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Cloudy with a Chance of Channy - Epilogue

Weather Report

"Move your butt! You're taking up half the couch!"

"Hey, stop hogging the popcorn!"

"Someone pass me the Oreos!"

"Ow! Grady, your elbow is digging into my side!"

The Prop House was in a chaotic mess. The whole cast of So Random!, plus Chad and Dani were trying to crowd around the TV. The couch was only really made for three people maximum, and everyone was fighting for a spot.

"Chad, move over!" Dani insisted, trying to boot her older brother off the couch so she could sit there. Chad gave a cry of surprise as he landed butt-first on the hard floor. He glared up at Dani, who was smirking down at him.

"Here, Chad, come sit on the beanbag with me," Sonny seemed to be the only person not yelling, fighting, or complaining. Chad rolled his eyes and Dani and went over to Sonny. He snuggled into to the beanbag and pulled Sonny into his lap. Sonny giggled and twisted around to kiss him.

"Eewwww!" five other voices chorused in disgust. Chad rolled his eyes slightly, and to annoy them, wrapped his arms around Sonny's waist and deepened the kiss. Sonny smirked slightly and wove her fingers through Chad's hair.

"NO PDA'S!" Nico cried, while Grady and Zora covered their eyes. Tawni and Dani made gagging motions. Sonny giggled and pulled away from Chad, blushing when she saw the grossed out faces of her castmates.

"Okay, now that that horrifically disgusting public display of affection is over with," Tawni rolled her eyes. "Let's start watching!" The tween queen grabbed the TV remote and turned on the TV.

"Hey, hey, has anyone seen the Cheese Its?" Grady asked, searching for his beloved cheese snacks.

"Over here, G!" Nico grabbed the bowl of Cheese Its from the table and tried to hand the bowl to Grady, who was sitting on the other side of the couch. This included stretching over Tawni and Dani, who let out yells of protest.

"Pass me the chocolate covered walnuts, Nico!" Dani called and Nico tossed her a package. Unfortunately, it hit Tawni on the head first, who shrieked and glared at Dani. Dani opened her mouth to defend herself.

"Everybody, SHUT UP!" yelled Zora, who was lounging on an easy chair. "It's almost starting!" The kids immediately quieted down, their eyes on the TV screen.

"Are you ready to get Soooooo Random?" the voice blared. Dani and the Randoms cheered while Chad groaned. They all laughed as they watched a sketch where Sonny played a girl named Maddy, who was a devious super villain mastermind, stuck with an idiot sidekick and a stuck up archenemy.

"Why do we have to watch this first?" Chad said with a touch of disdain. Sonny gave him a chiding look. "Not that I mind." he added sweetly and nuzzled Sonny's nose. Sonny let out another giggled and leaned closer to him.

"GROSS!" Dani yelled out, oh so tactfully. "Stop being all lovey-dovey and watch!" Sonny and Chad turned their attention to the TV screen.

"Now, let's get back to So Random!, with special guest-star Chad Dylan Cooper!" the voice announced, and the fans cheered as TV-Chad strolled onto the screen. Chad clicked his tongue at himself on the screen, eliciting eye-rolls from the others.

The new HottiEMT sketch was set in a restaurant. The girl, Rebecca, played by Sonny, was on a date with her not-so handsome boyfriend, Liam, played by Grady. The HottiEMT, played by Chad, was just coming in for a bite to eat. Rebecca sees this and freaks out, ending up trying to spend the whole date with the HottiEMT rather than with Liam.

"Table for two please," Liam said in a nasally voice. He hitched his suspenders up a little higher and pushed his huge square glasses further up his pimpled face. Rebecca made a slight face, and so did the server, played by Tawni.

"Right this way," the server said, and led through the restaurant. She led the couple to a gorgeous looking table, complete with satin red tablecloths, roses, and candles. Rebecca's face split into a smile, which disappeared promptly as Liam looped his arm through hers and dragged her off to a shabby wooden table with a single wilting wildflower.

"How... classy," Rebecca managed, looking incredibly disappointed. Liam's face split into a toothy grin, oblivious to his date's discomfort. He pulled out an ancient wooden chair with spiderwebs on it, and Rebecca sat down carefully.

"When I saw this table, it reminded me of your beauty," Liam droned. Rebecca's mouth dropped open in shock and horror. She was about to give Liam a harsh yelling, when dramatic music started playing and a very handsome young man strolled through the door.

"That's... that's... that's the HottiEMT!" Rebecca squealed, running over to the entrance where the HottiEMT was. "Hi!" she gasped, breathless.

"Er... hi," the HottiEMT glanced at the starstruck Rebecca. "Um, table for one please."

"Oh, I don't wo-" Rebecca began before stopping suddenly. A thoughtful look crossed her face, followed by a cheesy smile. "Right this way!" she said brightly, pretending to be a server.

"Rebecca," Liam got up from the table and walked towards his date. "Rebecca, what are you doing? Come back to our da-"

"Yes, that's very sweet of you," Rebecca waved Liam off, still gazing at the HottiEMT with adoration. "Unfortunately, I'm working now."

"But, Rebecca-"

"I'm working!" Rebecca shrieked shrilly, and Liam backed out of the restaurant, looking scared. "Now," Rebecca gave the HottiEMT a simpering look. "Where were we?"

"Um... can I get a Coke?" the HottiEMT asked. Rebecca looked shocked for a minute before covering it up.

"Of course," she replied in a sickly sweet voice. "Right away." She turned to hurry away, but purposely tripped and fell. "Owie!" she cried, sprawled out on the floor. The HottiEMT leapt out of his chair.

"Miss, are you okay?" he asked, helping a dazed looking Rebecca get up. Rebecca gazed up into his eyes, and saw that he was holding her in his arms.

"I think I'm a little woozy..." she batted her eyelashes seductively. "Perhaps a kiss will make it all better?" Rebecca puckered up and the HottiEMT sighed.

"If you insist," the HottiEMT rolled up his sleeves and leaned closer to Rebecca. The audience gasped with anticipation as the two leaned closer. Right before his lips were about to touch hers, Rebecca fainted into his arms with a clunk.

The purple curtains rolled down and the crowd went wild cheering. The kids in the Prop House clapped and cheered and whistled. Chad wrapped his arms around Sonny and whispered in her ear.

"You were all over me in that sketch," he whispered, smirking. Sonny shivered slightly and rolled her eyes.

"Please," she replied. "It was acting."

"Don't lie Munroe," Chad smirked, playing with a strand of her hair. "You so wanted that kiss."

"Maybe I did," Sonny lowered her voice and batted her eyelashes. Chad chuckled before pressing his lips to Sonny's.

"EWW!" the rest of them screamed, shouting things like "My eyes! They burn!" and "Get a room!". Chad groaned and pulled away from the kiss, glaring at the others who were sitting on the couch.

"Can I not get one moment of peace with m'lady?" he demanded, looking very aggravated.

"You can, just not in here!" Dani retorted.

"Yeah, man, we don't really wanna watch you at Sonny play tonsil hockey," Nico gagged, and Sonny rolled her eyes.

"All right, come on guys," she said, turning her attention back to the TV. "MacFalls is starting."

"Outta here," Nico, Tawni, Grady and Zora said at once, getting up to leave. Chad, Sonny, and Dani pulled them back down.

"Nuh uh," Chad replied sternly. "I sat through your 'comedy'," he made air quotes around the word comedy. "So, now you gotta watch Mackenzie Falls." The foursome grumbled and groaned but sat back down.

"Last time, on Mackenzie Falls," the announced breathed dramatically, and then gave a recap of the last episode. In the last episode, Mackenzie had thought Chloe was acting suspicious and distant, and Penelope had told Mackenzie that Chloe was cheating on him. Mackenzie had confronted Chloe and found that she was cheating on him with Devon. Now, Mackenzie was heartbroken, and in no mood to host the party of his new flavored water, H2Whoa! Flavors.

"Hey, Mackamillion, you gotta get down there bro!" Trevor said, thumping Mackenzie on the back. Mack was on his balcony, gazing up at the stars.

"I know, Trev, but I'm just not in a party mood," he sighed. "I miss Chloe so much! Why did I have to break up with her? WHYYYYY?" Mackenzie fell to his knees and threw his arms up at the sky.

"Cuz she was cheatin' on you dude," Trevor supplied helpfully. "Now, come on, get down there and partay!"

"I suppose you're right," Mack replied thoughtfully. "Perhaps a little partying would be good for my damaged soul." Mackenzie and Trevor walked down to the party, where lights were flashing, music was playing, and a sea of bodies was swaying to the beat. MacKenzie headed towards the refreshments table, but bumped into someone on the way.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" Kayla said, the character Sonny played. Her brown eyes widened with recognition. "Hey, you're Mackenzie, aren't you? I've heard a lot about you."

"And you must be Kayla," Mackenzie replied charmingly. "Aren't you here for the weekend?"

"Visiting my cousin Penelope, yes," Kayla said. "This is a fabulous party."

"It is, isn't it?" Mackenzie sighed slightly. "Yet I feel so alone. Would you care to dance?"

"I would be delighted," Kayla giggled, and Mackenzie led her out onto the dance floor.

"Okayyy, we can just skip the next few minutes," Sonny giggled nervously, knowing what was coming next. She reached for the remote, but Dani grabbed it away and held it out of her reach.

"Nuh uh uh," Dani wagged her finger at a blushing Sonny. "I want to see every minute of your embarrasment."

Sonny groaned and buried her head in Chad's shoulder for the next few minutes. Chad rubbed comforting circles on her back. She didn't see any of it, but she could hear the dialogue and her castmates cried of "EW!" and "Oh, gross." Finally, the scene was over, and Sonny decided it was safe to watch again. She glanced at her castmates faces, which seemed to be frozen in expressions of disgust.

"These falls belong to me!" Penelope hissed. She and Kayla were standing on the bluff near the Falls. "And so does Mackenzie."

"You are evil, cousin," Kayla spat back, fire in her eyes. "Once Mackenzie finds out about you, he'll never love you."

"Oh, and who's going to tell?" Penelope taunted, her eyes also flashing.

"I am." Kayla replied confidently.

"We'll see about that," Penelope's face split into an evil smirk as she began to stride closer to Kayla.

"What... what are you doing?" Kayla asked, confused as she backed up. She gave a little shriek of terror and looked down, realizing she was at the edge of the bluff.

"Mackenzie is mine." Penelope cackled evilly, putting her hands on Kayla's shoulders. "And nobody takes that away from me." Penelope shoved Kayla, and she toppled over the edge of the bluff.

"Mackenzie!" she screamed as she fell out of sight. Dramatic music played as a 'To be continued' flashed across the screen.

Chad began to clap obnoxiously, hooting and cheering as the credits rolled. Sonny rolled her eyes and smiled, also clapping along. Dani grudgingly clapped a few times, and so did the others.

"Now that,"Chad smirked. "Is true acting." Zora opened her mouth in protest, but Sonny cut her off.

"Come on guys, can't we just be peaceful for a little while longer?" she begged. Zora just glared at Chad and disappeared into the vents.

"Well, I have my nail appointment in 15 minutes. Gotta go!" Tawni got up and strutted out.

"Froyo, dude?" Grady asked Nico, who nodded enthusiastically.

"Oh, wait for me!" Dani leapt up too, and the three ran off to the cafeteria.

"Finally," Chad murmured, pulling Sonny closer. "I thought they'd never leave." Sonny smacked Chad's arm playfully. She sighed and snuggled into Chad's embrace.

"I'm glad all the drama is finally over," she said. "It's been kind of a stormy few weeks for us."

"Yeah," Chad rested in his in Sonny's hair. "But it looks like clear skies now."

"Clear skies," Chad mused, as he sat there, perfectly content with his Sonny in his arms. "With plenty of Sonshine."

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