1A Soul Within

Pairing: Harry/Salazar

Rating: MA - explicit sexual exploits

Summary: Harry has found the man that makes him feel complete, but what happens when that man is just a dream?

Warning: SLASH - man/man loving - don't like, don't read. Story not completely cannon with the books - brought someone back from Rowling's dead list.

Disclaimer: The whole concept of the Potterverse belongs solely to the brilliant witch, J.K. Rowling. No muggle or wizarding money was made in writing this little challenge.

Thanks go to a great author and my beta-reader for this story - Digitallace.

Note: This was a challenge put forth by Kamerreon on her group. She wanted to see more rare pairings of the Potterverse, so the 'Rare Alphabetical Challenge' was put forth, with several authors volunteering to aid in her quest. I had another story in mind, with a different wizard, but he was taken already. (Will wait eagerly to read that one - Rabastian). Sometime in the future, when my muse can leave for longer periods of time from the St. Mungo's asylum, I will attempt to write it possibly. Who knows? It's been a struggle to get this one out. Been a long time since I've written anything. I would like to say I have uploaded the whole story, but time, my muse and life had waylaid those plans. I will try to be as quick as I can.

Now on to the story.......

Chapter One

Merlin he hated this. He was sick of this. Harry Potter had only been an Auror for a few years, but already he was tired of it. He had spent eight years being molded into the perfect obedient soldier of the wizarding world, then went right into the Auror program at the Ministry of Magic after he was done his magical training at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He had excelled in the program; having many other of his colleagues resent him for it. He didn't have to try that hard to complete the training as he had had some of the best train him for his prophetic legacy. It was taken for granted that he would continue his quest in bringing down the wizarding world's greatest foes after he defeated Voldemort - Tom Riddle, or better known as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Pathetic. It's no wonder that the wizarding world had been close to being subservient to Voldemort and his minions. They were weak minded, not able to even say his name. Putting their blind faith into a child that just so happened to be the only one to survive the deadliest curse known to the wizarding world. He was sure there would be even more hype if that oh-so-fickle world knew that he survived that curse twice. Only a select few knew what happened in the forest on that fateful day when Voldemort was defeated.

Harry shared a look with Ron Weasley, one of his best friends, and one of the reasons he was in this position he regretted to this day. Ron was the first friend he made in the wizarding world on the Hogwarts Express on the way to his first year at the infamous school. Then there is Hermione Granger, soon to be Weasley. The wedding was planned for the end of the month. They were still close, but now they had their own lives together, and Harry felt like a fifth wheel when he was around them. They didn't mean to push him aside, but he felt even lonelier when he was around them.

That loneliness lead him to rethink his life. Was he really happy, or was he just shuffling along with the cards he'd been dealt? Was he happy being an Auror? Was he content with those brief encounters with the men he picked up at the Muggle club in London? He tried the wizarding clubs, but never knew if the men that flirted with him were after him or his name. Surprisingly it was at the Muggle club that he bumped into his old school rival, Draco Malfoy. It had been about two years since that night, and they were close friends by now, sometimes feeling closer than Ron and Hermione. He was able to talk to Draco about anything and everything. His mother, Narcissa, even treated him like a son when he came to visit. Lucius was still someone he was cautious of, but very valuable at giving information when needed while hunting down some of the Death Eaters that had escaped the final battle.

After the battle, it was a time for recovery. Families buried their loved ones, the Ministry elected a new Minister, and buildings and towns were rebuilt - Hogwarts being one of the most damaged. The main battleground had consisted of the school and the grounds around it. Harry himself spent about a month in St. Mungo's recovering from magical exhaustion and some injuries that no potions or spells could stop the scarring. It's amazing what glamour spells could cover.

"Are you ready for this Harry?" Ron asked quietly at his side.

Harry nodded, and let his wand slip into his grasp from the wand holster on his forearm. "Just another house, right?" He smirked, putting all his troubled thoughts to the back of his mind.

"Another house?" Ron scoffed. "This is Voldemort's house. It took two years to find it. Bloody Fidelius Charm." Thanks to the capture of Peter Pettigrew, they were able to get the location of the Riddle house. Never trust a kiss-ass rat.

"Still, it's just another house where a wizard lived that practiced dark magic. We've been to a lot of these, Ron. Just because its Voldemort's house doesn't mean we treat it any different. As always, be cautious and don't touch anything without checking for residual dark magic."

Ron shook his head. "Sometimes I think you're bloody mental, Harry," he grinned, albeit a little nervously. He hadn't been to as many of these investigations as Harry, as he was a year behind Harry in his Auror training.

"Relax, Ron. Just stay with me and we'll watch each other's backs," Harry reassured. It was customary in their ranks to always be with another person, if not more, when they went out on a mission. This mission there are six other Aurors to watch out for each other, including the Head Auror of the Ministry.

Harry was one of the first chosen for this particular mission, mostly due to his ability to speak Parseltongue. He had been sure once he defeated Voldemort that he would lose that ability. He didn't really mind it as much as he once did. He had wished that the lightening bolt scar would have left his forehead, but it did fade to a thin white line, and didn't cause him any more pain, which was most thankful.

There were many years of neglect on the outside of the house. The grounds around the manor were overgrown with weeds and twisting vines, the trees surrounding the property old and withered, the branches barren of leaves, the dark magic from the place seeping into their roots. A quick step to the side, and an Incendio later, the crawling vine that was creeping to Ron's ankles was gone. The steps were taken cautiously, the wooden slats broken or gone. The front door was covered with heavy planks of wood, matching the nearby windows with a hint of broken glass in the creases. Looking around the front of the house, Harry could see it was once a proud looking old Victorian home. The front of the house was clearly not the way that people would usually enter in the later years.

Once they magically pried the boards loose from the door, they checked for spells, charms, and hexes, then cautiously made their way inside. They split up into pairs then spread to search the house for any dark artifacts that would be destroyed or stored in a very secure area at the Ministry that only the Unspeakables know of where it's located. Harry and Ron made their way down the hallway on the main floor, their wands held out in front of them lighting their way. Harry was one of the most powerful of the Aurors, old and new, and he was chosen to check the most likely place for dark artifacts and such - the library.

They both stepped into the darkened room and lit the sconces on the walls, the shadows creeping back into the darkened corners.

"'Mione would love this," Ron grinned, scanning his wand in front of the floor to ceiling book shelves, filled with books, while Harry went to the desk.

"More like Draco and Severus," Harry smirked, hovering his hand over the desk, using some wandless magic that the other Aurors didn't know he was capable of. Too many questions and even more attention if they knew. Ron knew of it, but was busy scanning the books. If they were clear of dark spells and magic, they were shrunk down and placed into a bottomless bag where the Unspeakables would take over.

Harry's eyes caught the faint light on a palm-sized stone that was on the desk. He checked the stone before picking it up, dusting off the thick layer of grime on the surface. The stone pulsed in his hand, green and blue colors swirling beneath the surface. He felt a small surge of magic from the smooth stone, but didn't feel like it was threatening, if anything, a warmth seemed to envelope his body, almost like warm arms wrapped around him. He still felt the warmth when he put the stone in the Ministry bag to bring back with the other artifacts. Harry opened the drawers of the desk, finding potion bottles that were empty to half full. They were carefully put in a cushioned box to safeguard them before they were shrunk down into a pouch to hand over to Severus Snape, the Potions Ministry advisor, and the resident Potions Professor for Hogwarts.

Ron came over to the desk when he heard Harry repeatedly speak the many unlocking spells they knew of. "Problems, Harry?" he asked, holding a leather bound book.

"Bloody drawer won't open," Harry said, reaching down to his boot to take out the penknife that Sirius Black, his now deceased godfather gave him many years ago.

Ron looked at the drawer, tried the unlocking spells again, then shook his head. His fingers reached out to touch the etching that was deeply ingrained into the wood. He looked around the desk while Harry kept at the drawer. "Looks like that's the only place with that kind of marking."

Harry bent down to look more closely at the etching, his fingers tracing the swirls and curves. "Only . . . the . . . pure," Harry quietly said as he sounded out letter by letter. The faint sound of metal scraping against the wood could be heard in the quiet of the room. "Must be in Parseltongue." Harry carefully opened the drawer as much as he could.

"Guess it's one of the reasons you were chosen for this assignment," Ron sighed, coming around the desk again.

"There was bound to be some writings in Parseltongue here," Harry replied. "What did you find?"

"I've shrunk down pretty much all the books and gadgets on the shelf, but I did find this book that might be interesting. I ....um . . . magicked a copy before I put the original with the others," Ron said, his admission said in a whisper.

"Ron," Harry smirked. "That's so Slytherin of you," he laughed. He picked up the book. "The Founders Four?"

Ron opened the front cover of the book, pointing to the four names written on the front page. "I flipped through some of the pages. It's all hand written. Looks like different people that wrote in it. The names in the front are the founders of Hogwarts. I think this is a journal of sorts," he added excitedly.

"Now this Hermione would kill for," Harry chuckled. "Keep it hidden. We'll go through it later."

"You should keep it, Harry. Might get mixed up with all these other books I got here," Ron replied, handing the book over. He watched as the shrunken down book was put in the front pocket of Harry's pants. "So, what was he trying to keep hidden?"

Harry started to put the items from the drawer on the desk. He took out a pad of lined paper and a Muggle Bic pen. Harry looked at Ron to see him trying to hold back his laughter. Harry skimmed the scrawled writing on the paper, his smile fading. "These are the people that he killed to make the Horcrux's. Merlin, I still can't believe he killed his own father and grandparents to make the first ones." Harry kept skimming over the pages. "There's a list of people here. I think it's kind of a hit list or something. Mum and dad are on here, the Longbottoms, all your family - name by name. Not surprised to see my name is capitalized. Most of the names are crossed off. Severus is on here too - his name crossed off. Guess he didn't know that we gave him Dittany to fight the venom when Nagini bit him on the thigh," Harry mused, flipping the page to the next. "This next list looks like some of the Death Eaters, names crossed off too. Malfoy will be relieved. He's near the bottom of the list."

"What else is in there?" Ron asked.

Harry lifted two leather bound books out. He opened the one to see 'Lord Voldemort' on the front page then immediately closed the cover. "We'll let the Unspeakables look through this," he said, thinking the journal was too reminiscent of his second year when part of Voldemort's soul was in a journal that almost cost Ginny's and his life in the Chamber of Secrets. He opened the front cover of the second book. 'S. Slytherin' was written in cursive green writing. His hand warmed when he opened to the first page seeing a mix of Parseltongue and English. He closed the book and put it in his robes with the founder's journal.

After they levitated some of the darker objects and put them in a secured bag, they proceeded to go through the rest of the library. It was a few hours later that they cleared the library, finding a hidden passageway behind a large mirror, that led to another room that was bare of anything. They left and met up with the other groups of Aurors, giving a brief verbal report to the head Auror until they could hand in their finds and write a report to hand in. The upstairs bedroom was searched again, it clearly having been used in the past few days. The house would be watched and monitored to see who the interloper was; and an Anti-Apparition spell was placed on the house and grounds before they left. They would be able to Apparate in, but not out. They would be trapped inside of the house until officials could come to apprehend them. There were still a few of the inner circle Death Eaters still on the loose.

It was several hours after they arrived back at the Ministry that Harry and Ron were able to leave the office. It was a tiring day. They logged in their finds, filled out paperwork until their hands were cramped. They were walking out of the department, when Harry stopped at the Head Auror's office door, the man was long gone by now, reaching in his pocket to take out a sealed envelope. Ron nodded in encouragement.

"It's the right thing to do," Harry smiled, placing the envelope on the massive desk.

"Whatever makes you happy, mate," Ron said, patting Harry's shoulder as they walked to the Ministry floo network.


This story will be a WIP. I have five chapters written, with more coming when I can get it out of my head. The second chapter will be uploaded in a day or two after I finish up the editing. Digitallace will be getting two more chapters back to me once the holidays are over most likely.