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"What- What are you doing!" She asked as she sat up. I was staring right at her, that's what I was doing. "So... if you're done drooling, can you please explain to me where I am and how I got here?"

It took me awhile to respond. I was just so happy she was awake. "I guess you know a girl named Victoria... she was planning to kill you and... I jumped in and saved you."

"Well... I'm going to leave no-" She winced as she tried to get up and fell right off the bed. Before she hit the ground, I caught her and laid her on the bed.

"You're not going anywhere for some time, which brings me to a question; How are you able to have broken bones?" She stared at me, a way she never has before. She looked at me like I was an angel.

"I...I have many powers hat allows me to do different things." She said.

"Are you lying? 'cause you seem to lie a lot."

"You know I'm a horrible lair." That is on my Bella checklist.

"So... you're a model. You like to shop right?" I asked.

"Are we playing 20 questions now?"

"I believe so." I said with that crooked grin Bella always loved.

She smiled and looked away. Check.

"No, I don't like to shop... Lexie always made me." Check three.

"What's your real name?"

"Pass." she said looking away. "I have a question for you."

"I will answer it if you answer mine."

"I already answered one of yours... it's my turn." She said looking back. But as soon as she looked at me she looked at the floor. "That Bella girl you were talking about..."

"You brought her up." I stated.

"Shut up and listen." I chuckled and then regained myself to listen. "I heard you left her because you didn't really love her... is that true?"

"...No... I loved her when I left... and I still love her now."

"So why did you leave?"

"To protect her. If I stayed with her... she would have been killed. I wanted you to live a normal human life, without me. I wanted you to marry someone who is good for you... and have kids, a job. I wanted you to be happy."

"I was happy with you! I didn't care that I got hurt on my birthday! The only reason I was upset was because you didn't talk to me! I loved you, Edward! And I obviously couldn't live a normal life without you because look at were I am now."

"I'm so glad you answered my question." I said right before I leaned in and kissed her. As soon as our lips touched, I felt like myself again. I was with Bella. The one and only creature that I will ever love. She didn't break the kiss. She kissed me right back.

I wish the kissed would have lasted longer, but I heard her gasp. It must have been her ribs.

"No, no, no, no, no, no! I-I can't do this! I have a boyfriend already! Oh! Cody is gonna be furious!" She said rolling over. I backed away. Cody, her boyfriend. The one person who helped her through, what I put her through. He stitched her up. He left a permanent mark on Bella, one that she will never forget. She loves him. I left the room and ran straight to our meadow.

I don't know what I was feeling. Hate, for letting myself kiss her? Jealousy, to know she loves someone else? Sadness, for my heart was just broken? I looked around our meadow for answers. I only had flash backs. The first time we came here and talked. She understood me. And just over there was our first kiss. Oh, we came here so many times. This is the place we could be together and no one would bother us. This was the place where we could be inlove.

I put my head down in my hands. I let myself upset the most beautiful creature in the world. The only person that really understood me or at least tried her very hardest. The sun came out over the mountains and I laid on the soft grass letting the sun gleam on me.


And he left. Just like that he left. I upset him. I broke is heart! It was just everything happened so quickly! He found out who I was, he told me he loved me, and he kissed me. I kissed him back even though I have a boyfriend. Which, by the way, isn't here. Why isn't he here? Edward was here! Edward probably never left my sight. Cody on the other hand probably never bothered to show up. That mother F-

"Bella! I knew it was you!" Alice said jumping in the room, cutting off my thought. "I'm so glad your here! Were is Edward? He finally decides to leave your sight after he finds out it was you? Ugh! I told him he needed to hunt sooner, but no! He just had to wait here until you woke up."

"Alice, where is Cody?" I asked.

"Or you reminded him about Cody." She sighed. "He is downstairs with Lexie. Do you want me to send him up here?"

"Yes, please." And with that she was gone. And just a few seconds later Cody was stating by me.

"So... when where you gonna actually come up here to check if I was okay?"

"Did Edward tell you I never came up?"

"No. I just know you were never her. I would have smelled your scent."

"You don't like it when I am always hovering by your side when you're hurt, baby." I hate it when he calls me baby. I prefer it when I'm called "Love" or "Beautiful"...like what Edward calls me.

"Okay maybe I don't want to breathing over my back when I'm having trouble handling a new power. Or when I'm able to cry and have nightmares at night because of my human power. That is the only time when I don't want any attention. But I will ALWAYS want you next to me when a doctor says its life or death!"

"Listen, I'm sorry. I screwed up big time. Please forgive me." He said leaning down to me looking at my lips. I turned away, for I was not in the mood for him. I wanted Edward to be here. I wanted to talk to him.

"So is this about Edward, now?" He asked. "Do you love him more than me?"

"What the hell are you talking about?" I asked just as angered as he was.

"Ever since you saw him again, you have been acting different."

"I was doing that for us! I was doing my best to not pay any attention to him. Do you know how hard that is? I did that so I would never feel anything when I was with him, so nothing could come between us. But you're the one driving me away! You don't pay any attention to me at all anymore! I do my best to please you, but obviously it isn't enough."

"YOU try to please ME? Oh come on! You won't even sleep with me after we have been dating for...who knows how many years!"

"Really? You're being serious right now? Is that all you want from me? Do you even love me?" I was almost about to cry my dry tears. Is that all our relationship is? Is that all he wants from me?

"No... it's just that...I'm ready." He said looking away. I could tell he didn't what to look me in the eyes.

"Well I'm not. And if you can't except that..." I forced myself to say it "then you can just leave right now... and never come back." He hesitated which worried me.

"I'll wait for you when you're ready. Until then I will be gone. I'm going hunting with Lexie."

"How long?" I whispered.

"About a month." I shot up out of bed and whimpered at the pain.

"A month?" I yelled. "Really? Hunting usually takes 3 days... or a week at most!"

"We haven't hunted for months!"

"That still doesn't mean you need that much time. When are you leaving?"

"Tomorrow." I sighed a small laugh while I shook my head with a smile. Does he not get it? Does he not realize that I am in pain and I can't even get out of bed?

"Well, uh, get better soon, babe." And with that he left.

That makes him boy number two.

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