Chapter one

Every time I looked at Edward he was making out with a different girl. And he's a perfect best friend but one thing he's a player were really close because we live next to other he always sneaks in my room that's one flaw about living beside him. Our parents work together but they leave the country a lot. Who's he making out with this time oh right Tanya they started to moan so I left. I closed my locker had all my book ready to leave tell someone pinned me to the lockers I looked up it was Edward I always wonder how is he that fast I left him a minute ago.

"Hey why did u leave?"

"Because you and Tanya were making out and guys started to moan and the bell"

"So you don't like me making out other girls then why don't I make out with you" he tried to say in a seductive way.

"Eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww oh my gosh I'm your best friend"

"I was joking calm down "

"Ha ha not funny"

"So you coming to the club"
"like I have a choice Alice already has my dress pick out"

"Ha ha I get girls and you get Alice"

"Because I'm straight "

Then I realized I was still pinned to the lockers.

"Excuse me "

Pushed him off me.

"Wow ice princess coming through"

All my classes went by fast I was going to go in Edwards's car but Alice pulled me away I mouthed to Edward help me then he yelled

"No I'm good"

I glared at him. Alice got me ready fast she put on a hot club wear that was white and silver dress. And curled my hair and did my makeup.

At the club

I was standing there with my beer until I finished it I put on the table I was standing there doing nothing tell a very familiar voice asked

"Hey sexy I've never seen you before so let's go somewhere alone to get to know each other better"

"That's so gross since I am your best friend but it's nice to know you think I'm sexy"

"Well it's true you are sexy. So sexy you want to dance"

"If you mean grind first of all I would say yes but I don't know how to"

"Just move your hips on me"

He grabbed my arm and I did exactly what he told me we danced through 5 songs tell we finally stopped. Then we had a couple of drinks. But then he asked

"You tired?"


"Let's go then"

We were laughing the whole car ride because he was telling jokes he told me to stay the night at his house well forced but I didn't get we lived next to each other. When we finally got to his house I stumbled into his house guess I had to much drinks but he helped me keep my balance.

"Let's go to sleep I'll sleep on the couch and you sleep in my room"

He gave me one of his shirts to put on as

"But I don't want to go to bed"

But then we heard people barging into the house it was the rest of them Alice, jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie they were all laughing we walked down stairs tell I almost fell but Edward caught me. Then we all decide to play truth or dare it was fun then we all went to bed.

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