sent her stumbling. "So, any ideas for our next prank?"

"Well," Bella shot Carlisle a shy glance then gave us her usually mischievous grin. "I was thinking, maybe, that we could turn the driveway into a gigantic slip and slide."

Emmett boomed with laughter again. "Yeah! And then at the end we could….."

"I don't need to hear this." Carlisle interrupted. With his hands over his ears he turned back into the woods and started back to the house.

We stayed out there for another hour laughing at their reactions and trying to think up ways for Em and I to get out of a weeklong shopping spree through Europe.

The End

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