It was early morning in the sleepy little village when there was a loud blaring sound, promptly followed by several kunai hitting the sorce of the small annoyance. The digital radio beside the bed started shooting sparks and smoking. Ah, it was going to be another wonderful day. The small fifteen year old blond thought as she rolled out of bed. It had been almost a week since the third part of the chunin exam had taken place. Almost a week since her late grandfather had died trying to kill the legendary Sanin Orochimaru. The fact that the old man Third had managed to take out the Sanin's ability to weild jutsu was a small comfort to the people of the village. But the fact that they no longer had a Hokage was a huge issue, and left many people feeling uncertain about their futures.

She was one of those people. But she was'nt overly worried about what would happen to her, after all she could destroy the world itself if she wanted too. She merely chose not to bother the people of the world with her tainted power, her heart was black enough as it was thank you very much. Besides she could'nt live without the petty day to day annoyances that the people delt her. She would miss the sounds of their voices too much. What was the strange saying that the old man used ot tell her? I've grown accustomed to your face, and would miss it if it were to disappear.

Yeah, something like that was how she felt. Besides, they amused her to no end, and often brought out the best, and worst in her. She found it both funny and ironic that the most terrifiying thing about her was her human nature. Even the Kyuubi was afraid of that part of her. If they had any sense at all they would run away screaming and never look back. Kyuubi said.

She smiled as she pulled on her clean clothes. Kyuubi was right, but then humans rarely used the common sense that god had given to them. Still she liked having them around. If it was'nt for the human race she would have no one to hunt, fight, kill or care for. She owed them a little. They however owed her a lot more. They thought her stupid, weak, and helpless. She could do things that they had never even dreamt of, and more.

Her power was the greatest power of all, it could bring the very stars in the heavens raining down on them, and more. She was the first and last of a dying breed. Human yet she was'nt human. Demon and not demon, she was niether god, human, demon, monster, vegtable nor mineral. She just was. She could weave worlds with a word or thought. And could destroy them just as easily. She could create life, and resserrect the dead.

But she simply liked living as a normal ordinary person. To her fate, and time meant nothing, there was only the here and now. The bonds she formed with her generation mattered to her, the people mattered to her. Their happiness and well being mattered to her. But it was rare that anything else did.

She finished dressing, brushed her teeth, pulled her hair back and then put her hedge in place. It just would'nt do for them to use her gender against her. She hated the people who would, and knew them by name before she even met them. If they approached her, she killed them and disposed of the bodys. It was'nt like anyone would find them where she hid them, because she was the only on to ever go to that place and return alive.

She had lived there for a short time, two years. And had gained the knowledge and stregnth of one who had lived for hundreds of thousands of years. Time passed differently in that realm, of hell fire, ash and blood shed. Demons, and monsters lived there. Fighting amongst themselves, eating the flesh of others like them. She had been eleven when she had gone there to Hell to train.

It had been the most intresting training regiment that she had ever had. You have'nt lived until you were running across the lava pit in an active valcano bare footed while being chased by caniblistic creatures that you had thought only existed in your worst nightmares.

She opened the door to her apartment and started to step out when several shinobi and Anbu appeared on her doorstep. She let out a startled yelp and fell back into the arms of her Jounin sensei, Kakashi Hatake. Just what the hell is he doing behind me? She wondered as she scanned her living room, and saw her window wide open. It had been locked before. Son of a bitch, he picked my lock! She thought in outrage as she knashed her teeth in frustration.

All that training and one lone little human slipped through the cracks in her defenses! I'm pathetic. She thought as she looked over the group that had assembled on her doorstep. This was the first time that so many people had appeared on her door step. She wondered if maybe she should invite them in to drink some tea. And while I'm at it; I can poison the lot of them and be rid of them forever. No! Bad thought, bad thought! Think human! Be human, blend in for gods sake!

Riiiiiggghhhht. "Kakashi-sensei! What are you doing here?" And why do you have so many friends? The man eye smiled down at her and nudged her back into a full upright position. Her palm itched, in the familiar way that meant that she was fighting herself to keep from drawing one of her hidden weapons and lashing out.

"I came to walk you to the bridge." Kakashi said smoothly. He missed her narrow her eyes at his lie before turning her attention to the Anbu.

"Thats nice, but your the one with the lateness issues. Why are the Anbu here? Am I in trouble?" She asked curiously as she sized the masked people up. She knew them. They were the jerks that had set off one of her most maticulous traps and left it for her to fix. Bastards. Kakashi ruffled her hair affectionately.

"No Naruto. They thought that they would walk us to meet the others and observe our training methods for the next few weeks." Kakashi said as he put his hand at the small of the blonds back and gently pushed him out the door. Naruto gave him an 'Oh' look and grinned. He hated lying to the kid, but he was'nt sure what else to do. Naruto may have beaten the Jinchurki of the sand village, but that didn't mean in any way that the boy was ready to be the Hokage. And yet thanks to a bunch of tecnicalities (the old man third's doing) he was their Hokage.

Kakashi and the rest of the shinobi of the village, had witnessed the boy being named as the next Hokage, in the Third's last moments. And all of them had agreed, that while they may not like the fact that the airhead was now their village potector, and leader; there was nothing they could do about it. Even the late Hokage's will had named the kid as the next in line for the job!

Frankly he wondered what the Third Hokage could have seen in the boy to give him such a powerful title at such a young age. And then there was the fact that Naruto was still very young and innocent in the ways of the world, he trusted too easily, felt too much kindness, and compassion. Kakashi was afraid that the boy would be killed with in the week, which was why all of the shinobi in the village, except the genin had been given specific instructions from Kakashi, that they would keep an eye on the boy, and keep him safe from harm. But would not tell him of his new title or the responsibilties that the title carried.

They wanted the kid to remain a kid for as long as possable. They would figure out a way to wrest the title from him until he was old enough to handle running the village. Naruto struck up a conversation with one of the Anbu walking next to him, and Kakashi smiled behind his mask when the Anbu laughed.

His late sensei's son was a treasure. All smiles and laughter, just like his father had been. He had promised that he would take care of the boy, up until now he had failed ot keep his promise. Choosing instead to ignore the kid, because he reminded the Jounin of things that he had tried so hard to forget. Thinks that were far too painful to remember. Things were different now, he would pay closer attention to the boy and train him up so that he could be the type of Hokage everyone would look up too.

Sauske was waiting for them a little ways from the bridge, his dark eyes narrowed as he scowled at the group. Or rather the blond in the middle of the group. "Dobe." He said in his usual snotty way. She smiled at him, what did he want?

"Teme." She said as she tried to step past him, but Sauske grabbed her arm and held her in place.

"Let go." She hissed between clenched teeth. He smirked at her and she was almost over whelmed with the urge to knock his teeth out.

"Fight me." He said as he stared into azure blue eyes. She smirked at him, it was the nastiest smirk that could have ever crossed her face.

"I dont fight weaklings." She said, his grip loosened and his face paled, he looked like she had hit him as she yanked her arm free. Kakashi stood back with the Anbu waiting for the inevitable explosion that was going to accure. Sauske pulled out a kunai and without warning charged the blond while his back was turned.

Kakashi sighed, this was'nt going to end well for Naruto. She turned and ducked as he swung the hand holding the kunai. He was aiming to kill. Just who did the little snot think he was? Slash, duck, slash, duck, kick, dodge, slash, kick. She caught his hand by the wrist and spun under his arm until she had him in the same position that Kakashi had used on her the day they had taken the bell test. She held his hand behind his head, the point of the blade cutting into the skin in the back of his neck just enough to draw blood.

"When I say no, asshole. You should listen." She whispered next to his ear before letting his hand go and planting her foot firmly in between his shoulders and pushing so that he fell to the ground face first. Kakashi blinked. What the hell? Naruto should be the one laying on the ground pissed off at the person standing over him, not Sauske.

And as if that was'nt impressive enough, the boy didn't have a single mark on him. Kakashi could barely handle Sauske when sparring, so he knew that there was no way that Naruto should have been able too, unless......could the warning he and the others have gotten from the Third Hokage have been right.

Was Naruto more than he appeared to be? Had he been playing them all since the very begining?