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Morgan was beginning to get more worried by each minute that it took him to get home. His heart sped up with every second he sat in his car, racing home to his lover. Was Reid even awake now? If he was, was he panicking, or did he realize that Morgan was just at work?

He should have known that Maxmillan case would have affected Reid severely. He had no idea how he would have felt to enter a house only to find who he thought was Reid bleeding on the floor, dead. Just the thought gave him icy chills down his spine. And yet Reid had gone through that, and had suffered for so long, just locking that thought away in his heart. He had been abandoned by too many people to withstand any more, and even though Morgan would never leave by choice, he failed to take in the option that he could leave him this way.

He was squeezed up in the place between the tub and the wall in the bathroom, his hands covering his ears, his mind trying to make sense of it all. Morgan was alive, wasn't he? Maybe he had just gone to work. Maybe he was...


Morgan left him.

Morgan wasn't there anymore.

Suddenly, Reid wished he were dead too. He'd rather not live now.

Morgan rushed into the house, yelling out Reid's name at the top of his voice. He searched the bedroom and the kitchen. Reid was not there. He searched out in the back yard too. No Reid.

Suddenly, Clooney was at his side, pulling at the bottom of his pants with urgency, dragging him toward the house.

"Clooney, boy, are you taking me to Reid? Come on boy, come on."

Clooney stopped right in the front of the bathroom, nudging at the door with his nose. As Morgan stepped into the bathroom, the sight before him made him freeze.

Reid blinked, staring up at Morgan from his place on the floor. Morgan?

He was confused, tired and most of all, terrified. Was his brain playing more tricks on him? Maybe he was quite kooky after all.

Suddenly, the apparition was next to him, pulling him into it's arms. It was warm, and he could hear a strong heart beat as his head was pressed against a strong chest. This was no apparition. This was Morgan.

And suddenly Reid lost it. He started kicking and struggling, trying to get away from Morgan. He couldn't risk the hurt again, the agonizing pain coursing through his gut. He couldn't do this anymore. Not anymore. He couldn't break anymore. He wasn't strong enough.

Morgan held on tightly to a struggling Reid in his arms, trying to avoid the flailing limbs and the terrified wriggling and hold the love of his life and chase the fears away. However, an elbow caught his chin and his lip split, bleeding slightly.

And that woke up Reid. He didn't know how. Suddenly, Reid's eyes cleared up, horror in his eyes as he saw the blood, his thumb coming up to wipe at it gently. And just as suddenly, he found himself with a lapful of lithe genius, trying to lose himself in Morgan's skin.

He rocked Reid gently, shushing his slowly wispered "sorry, sorry" and trying to make him calm down. Slowly, he got up, and before Reid could interpret the loss of his presence as anything negative, he put his arms under his lover and heaved him up, carrying him toward the bed. Placing him gently on the crumbled sheets, he sat down next to him and gently put his arms around him.

"Reid, look at me."

Reid slowly looked up, and the weight of the sorrow in his eyes nearly took his breath away. He continued anyway.

"I cannot promise you that something will not happen to us during our life together. You know that. With the jobs we hold, we can never be completely safe. But, Reid, even if we are normal people, we are still in danger. You of all people should be able to tell me statistics on elevator related deaths and other deaths related to falling down the steps or automobile accidents."

Reid stared at him, his eyes growing slightly moist with every word, but he was listening. And the lithe body in his arms were relaxing, ever so slightly.

"I'll tell you what we have. We have love and courage and truth. That's all we need. We have each other to keep us sane and strong. We have love, Reid. I love you. More than ever. More than anything.

We'll never lose that. Remember that even if you lose everything, I will be right there next to you. Holding you, supporting you. You know that right, Pretty Boy? You know I'd do anything for you.

And we have our family. The BAU may not be blood, but they are our family. Rely on them too. Let them see you with your walls down. It doesn't make you vulnerable. It makes you stronger."

And Morgan knew he had said the right things when Reid cuddled up closer to him, his arms grasping at the corded muscles on his back. Slowly, an arm disengaged itself and a thumb ghosted over his split lip again, much like the last time. Gorgeous melting eyes whispered out an apology, and Morgan smiled.

"Never mind the split lip, it was an accident, baby. Just go to sleep now. I'm right here beside you. I'll hold you."

And a little whisper made its way through the soft pink lips. "I love you too. So much. I love you, Morgan."

And surrounded by strong, protective arms, cushioned on the muscled chest, listening to the heartbeat of his lover, his best friend, Reid fell asleep with peace for the first time in more than a month.

He dreamed of happy days and sunshine. Of love, commitment and joy.

He dreamed of dark skin and smiling eyes.