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Moonlight Considerations

Moonlight filled the room.

InuYasha sat up, unable to sleep under the pale white light. He looked down at Kagome's sleeping form, and lightly brushed a lock of hair away from her nose. Something he didn't exactly have a name for, amazement maybe, swelled up in him as he watched her, and as he looked beyond her to the basket cradle which held his sleeping son.

"How did everything get so different?" he whispered.

For so many years, long years, he lived on the fringe of everything, unwanted, fighting for even the right to exist. He owned so little - the clothes on his back, a few small keepsakes, only the barest minimum to stay alive. He had wandered, living where he could, in the forest, in caves, in deserted shacks, living off what he could hunt or find, a solitary forest spirit with no place to settle.

He looked around him, glanced at his small house furnished with chests and tables and lamps and dishes and even a kitchen cabinet. He knew that some people would consider it a poor man's house even still, small and simple. But they never knew what it was like trying to keep out of the winter in a cave or sleep sitting up in a tree to keep out of the reach of things that wanted to eat the sleeper.

Once he was a wild boy with no place to call his own. Now he was friend, father, husband. He looked at the things around him, the woman next to him, and how the moonlight touched her hair, her skin, the shape of her body under the covers, and his heart swelled at the true reason everything in his life had changed.

InuYasha lay back down, and wrapped his arm around Kagome, snuggling her back firmly against his chest. "It was you," he whispered into her hair. And giving thanks once again to the powers that brought them together and turned his life upside down, he breathed deeply of her sweet scent and drifted back to sleep.