She was so preoccupied with her thoughts that the sound of Kakashi's voice startled her a bit. "What the fuck was that?" Wow, he sounded pissed.

"The future." I think. She added mentally as she leaned her head back against the grave stone. Oh-no. Now she was getting comfortable, and soon she would fall asleep. Showing them what would be had cost her far too much of her energy. She was just happy that they had'nt noticed the massive crator where the village had once been. Or had they? Nah, she would worry about that later.

"The future! In what way was that the future?" Kakashi sounded more than just pissed now. He almost sounded hysterical. She giggled despite the fact that it was'nt funny then looked at them, and cringed. Damn, they had heard her.

"What part of the 'future' didn't you get? It happens a few years from now, you should be happy that you've been given that long." She said weary of them, she wanted to visit her father for a bit.

"What do you mean? How do you know that that is going to happen? Is'nt there any way to change it?" Asuma asked. She shrugged. To be honest she had been trying to stop it from happening since the begining. But nothing worked. She supposed that she could always just kill the Uchiha brat, and call it a day. Gods her head hurt now.

"I wish I could explain more accuratly, but I'm not quit sure myself. I've been trying to change it since the begining, but in all honesty; everytime I think I'm finally close enough to change it, one or all of you fuck up my work." She sounded a bit pissed herself now. They blinked at her. Just what the hell did they do to fuck up her work? How was that...that horror their fault?

"Explain what you mean. How is the end result our fault?" Anko asked angrily. The girl sighed and let her head fall back. What would be the best way to explain to them? Well okay, there really was'nt a way to explain, at least not in a way that they would understand.

To sum it all up simply would be- "Free will. Every dicision you make after one of my attempts, make's my work that much harder. Kind of like an unsolvable puzzle, you work, and work, even to the point of exhaustion on it, and still only find out one tiny little detail could have saved you many sleepless nights. Or it simply drives you insane. I guess it goes both ways. To me the 'future' that you saw is my unsolvable puzzle, and you all are the tiny details that drive my crazy." She said tiredly as her eyes drifted closed.

"You used a lot of chakra to show us that, huh kid." Ibiki said gently as he noted how pale she was. She said nothing, as she lifted her arm slightly and flipped him off. She wished they would stop asking her shit.

"I want to see my father." She said suddenly. They all looked at her like she was nuts.

"You dont have a father." Kakashi said quietly, his heart thudding painfully against his ribs. If she could show them the future, then did that mean that she could show them the past too? Could she go back in time somehow and see the people who had died? Was it even possable?

As if reading his mind she pushed herself to her feet and smiled at them. "You must really think I'm dumb to imagine that I would fall for that lie. Would you all like to go with me?" She asked with a cute smile as Kakashi opened his mouth to say no everything went black as he and the others fell into the darkness that had appeared under them.

Everything came rushing back in an instant, as Kakashi jerked upright, and started gasping for air. Oh god, oh god, oh god. He had to be dreaming, no suffering a nightmare of soem sort. There was no way in hell that his late sensei was laying on the floor of an unfamiliar house, after Kakashi had startled him into falling off of the bed when he had been about to check his pulse to see if he was still alive.

"M-Minato-sensei?" Kakashi said hesitently, as the man jumped to his feet and studied him like he had never seen him before then smiled.

"Hello Kashi. Long time right?" Kakashi's eyes rolled back in his head and he fainted from shock. Minato shook his head and made a tsking sound. He had the heart of a lion, this one. Still he was happy to see his former student again, but if he was here in the other world; did that mean that he had finally died?

Or had his daughter brought him here whith her? He supposed that he would find out soon enough.