Revenge of the Damn Frog

By The Alternative Source

Disclaimer: I do not own Samurai Champloo. Wish I did!


"I told you that it would come back to haunt you," she said while standing next to him. She peered up at him again and tried to hold in her laughter at the look on his face. Mugen was pissed!

He stood next to her huffing and cursing under his breath.


"..." his eyebrow twitched.


"..." his hand twitched and slowly moved over to grab his sword.

"Hey...Mugen!" she tried yelling and ended up letting out a laugh as his eyebrow twitched again.

"I'm going to kill him," he surveyed the room.

She looked at the room and then looked back at him, "You're not going to do what I think you're going to do?"

"Yes," he said with a growl, "Kill them and then kill him."

He raised his sword and let out a battle cry as he forged forward. Quicker than anyone would think for a pregnant woman like Fuu she stuck her foot out and watched him lose his balance and ultimately land on his face. She winced as she heard a squishing noise come from under Mugen. She thought that there were none right in front of him but she was wrong.

Mugen swiftly lifted himself off the ground and she saw him lift his foot and glare at it.

Maybe it was her hormones playing with her or she was just going mad but she couldn't help feel sad for him and want to laugh at him at the same time. Looking around the room she let out a small laugh. Their bed room was covered from head to toe in...frogs. Tiny little green frogs. Stepping forward she lowered his sword and gave him a chaste kiss. That seemed to throw him off and he finally focused in on her.

Trying to keep her face serious she slipped her hand onto his, "Let's make a deal."

"Deal?" he looked at her sceptically with a grin on his face, "What can a pregnant girlie like you offer me?"

She smacked his arm and let a smile finally emerge upon her face, "We'll both clean up all these little critters..." she quickly changed her words as he frowned, "...I mean pests. And...?"


"And I'll help you get back at Jin."

"So no killing?"

"Nope. We can do something even better," her eyes got this strange gleam and Mugen couldn't help but smile madly.

He ran his fingers down the side of her face and his eyes softened before he leaned down and kissed her, "Jin was right."

"How?" she said in a whisper as she was on the end of a dizzying kiss.

"I did turn you to the dark side."

Fuu giggled softly as he kissed her, "The dark side?"

"Yeah. Knew one day you'd give in to my body."

She went to smack his arm again but he jumped out of the way and made his way down the hall, "I'll get the buckets."

Fuu burst into laughter as the 'squish...squish' resonated down the hall. Her evil and sexy husband was trailing frog all over the house.




Author's Note: The end! I don't know what's up with me and pregnant Fuu. Just think she's so damn cute...well this is the end of all my lovely dubby Samurai Champloo one shots. I plan on taking my craze for pregnant Fuu into another series of one shots about their kids. Which is always fun and I never seem to see enough of. Lol. Watch out for the next bunch of oneshots! Sayonara!