Chapter one

Opening the door to the old family house brought back so many memories; I had lived here with Gabe, my mom and my step-dad. But then I had to leave because I couldn't live somewhere, where I had to hide who I was. Living in LA was good especially when I met Scott. Being with Scott felt like a breath of fresh air and I felt so happy. Until Scott found someone else and left me meaning I had to move out of our house. I had nowhere to go so I decided to come back home. I also missed surfing out here; in LA the beaches were like circuses. Not like home, at home you could find the place where there was no one else, your secret place on the shoreline that no one else knew about, where you could just think and surf and relax in peace.

I went upstairs to put his bags down and get changed it was too hot to have proper clothes on, I looked out his bedroom window and smiled looking at the waves coming in and out, crashing in to the rocks on the shoreline and going out again as the sun started to set. I next went down stairs to get some cereal and then out the back to watch the sea. When I got out the back door I stopped, it was Zach rubbing down his board. Wow I hadn't seen him for years. I walked over to Zach.

"I thought your ghetto ass would have been done for breaking and entering by now," I said, Zach turned round and smiled

"They changed the code bitch," Zach replied

I smiled back

"What, you gunna tag the garage next?" I asked jokingly

"That may not go over, you know with the pacific bluff home owner's agreement I wouldn't want to set your dad in trouble with the board," Zach explained

"Step dad," I reminded him

There was a silence as Zach looked from side to side

"I left my long board here," Zach said breaking the silence

"That's cool, how you doing man?" I replied, clasping hands with Zach

"Good, good you know," Zach said creating a silence again

"So I haven't seen you since your graduation what you been up to?" I asked

"Nothing working you bout you?"

"Aw I'm just down for a few weeks you know the house is empty thought I could enjoy it, clear my head a little bit,"

Yeah I think I need a little bit then time to clear my head...

"Thought you hated it down here?" Zach questioned snapping me out of my thoughts of LA.

I didn't want to go in to details so I gave only one of the reasons why I was down here

"I miss the ocean," I said looking out over the ocean

"Dude you live in LA," Zach exclaimed

"I don't paddle out there," I replied

Zach looked at the ocean then back at me, eyes squinting at the midday sun

"You wanna go?"

"Surfing?" I asked but felt stupid after I said it, of course he meant surfing...

"Err ya," Zach said

we both laughed, why I don't really know, to clear the air perhaps.

"I suppose there's still a few things I could still teach you," I said smiling walking over to get my board

"You will still learn butterfly," I continued

"Ah perhaps master underestimates student, bring it on city boy!" Zach exclaimed