(Edward Masen Cullen) POV

"Happy birthday Alice," I congratulated her while giving her a hug and handing her, her present.
She eagerly grabbed for the gift with awaiting hands. I laughed and smiled the best I could, though the look she was she giving me proved she wasn't convinced. I sighed and gave her a sad, small smile. She returned it by giving me a sympathetic smile.

Turning her attention back to her present, before anybody else noticed the exchange between us, she ripped open the wrapping paper as my gaze drifted to the dawn sky.
Hearing a quiet gasp, I jerked my head toward Alice to see her eyes wide open and her mouth slightly hanging. Carefully, not trying startle her, I place my hand on her shoulder, with a concerned expression plastered on my face looking in her head to see if she saw something.

"Alice, you okay?" I questioned with a soft voice.

Next thing I knew, a high pitch squeal came out of her tiny body and he started to jump up and down on the spot. Suddenly, she threw her arms around my neck and repeatedly thanked me. I laughed at her silliness and quickly placed my hands on her shoulders for her to stop bouncing. After what seemed a life time, she finally calmed down enough to stop jumping and let go of me, but a grin still covered her face.

"Edward, thank you so much," she excitedly said. "I can't believe you actually got tickets. It's been sold out for months!"

I hugged her again. "I know, but I have my ways."

She grinned and started jumping up and down again. Suddenly, she stopped bouncing and a confused expression crossed her face.

"Why-why is there three tickets?" she questioned.

I shrugged. "I just thought...that you might want to bring some people...but if you don't..."

"NO!" Alice screamed quickly, mildly surprised by what he said. "No, not at all. I do want them..."

I grinned. "Good because I don't think I can return them."

She giggled and shook her head...then her eyes lite up. "But...I have a great idea."

Confused, I rose my eyebrows in question. "Um... Really?"

She nodded rapidly. "Yeah I do mister and do you want to know what it is?"

I shrugged. "Sure, why not."

She squealed. "Okay. Well my idea is that you will be one of the people coming with me. Of course Rose too."
Before I could get a word out, Rose came rushing down stairs and bashed into Alice, giving her a fierce hug.

"Oh thank you Alice. I just can't wait!" she bellowed.

I held up my hands. "Hold up. I'm not going. Why would I want to go?"

Alice shook her head in dismay. "Why wouldn't you want to go?"
I rolled my eyes. "Oh, I don't know. Maybe because I don't do freaking fashion shows!" I sarcastically imply.

"You would be lucky to go. Any guy would want to," she stated.

I rolled my eyes again. "Yeah right. Fashion shows are for women and gays."

She scoffed. "No they aren't. What guy wouldn't want to see girls with tight skinned clothes or barely any to cover up with?"
My eyes widen just a little bit. Mmm...maybe it won't be...wait, what the heck am I thinking! It's a fashion show!

"Alice, why can't you take Esme. She'd probably want to go," I inquired.

She sighed frustrated. "Because, her and Carlisle are going hunting then," she said. "Plus, it's been fifty years since her accident. You need to get a life already which implies on getting a girl," she added with conviction.

I threw up my hands. "But I don't want any other girl accept Bella. You know that!"

Admittedly, Alice sobered up. "I know that Edward, but you have to move on."

I sighed and threw up my hands. "Fine, I'll go. Though don't expect me to betray Bella and get a new mate."
With that, I stormed off to my room while Alice started squealing and chatting excitedly with Rose about the stupid fashion show. As I made my way to my room for peace and quiet, Jasper and Emmett stepped out of the game room, laughing slightly.

"So...Eddie, I hear you're going to a fashion show," Emmett tried to state casually, but ended up bursting out laughing right after, Jasper following.

I rolled my eyes at their stupidity. "Well, you aren't going to be laughing once I bring home a sexy, hot super model. Will you?"
That shut them up. Satisfied with their mouths being wide open, I made the rest of the way to my room and flopped onto my couch. I stared up at the ceiling as I thought of Bella, my love.

Maybe going to the fashion will be good for me. It might not be that bad...plus, according to Alice...I need a life.

RPOV (Renesmee)

"Renesemee!" My (vampire)best friend called "Oh my god!How was your flight?"

"Slow," I grunted with a frown on my face.

"I know! I could have ran faster than the plane!" We laughed together. "So are you ready to wear the most... wanted...clothes... in the world?"

"Hell yeah I am!" I screamed.

"That's the spirit!" she smiled while we made our way back to the where the fashion show was taking place.
That's me! The beautiful, super model Renesemee Swan. Lexie, my best friend, and I found something that we both enjoy. It keeps our mind off of certain...things...

"Hey, beautiful," Cody, my (vampire) boyfriend, whispered from behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Hey," I replied quietly, turning around and kissing him on the lips, well that is until someone called my name.

"Nessie! Get into your first set of clothes now!" The designer/Director called.
I smiled at Cody before ushering him out of my dressing room and slipped into my clothes. When I walked over to Lexie, I saw she was wearing one of my favorite set of clothes. She looked so beautiful.

I wish I could look like her. I thought sadly.

"Hey Ness, can you do my make-up?" she asked, hopping to the mirror.

"Sure." I took the make-up in my hands and thought of what to do. I closed my eyes to think, but instead of seeing the usual black I saw purple mist flowing through me.
"Nessie! Your...your turning purple!" she yelled. I opened my eyes to see what she was talking about, and she poked them.

"What? What was that for?" I asked scared of my mind.

"Your eyes are purple too!"

I looked at the mirror to see myself with purple eyes and my head glowing purple. Then my eyes changed color rapidly and my clothes changed with them. I scream and grabbed my head. Everything stopped and I was back to normal.

"You just got a new power, Nessie..." Lexie said.

"Whoa..." I thought of the way I wanted Lexie's make-up to be and snapped my fingers. It worked! I remember the first time I got a new power. It was like this but I kept disappearing.

"GIRLS! Hurry up! Lexie you are on now!" the director yelled.

"Coming!" we yelled.I snapped my fingers and my make-up was done, including my hair.

The music started and Lexie started walking out. I took in a deep breath and breathed out. Dang these clothes are really tight.

I changed my eye color too because Cody told me he loved them before I was changed and so...did Edward. Whatever. I'm over it. He left me.

Lexie walked back in then.

"Change the color of your hair. I will cover you," Lexie quickly said, worry dripping from her voice.

What-" I started but was cut off.

"Don't question me just do it!" I obeyed as she covered me. "You can thank me later. Go! Its your turn!"
Closing my eyes for a brief minute, I glided onto the run way and...