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Chapter Thirteen



"Don't stop."

Ring . . . ring.

"Ohgod . . . "

Ring . . . ring.

"Damn . . . " Groaned Salazar before he waved his hand towards the floor beside the bed, then moaned out loud when the tight channel started to contract around his length. "Harry."

"Sal'zar . . . Merlin . . . pleasedon'tstop," Harry moaned, digging his heels into his lover's lower back.

In another room, the fireplace roared to life in green flames. A woman came through with a rolled up newsprint clutched in her hand.

"Really Hermione," Draco called out, reaching for the sleeve of her robe when he stepped out moments after her. "Couldn't it have waited?"

"I did wait Draco. I tried to call him, and the phone buzzed in my ear, then went dead. Something happened. I know it," Hermione said, looking around the living room. She leaned down to pick up a shirt that was on the floor.

Draco smirked as he picked up another shirt that was hanging off of the back of the sofa. A loud groan made them both look towards the bedroom door. "He's obviously not in any danger Hermione. He sounds like he's doing rather well actually," he grinned, sitting down on the sofa after using his wand to move a pair of boxers from the seat to the floor.

Hermione's face flushed pink as she sat down beside Draco. "So, this mystery man? You know anything about him?" She asked, holding up the paper.

"Can't Harry have a love life Granger?" Draco asked, picking up a book from the coffee table.

"That's Weasley, Draco," Hermione smirked. "And yes Harry can have a love life, but this looks a bit more serious than his previous lovers."

"You can tell that from that one picture?" Draco asked.

Hermione opened the paper to the first page. "It's the look on his face. It's a look of love, not lust, like in the other pictures that have previously found their way into the Prophet. And then there's the 'I love you Salazar'. Where on earth did he meet someone that is named Salazar?"

"It's not my place to talk of his love life, Hermione," Draco sighed, smiling to himself when he saw how happy Harry looked in the picture. He looked to the fireplace when he heard it roar to life again. "Damn, Harry will not be happy about this."

Salazar leant down, bracing his elbows at the side of Harry's head, his fingers carding through the damp hair at Harry's forehead, trailing light kisses along Harry's cheek, then his mouth.

"Mmm . . . could get used to waking up like this," Harry sighed, smiling against Salazar's lips as he took every one of the loving kisses bestowed upon him. He let his legs slide down Salazar's legs, letting out a small whimper when the softened cock slid wetly out of him. He ran his hands up and down Salazar's back as they slowly came back to awareness of things other than themselves. The first thing that came to his attention was the smell of bacon.

Salazar slowly shifted off of Harry's body, to sit beside him. "Smells good," he smiled. "Were you expecting someone?"

Harry groaned, already missing the weight of his lover that felt so comfortable on top of him. He heard first Hermione, then Ron, then Draco's laughter. "No. I was not expecting them," he sighed, shifting his legs to swing over the edge of the bed. He leant his elbows on his knees, rubbing his face to fully wake up. He looked down on the floor to see his cell phone in pieces scattered around his jeans. "Thought I heard ringing," he mused, rising to his feet.

"Yes, what was that by the way?" Salazar asked, enjoying the view when Harry bent down to get a pair of pajama pants from the drawer.

"That was my phone," Harry laughed. "You know how wizards talk to each other through the floo?" Salazar nodded his head. "Well, this is how muggles communicate, one of the ways anyway. Computers are also a big thing in the muggle world."

"Well, your phone was annoying," Salazar said, getting up and wrapping the sheet around his lower body. "I will take a shower while you see to your guest's Harry," he added, accepting the kiss that Harry gave him when he was about to walk by. "You might want to use a cleaning charm too."

Harry looked down to see the drying cum on his chest and stomach, shaking his head as he magicked himself clean. It wasn't as good as taking an actual bath or shower, but it would do for now, until he could get rid of the pests in his living room. Then, maybe he would join Salazar in the shower for another round of loving.

"Really Ronald, don't you think you should save some for Harry," Hermione chastised her husband.

Harry had entered his living room, upon seeing that none of his guests were there he was slightly baffled, then, he heard the sound of the tap running in the kitchen. He bent down and picked up Salazar's pants off the floor from where they had been thrown behind the couch, then collected his shirt from the coffee table. He walked towards the kitchen and leaned against the doorframe, looking at the people that had decided to invade his home so early in the morning . . . afternoon, he amended looking at the clock on the wall. The patio doors were open, with Severus using magic to pick up the many envelopes that were scattered on the floor while Narcissa sat at the table, calmly sorting through the multicolored envelopes.

"Yes, Ronald, you should save Harry some," Harry grinned, sauntering into the kitchen to pour himself a cup of coffee after putting the clothes that were over his arm on the back of the empty chair.

"Harry," Hermione cried out, her hand going to her chest in surprise.

Draco shared a look with Severus after they both took notice of the state that Harry was in when he came into the kitchen. His pants were low on his naked hips; love bites marked his tanned skin on his chest, stomach, and neck. His hair was messier than usual, the still damp ends sticking to the side of his neck. "You could have gotten dressed before coming out Harry," Draco smirked, leaning back in his chair after putting an extra spoonful of sugar into his coffee.

"And why should I?" Harry asked, raising his brow. "It's my home. I wasn't expecting visitors today. You're lucky I was dressed at all."

"Thank Merlin for that," Severus muttered, getting a grin in return from Harry.

Harry shrugged his shoulder, leaning his backside against the counter as he looked at the others around him. "And why have you all decided to grace me with your presence?"

"You haven't heard then?" Ron asked.

"Heard what Ron?" Harry asked.

Hermione picked up the paper that she had clutched in her hand when she came in, disregarding all the copies that were stacked on the table. "This Harry," she held the paper up.

Harry saw the moving picture of Salazar and himself on the front of the paper. He smiled to himself surreptitiously when he remembered the embrace and kiss that they had shared before they had apparated from the Alley the day before. "I see Skeeter is at it again," he sighed, seeing the byline at the end of the article.

Harry Potter in Love?

As you are all surely aware, Harry Potter has been on Witch Weekly's Top Ten Eligible Bachelor's lists for many years, which is much deserved, along with Oliver Wood and Draco Malfoy. It was shocking, to say the least, when I happened to come upon the Savior-of-the-Wizarding World in the arms of another man in Diagon Alley, in a loving embrace. Yes, loving. Surprising to say the least.

Harry Potter is well known to have had many lovers in the past, both witches and wizards alike. It would appear that the Savior is not so eligible anymore. The loving words 'I love you Salazar' was heard from the Savior's own lips before the two apparated away to what I am sure was a night of much pleasure.

Now, my dear readers, to address the issue that I'm sure you are all thinking of - who is this Salazar? And what exactly is he to the Boy-who-lived? Whoever he may be, I for one am happy that Harry Potter has finally found love.

Harry Potter has yet to reply to any owls that I have sent. In the meantime, Me, Myself and I will endeavor to solve the mystery of the man that has ensnared our Savior's heart and once again brought a smile upon the wizarding world's hero after such a tragic past. (See Harry Potter Biography by Rita Skeeter)

Rita Skeeter

"Well, it's not too bad," Harry sighed. "Could have been worse."

"The threat of Hermione putting her in a jar might have something to do with that," Ron laughed. Hermione had once told Skeeter if she didn't behave in her articles, Hermione would let the Ministry know that she was an unregistered animagus - a beetle.

"So . . . " Hermione hedged.

"So?" Harry grinned.

"So, who is Salazar?" Hermione asked, getting impatient.

The kitchen grew suddenly silent as the pants and shirt hovered off the back of the chair and levitated out of the room. Harry reached in the cupboard getting a cup and poured some coffee in it, adding a teaspoon of sugar to it, having been getting used to it when he was staying in the tower with Salazar.

"So Harry, what would you like to do with these?" Narcissa asked, breaking the silence as she gestured to the stacks of mail.

"The howlers get rid of; I don't care much about what others may think of who I may or may not be sleeping with. The ones from friends - you know who that would be - put aside. I'll go through them later," Harry said.

"And how is the Professor?" Draco asked, smirking when he saw everyone other than Severus looking at him.

"I am fine. Thank you Draco," Salazar spoke up, coming into the room, he was fully dressed but wore his shirt unbuttoned, displaying a nice expanse of skin as well as a nice assortment of bite marks. He walked up to Harry, leaning in to give him a kiss on the mouth as he reached for the cup of coffee.

"Professor?" Ron asked.

"Well, I once was," Salazar smiled, reaching for Harry to pull him closer.

Harry came forward to stand in front of Salazar, his back pressed to his lover's chest. One arm wrapped around his waist, while the other held the coffee cup. "Quite some time ago," Harry grinned, looking sideways at Salazar, kissing his cheek before looking at the others again.

"Some time ago?" Hermione asked.

Harry nodded his head. "Ron, do you remember that stone that we found at Riddles house?" Ron nodded. "The day after we handed it in with the other artifacts, I had found it in my pocket. When I had touched it during the mission, I had unknowingly activated the stone. It grew to be a part of me after that." Harry held his hand up when he saw Hermione about to speak up. "It wasn't hurting me, Hermione. Admittedly I had thought I was going quite mad with the extra feelings, memories, and sensations I was experiencing, but it also felt warm, welcome. It seemed to fill the emptiness that I had been increasingly feeling in the past few years. That stone, Hermione, Ron, held the soul of my soul mate. This person perfectly compliments me and completes me in so many ways. That person is Salazar . . . Salazar Slytherin."

Salazar had placed his coffee cup on the counter and had wrapped both arms around Harry's waist, drawing him even closer to him, kissing the side of his neck. "It is a pleasure and an honor to meet the people that my love holds close to his heart," he smiled, bowing his head respectively.

Narcissa looked at Severus who was sitting with a rather smug look on his face, then at Draco who nodded his head at her and conveyed a look at her which let her know that all would be explained later. She got to her feet and walked the few steps to Harry and Salazar, and held out her hand. "It is an honor to meet you as well Lord Slytherin."

Salazar accepted the soft hand in his, leaning down to bestow a kiss to the knuckles as Harry stepped away from him. "My lady," he greeted.

"Harry . . . how . . . " Hermione stammered.

"Magic is a wonderful thing isn't it?" Salazar smiled, sitting down in the chair at the table, with Harry standing at the side. "Harry has told me that you are one of the smartest witches of this age, so I am sure you have heard of soul stones." Hermione nodded her head. "It was not my intention to create one, and I did not take another life to do so like one would do if they used those horcruxes that Harry has told me of. The stone was given to me by another very smart witch of her time, a witch that was my closest friend, and someone that was able to see some things that were to happen later in life."

"A seer?" Hermione asked.

"Yes, Rowena was gifted with the sight." Salazar gave a warm smile, reaching up to place his hand over Harry's on his shoulder. "She had seen me at my best, and my worst in my earlier life, helped me as much as she could in the years that I had grieved over my son's death, then again later when my lover was killed in a muggle raid. I did not want to continue my existence the way that it was. It was my intention to take a potion to end my life, but Rowena had seen me in the future, happy with my soul mate, so she sabotaged the potion, adjusting it be a deep sleep potion, and de-aged me so I would be closer to the age of the one that I would grow to love. The only way to awaken me was from a kiss from my one true love."

"As well as with the help of Severus's potions," Harry smiled warmly at Severus.

"And your soul? Is part of it still in Harry?" Hermione asked, sitting down in the chair, trying to come to terms with the realization that one of the Hogwarts founders was sitting across from her.

Harry shook his head. "With the kiss of life, Salazar's soul went back into his body. I still feel him, but it's more the bond that we share than anything else."

"I also feel Harry within me," Salazar added. "Like some bonds, we do not have telepathic abilities, but we can feel what the other is feeling."

"We don't have to be together all the time, but it feels better when we are," Harry added.

"Much better," Salazar grinned, pulling Harry down to sit sideways on his lap.

"Hmm," Harry hummed, wiggling on Salazar's lap, looking like he was trying to get comfortable, but smirking into grey eyes when he felt a growing hardness pressing against his hip. He put his arm around Salazar's shoulder and leaned in to kiss Salazar on the mouth.

"There's also the uncontrollable need to touch apparently," Draco said, breaking the silence as they watched Harry and Salazar share a few lingering kisses.

Salazar reluctantly pulled back from the kiss to look at the others as Harry leaned in to nuzzle the side of his neck. "I am sure Draco or Severus can answer most of the questions that you may still have," he looked at the shocked faces of Hermione and Ron, and the smiling face of Narcissa.

"But . . . " Hermione began.

"Come on then Weaslebee's, let's leave the two lovebirds to themselves," Draco said. "You can follow us to Hogwarts where Severus or I will answer some of your remaining questions."

Harry was vaguely aware of Severus ushering the others out, and Narcissa gathering all of the mail that had come in, while he was otherwise occupied with the task of bringing forth some very satisfying moans from Salazar as he nibbled onto the side of his neck, a hand cradling the back of his head to keep him in place. A moan of his own was heard as Salazar's hand slipped into his pajama bottoms to wrap around his cock.

Severus had practically pushed the Weasley's through the floo, when he heard them moan. He spelled the fireplace so that no floo travel or calls could come through, then apparated out of the penthouse apartment, something that only a few were able to do, Draco being the only one besides himself and Harry.

Harry was about to shift to straddle Salazar's thighs when a hand gripped his hip, holding him in place. "Sal . . . please," he begged, thrusting up into the fist that slid up and down his cock.

"I will never tire of the sounds you make when I touch you like this," Salazar huskily said, smiling against Harry's neck when a whimper escaped his lovers lips as he let go of the hard length to reach further down to press against Harry's puckered hole. It was still wet from their previous lovemaking. His finger slid against the hole, teasingly, he slipped the tip in before pulling it back out.

Harry groaned deep in his throat in frustration. He wanted . . . no needed more. He shifted on Salazar's lap, moaning when he pushed down further onto that finger. He reached down and held Salazar's hand in place as he ground down, the fingertip rubbing insistently on his prostate.

Salazar's cock was starting to throb in need from the sounds Harry was making and the feel of the tight channel gripping his finger. He got up; his finger trailing wetly against Harry's hip as he manhandled him to bend him over the table. He pulled Harry's pajama bottoms down to his thighs, then unzipped his pants, pushing them down enough to free his cock. He placed one hand on Harry's lower back, sliding down to spread his ass cheek as he guided the head of his cock towards the dripping hole. He slipped the head in, both of them moaning in unison at the feel of being one again, before slamming in fast and hard.

Harry gripped the edge of the table, pushing back against Salazar's arduous thrusts. Merlin, it felt amazing. It didn't take but a few deep grinding thrusts before Harry was crying out Salazar's name, cum dribbling down his leg from his orgasm.

Salazar felt the constricting pulse around his shaft when Harry came; the tight control over his own release was short lived as his orgasm was ripped out of him. His body lurched forward, his lips pressing a gentle kiss between Harry's shoulder blades. Harry arched his back, his hands sliding across the table until his palms lay flat on the surface, lifting his upper body. Salazar wrapped both of his arms around Harry's waist, kissing up to his lover's neck as Harry straightened in his arms. His hand slid up Harry's heaving chest to his neck, turning his head to place a gentle kiss against Harry's mouth.

"Well, that was," Harry started, and then sighed when Salazar slipped out of him. He turned around and slid his arms around Salazar's neck, pressing himself closer to Salazar's half-clothed body. "Unexpected," he finished, smiling.

Salazar glided his hands down Harry's lower back, his fingers splaying on the upper swell of Harry's backside. "I like this look on you," he devilishly grinned, pulling back a bit to take in all of his lover's naked body, the pajama bottoms kicked to the side on the floor.

"Yes, well, you're not so bad yourself," Harry replied, sliding his hands down from Salazar's neck to glide down his chest, slowly slipping the unbuttoned shirt from the others shoulders. He leaned forward pressing open-mouthed kisses down Salazar's neck to his collarbone.

Salazar turned his head, a small moan slipping past his lips when Harry's teeth grazed the sensitive spot where his neck met his shoulder. His shirt slid down his shoulders, resting at his elbows when his arms moved up, his hand gliding up the middle of Harry's back to grip the back of his neck, holding him in place. Even though his body wasn't quite ready for another round, he would always relish his lover's touches.

Harry pulled back from the embrace, his hand reaching down to link his fingers through Salazar's. "I really need a shower," he grimaced, feeling the cum on his inner thighs drying. "I could use a hand, or two, if you're willing?" He added, leaning down to pick up his pajama bottoms, and then glanced up at Salazar with a teasing smile.

"Oh, I am more than willing Harry," Salazar smirked, leering at Harry's naked backside.

"You're insatiable," Harry laughed.

"I've got a lot of years to catch up on," Salazar replied, shrugging the shirt back onto his shoulders and tucking himself back in his pants as they walked towards the bedroom again.

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