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Like An Old Married Couple

"You know, those guys fight so much, it's almost constant. Sometimes they're not even arguing about legitimate topics. Last time I heard them arguing over his cape and her helmet and which one was better. I think they just argue for the sake of arguing." 5 said to 9, 8 and 6 nodding and murmuring in agreement.

They were watching the two fight as if it were a show, all of the other stitch punks sitting on a bench watching it as if it was entertainment solely for them which it pretty much was.

"I hate you, 1! I hate you , you pompous fool!" 7 yelled; stomping towards him.

"Do not talk to me in that way, you insolent girl!" He yelled back, sneering.

"I'll talk to you however I want, you're not the boss of me!" She snapped, her face inches from his. He just made a "Hmph"-ing noise. She groaned in what was probably exasperation and tackled him to the ground. They both slid to a far corner out of view of the others.

Or at least that's what the others saw. In the corner, unseen by the others, 1 and 7 were kissing passionately.

"I think she's ripping him to shreds in there." 8 said.

Soon enough, close to twenty minutes later, they both came back out, looking a bit more ragged. Both of them were fixing their clasps as if they were loosened in the tussle. 7 walked past them and shot a look over her shoulder at 1 that none of the others caught. Once 7 was gone, 1 looked at the others, leaning on the staff he had dropped when he started fighting with 7. It was as if he was anticipating what was going to happen.

"Shows over, boys." He said, walking past them in the opposite direction 7 went.

"Looks like she got him good." 9 said.

He had no idea how right he was.

-end oneshot-

AN: If you didn't catch it, I just implied they had some sweet hot stitchpunk pr0nz. I am fail at stitchpunk biology so I just imply things. XD Also, 17 does not result from this, ya sickos. That will be going with the slight au one that follows the movie's storyline. This is now a series of oneshots with an order. Whoo! XD