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One Month Later.

"Are you sure your dad's all right with that?" Naruto asked into his phone, walking slowly down the heated corridor of the building he'd just finished class in. Other students were pushing past him and moving around him to get to class, but he was done for the day, which was great because so was Sasuke.

"He doesn't really care. Like I keep telling you, him and your dad said as long as our grades don't slip, we can visit as often as we want. Not like I can't afford it."

"Yeah, I know. But it'd be nice if I went up to you every now and then. I wanna meet your friends, instead of us always having to avoid all of mine."

"We can do that for our next weekend, okay? I'll have you come up here. We're still on for Hawaii during Reading Break, right?"

"Fuck yes, we are!" Naruto exclaimed with a grin, pushing through the doors and out into the cold air of winter. It was much colder here than in England, and he would be glad when spring finally hit. "I can't wait. You in a bathing suit. Or, you know, naked."

"Moron! Wait until you're home before saying things like that!" He was willing to bet anything his boyfriend was blushing.

"All right, all right, I'm sorry." Naruto laughed. "So," he lowered his voice to make himself sound huskier, "what are you wearing?"

"I am not answering that," Sasuke snapped.

"Aw, come on, princess, don't want me getting hard on my way home without being able to do anything about it? You know I love it when you tease me lik—"


Sasuke snorted down the line. "I hear your puppy's caught up with you."

"Yeah, he's got bad timing," Naruto sighed, but stopped anyway so Kiba could actually reach him.

"Merde! Merde, merde, merde! Naruto!" He practically jumped on the blond, twisting him around and hiding behind him. "Fucking hell, save me!"

The blond was completely disoriented, having been turned around and now confused as to which direction he was meant to be going in. He looked over his shoulder at his friend, ducking his head under his jacket.

"Kiba, what are you doing?"

"He won't stop following me!" Kiba whined against his lower back.


"Who do you think? Itachi!"

Naruto cocked an eyebrow. "Itachi's not even here."

"Oh yes he is! And so is your retard boyfriend!"

"Great, nice one. Your mutt can't keep his fucking mouth shut."

The blond perked up, looking around excitedly and grinning. "You're here? Seriously? Where?"

"At your apartment. So ditch the mutt and hurry home." He could hear the smirk in the other's voice and groaned, wanting so bad to get there.

"See you soon." He hung up.

"See you soon my ass, fucknut! You have to help me, this is your fault!" Kiba whined.

Ignoring him, Naruto scrolled through his contacts until he found the number he was looking for and called it. The line clicked, but no one spoke.

"Hey dude, how's it going? Kiba needs to hide out for a little while, I was hoping you could take him off my hands. We're close to the western parking lot."

The line clicked and Naruto grinned before hanging up. Sure, it was a dick thing to do, but his boyfriend was waiting for him, and he was not babysitting Kiba all night.

"Who did you call?"

"A friend, don't worry, he'll keep you safe. I'll wait with you until he gets here."

It was a good thing Kiba kept his head in Naruto's back the whole time, because otherwise he would have seen Itachi coming. The Uchiha nodded a thank you, moved around Naruto, then picked Kiba up and threw him over his shoulder.

"Wh-what? What? Putain! Naruto! T'es un con! Un con! J't'hais!"

"Bye, Kiba! Have fun!"


Naruto bolted for his car, flipping through his keys to find the right one. He jumped into it once he did and peeled out of the parking lot, almost hitting another car, but only half-caring. He hadn't seen Sasuke in a week and a half. That might seem like nothing, but it was like an eternity for them.

Driving like a psycho down the street, he stopped only when he had to, and sped through a lot of yellow lights. Making it into his garage, he bolted from his car, not even bothering to bring his bag, and hurried up the stairs. Reaching his apartment, breathing hard, he found the right key to unlock the door and pushed it open, closing it behind himself and hurrying through, checking all the rooms.

He got to his bedroom, and grinned, finding Sasuke lying on his back on the bed, wearing nothing but a pair of sweats.

"What kept you?" The raven smirked.

"Sorry. Had to let the dog out." Naruto crawled onto the bed, looming over Sasuke. "Did you miss me?"

"Of course not." Sasuke snorted.

"Yeah, I didn't miss you, either, princess."



Sasuke leaned upwards to bite his nose, and Naruto grinned before he kissed him.

This was how life should always be.

Completely spontaneous.


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