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Strawberries n' Cream by Boogermeister

Chapter 13- The Day At The Beach

"We don't need that much watermelons, Dad," frowned Ichigo, going into the kitchen. "We just need two."

"But we need these for the melon-chucking contest!" whined Isshin as he struggled with five melons in his arms.

"You just made that up, Goat-Face," Karin muttered.

"But it's to honor the first birthday of my beautiful grandchildren!" Isshin chided.

"You're going to jail for your crazy antics," scoffed Ichigo. "And anyway, their birthday's not until tomorrow. We're just going to the beach for the day." At that said, Takeshi crawled noisily into the kitchen as he squealed excitedly. "What're you doing? Are you being naughty again?" he smirked as he bent down and picked him up. The blue-haired infant just beamed at him and tried to appear innocent. "Grimmjow's a bad influence on you, I just know it."

"The hell are you talking about?" Grimmjow purred as he suddenly appeared behind him, his strong arms wrapped around his waist as he nuzzled into his neck. "I'm not a bad influence, Ichi. I'm just bad."

"You're such a bastard," scoffed Ichigo. Grimmjow merely pecked at his cheek and moved away, going into the living room. Ichigo followed after him; Tenshou was gripping at the edge of the couch as he struggled to stand up. His faintly-striped tail was trying to help him balance as he reluctantly let go, only to fall on his behind just seconds later.

"You'll get it next time," Grimmjow muttered, as Tenshou pouted in frustration. "Do I hafta go too, Ichi? Not only your family but your crazy-ass friends are coming too. I can't stand them."

"I can't stand them either, but I still love them," shrugged Ichigo, setting Takeshi down to play with his brother. "You can't stay home anyway, it's the twins' first time at the beach. You can't back down, Grimm." Grimmjow fake-frowned at him and glanced down at the neko infants, Takeshi and Tenshou playfully climbed on top of each other as they reached for Ichigo's flicking tail. "We can play later, okay guys?" smiled Ichigo.

"Dad, don't take so many melons!" Karin frowned from the kitchen and walked into the living room. "Gosh, can we leave now?"

"In a few minutes," sighed the orange-haired neko. "If we're lucky, we can get a good spot."

"Uh-huh, that sounds like deja-vu all over again, right, Ichi?" smirked Grimmjow. "I might hafta beat up any fuckers who would mess with us." Ichigo scoffed at him and picked up the twins.

"Here, take the 'evil' one," he said, giving Takeshi to him.

"Quit calling him the 'evil' one," Grimmjow scoffed. "You're just saying that 'cause he looks like me."

"Why not? Karin's the 'evil' one since she looks like Dad." That comment earned him a towel thrown to his head.

"Shut up," she frowned.

The infant twins stared around in wonder as they were placed onto the moist sand, the new environment was very exciting to them. Ichigo smiled at their reactions as he watched them touching the foreign texture of sand and staring wide-eyed at waves of huge water crashing by the shore. "Dahh! Tah-behh!" Tenshou yelled out, pointing at the ocean.

"That's right, that's the ocean," smiled Ichigo.

"Think they can play in the water?" asked Grimmjow.

"Just by the shore," Ichigo replied. "Better by us than Dad, he used to toss me and my sisters into the deep end of the pool just to prove our stamina."

"How the fuck you guys are still alive?" scoffed the blue-haired neko. They took the twins to the edge of the shore and dipped their legs into the cool water. Tenshou whined a little when a wave splashed against him, while Takeshi squealed at the water. "Shit, Tenshou's gonna becomes a pansy if he's scared of everything," muttered Grimmjow.

"Shut up, Grimmjow," scoffed Ichigo. "He won't become a pansy."

"Ichi, he cried when I popped a balloon that one time."

"The loud noise scared him, asshole."

"Takeshi barely flinched at the same loud noise," sighed Grimmjow. "If the so-called 'good' twin is gonna be sensitive about everything, I guess that'll make him a target of bullies."

"Don't say that," Ichigo scoffed. "He might change his attitude when he gets older, Grimmjow."

"Let's hope so," Grimmjow shrugged as they took them out of the water.

"Ichigo, come here!" smiled Orihime, waving at them. "We're gonna smash the watermelons!" They walked back to their spot; only two watermelons, a bat, and a piece of cloth were on the table. "Who would like to go first?"

"Let me," smirked Grimmjow, giving the blue-haired infant to her. He then put on the blindfold and grabbed the bat. "Now what?"

"We spin you around," smiled Renji as he turned him around for a few times. "And now you hit the big, dumb, fruit."

"Okay," Grimmjow grinned, 'accidently' whacking him in the sides.

"Ow! Why'd you hit me?!" Renji yelled.

"You said to hit the big, dumb fruit," laughed Grimmjow, as well as everybody else. "Your head looks like a pineapple."

"Not that kind of fruit!"

"All right, fine," Grimmjow smirked as he managed to hit the melon, splattering the juices everywhere. "I think I hit it, did I?" he said as he licked his lips.

"You practically killed the watermelon, Grimmjow!" smiled Rangiku.

"Really?" He took off the blindfold and smirked, the melon was completely smashed. "Guess I used too much strength, huh?"

"Looks like it," replied Ichigo, he picked up a small piece and fed to Tenshou. "I hope you have never done that with a person's head."

"Tch, I wish," shrugged Grimmjow as he picked up a much bigger piece and ravaged sloppily on it. "Where's the midget and the other midget?"

"Toushirou's hiding out at the snack bar," replied Rangiku. "Saying something about hating the heat. And Rukia's somewhere making a sandcastle with Ichigo's sisters."

"Where's Dad?" asked Ichigo.

"He said he's gonna punch out a shark when he finds one," Renji said.

"There's no sharks around here," the orange-haired neko frowned as he continued feeding Tenshou.

"That's the fun of it," Grimmjow smirked. "Maybe he won't ever come back."

"I doubt it," he muttered. "He might come back with a huge fish or something."

"Dahh . . . ." droned Takeshi, he hated being ignored as he reached for his father. Grimmjow took the signal and took him back to his arms. "Buhh," he babbled as he pointed at the distance.

"What're you staring at?" muttered Grimmjow as he glanced at the same direction. Within seconds, a small figure were getting bigger and was carrying something over his head. "What the fuck?"

"GUESS WHO PUNCHED OUT A SHAAARK!" Isshin cried cheerfully as he ran towards them.

"I can't believe this! You found a shark?!" Ichigo exclaimed.

"Not really, but I found this huge fish!" smiled Isshin, plopping the huge fish onto the sand. "I think we should cook this bad boy up, don't you think so?"

"Dad, this is a public beach, you can't just barbeque it out here," frowned Ichigo.

"Then how about eating it as sushi?"

"It's still alive, chuck it back into the ocean," muttered Grimmjow.

"Fine," the father pouted as he picked up the fish and ran back to the ocean.

"Seriously, how can you live with that guy?" the blue-haired neko frowned.

"I dunno, I just live with it," shrugged Ichigo. He glanced at the short distance where Rukia and his sisters were playing in the sand; an ugly sand-bunny was easy to notice from the rest. His mind zoned out after a moment of staring, nearly a year exactly since the twins came and it changed his life completely. Grimmjow decided to live with his family despite getting used to physical greetings from Isshin and cynical comments from Karin.

Takeshi and Tenshou each had their own personality, but the orange-haired infant has the same personality he had before his mother died and it felt a bit nostalgic. He purred lightly as he nuzzled into the soft and fuzzy hair, as Tenshou attempted to purr back. "Muh . . . . muh," mumbled Tenshou.

"Huh? You're trying to say something, Tenshou?" muttered Ichigo.

"Muh . . . . Mahh," Tenshou mumbled, as if struggling to get this one word out. "Mahh . . . . mah . . . . Ma . . . . ma. Mama . . . . Mama!"

"Wh-what?!" Ichigo exlcaimed in surprise and a bit of embarrassment. "Guys, I think Tenshou said his first word!"

"Really? What was it?" Orihime chirped in excitement as some of them huddled around him.

"Well . . . . he said, um . . . ." Ichigo mumbled as he glanced away. "Mama."

"Mama! Mama!" chided Tenshou, appearing very proud of himself.

"Aw, isn't that cute?" smiled Rangiku.

"It's adorable, Ichigo!" smirked Renji.

"Shut up, it's a little embarrassing," Ichigo scowled.

"It's not so bad, Ichi," Grimmjow grinned, pecking him on the cheek.

"Don't kiss me, your face is still covered with juice," frowned the orange-haired neko. "Had Takeshi said his first word?"

"I dunno, but once he said something that almost sounded like 'fuck'."

"I knew it, you're a bad influence."

It was the next day, it was the twins' first birthday and it was nothing special. Though Isshin wanted to do something extravagant (and very crazy), Ichigo turned down the idea while Grimmjow simply stomped him down. "What's the point of doing that shit, anyway?" scoffed the blue-haired neko. "They're babies, they won't remember it."

"Yeah, Let's just get a cake and that's it," sighed Ichigo. The infants, meanwhile, 'yelled' at each other as they played on the floor. Takeshi frowned a little at what Tenshou had said to him and bopped him on the head. Tenshou frowned back before whimpering, Grimmjow noticed that and frowned.

"You're such a brat, Takeshi," he muttered as he picked up the orange-haired infant. "Quit bullying your brother, it's not nice." He purred in reassurance at Tenshou, who quickly stopped crying and nestled into his chest. "That's a good kid." Just then, the door bell rang and Ichigo opened the door.

"Hello there, Ichigo!" chided Urahara. "How are the birthday boys?"

"They're just fine," replied Ichigo. "What do you want, Urahara?"

"Just came to check up on you," Urahara chided. "Tell me, did you recently have any signs of your heat cycles?"

"Uh, well . . . . I don't think so," Ichigo muttered. "Why?"

"Well, it's been over a year since you had one," the blonde neko replied. "Returning to the heat cycle varies with the males, often from a few months to a couple of years. Often, your destined one would know by your unique scent."

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that," sighed Ichigo. Actually, he and Grimmjow had been having sex for a while and nothing happened. Grimmjow would've told him if he smells different but it seemed that it's still the same. Takeshi crawled towards him and yelled for his attention, grabbing onto his jeans leg as he attempted to stand up. "What'll happen when I get it back? I don't wanna get stuck in my room for a week," he muttered, picking up the baby.

"That's why I'm here!" smiled Urahara. "Since you had your first birth, your scent won't be as strong as before. But since your heat will come sooner or later, I'm gonna give some special pills to you."

"Something tells me that there's a catch, is there?" frowned the orange-haired neko.

"Mmm, maybe," Urahara smiled. "You could get Grimmjow to work for me for the remaining summer and after school."

"Fuck no," Grimmjow grumbled from the living room.

"How long have you been eavesdropping?" Ichigo questioned.

"Since about some special pills," muttered Grimmjow. "Now why should I work for you?"

"Well, I assumed you working for me might be beneficial for your young family, especially for financial reasons," shrugged Urahara.

"Is that right?"

"Seems reasonable," muttered Ichigo. "I mean, in a few years we can't rely on my Dad so much. I don't wanna burden him."

"Shit, fine," Grimmjow huffed. "I think about it, but I won't like it."

"Good," Urahara smiled. "Changing the subject, I got gifts for the little tykes." He took out a couple of kitten plushies, one blue and one orange. "Aren't these cute?"

"Yeah, thanks," Ichigo sighed, taking the blue one for Takeshi. Grimmjow took the other one and gave it to Tenshou, who eagerly played with it.

"I'll come back tomorrow to give you the pills, see you guys later," the blonde neko smiled as he left.

"Good riddance," grumbled Grimmjow.

"Shut up," Ichigo scoffed lightly. "You think my heat cycle might get you crazy, Grimmjow?"

"It's possible," Grimmjow replied, smirking a little. "That crazy kook Urahara's gonna help with that, anyway."

"Hey Grimm, what do I smell like?" he muttered curiously as he glanced at him.

"Your strawberry scent is there," murmured Grimmjow, leaning closer to him. "But it's not as strong or sweet that I yearned for so long, Ichi."

"Heh, that yearning was what got us these so-called brats," smirked Ichigo. Grimmjow smirked back as he kissed at his lips. "Nuh-uhn, not until you get the cake."

"Shit, you're no fun," Grimmjow pouted.

Over a year and a half later . . . .

Ichigo sighed as he put on his school jacket, it was his and Grimmjow's last month of school and it was a hectic year. The twins became more demanding as they were getting older, often throwing fits whenever they leave for school. And since they were getting bigger the crib wasn't needed and they slept between their parents with a bigger bed. Tenshou and Takeshi, who were snuggling in the bed, noticed the grey jacket on Ichigo and frowned once again.

"Mama, no!" whined Tenshou, his faintly-striped ears flattened down in sadness. "No go! Mama, no go!"

"Sorry, but I have to go," Ichigo muttered, nuzzling into their face and purring in reassurance. "This is the last month of school, guys. After that, me and Grimm are gonna spend more time with you, okay?"

"Yah-yah, Mama!" chided Takeshi.

"Good, now go back to sleep," purred Ichigo. "I'll be back soon."

"No," mumbled Tenshou but calmed down when he was petted softly on the head. As reluctant as he had felt to go, Ichigo left his bedroom and went downstairs just as he avoided his father's flying kick and waved his sisters good-bye as he left the house. Grimmjow smirked as he hooked his arm around him as they walked.

"Took you long enough, Ichi," he purred, nuzzling into his neck.

"Sorry, the twins wanted me to stay home. Again," sighed Ichigo. "I can't though, we're graduating this month."

"Duh," Grimmjow muttered. "Those brats love us too much. But I don't think they want us to fail."

"Please, I'm in the top 50, Grimmjow," Ichigo sighed. "If I hadn't tutor you in exchange for sex, you would've flunk out."

"But the results are good in more ways than one," smirked the blue-haired neko, making Ichigo blushed a little.

"Good morning, Grimmjow and Ichigo," smiled Urahara, waving at them.

"Hey, Urahara," greeted Ichigo, while Grimmjow grunted softly.

"Remember to drop by after school, Grimmie!" Urahara smiled. "I have an important job for you."

"Aw, shut up," frowned Grimmjow. As soon as they reached the school, they were happily greeted by the 'circus' as cherry blossom trees rained petals around the building.

"Aren't you guys excited? Just one more week, and we'll be free!" chided Rangiku.

"Very estatic," Ichigo sighed.

"Yeah, we should throw a party soon, don't you think?" smiled Renji.

"That sounds good," agreed Rukia.

"Count me out, I hate parties," frowned Toushirou.

"C'mon, it'll be fun!" Rangiku smiled.

"No way."

"You think we should have a party, Ichigo?" asked Orihime.

"Yeah, I wouldn't mind going," replied the orange-haired neko.

"I do," grumbled Grimmjow. "Can't wait to stop seeing you lamewads. Speaking of which, where's the Emo?"

"I'm right here, you trash," Ulquiorra muttered, kicking him in the back.

"Ow, that hurts!" he frowned.

"Good," replied Ulquiorra. "It might be the last time you felt it."

"Well, that's fine with me, Ulquiorra," smirked Grimmjow. The whole day came and went and the two neko teens went home, though Grimmjow was reluctant to work with the loony shopkeeper. "See you and the brats later," he purred as he kissed his lips before leaving.

"Bye, Dada," chided Takeshi, as he and Tenshou waved him good-bye.

"Hey, why are you guys okay with him leaving and not me?" questioned Ichigo. The twins glanced up at him in confusion and he sighed. "Never mind. You wanna play with your aunts?"

"Yah! Yah!" smiled Tenshou, clapping his hands in agreement. Ichigo smiled back as he took off his school jacket and picked up the toddlers. He then went downstairs and into the living room. The twins squealed in delight as they saw the other twins.

"Hello, Tenshou and Takeshi!" chided Yuzu, while Karin simply smiled at the two.

"Hi!" smiled Takeshi as they ran towards them to play, Ichigo sighed at the sight as his father walked up to him.

"Those two are becoming a handful, huh, Ichigo?" smiled Isshin.

"Not really," Ichigo replied. "Pretty soon, we can't be burdened by you, Dad."

"Don't say that, son," smiled Isshin. "I don't mind if you continue staying here with your growing family. You don't have to leave the house soon, I'm sure Masaki would've say the same thing."

"I know, I bet Mom would be excited at the sight of them," Ichigo smiled a little. "I wonder if she would have liked Grimmjow and his rude attitude."

"I bet she wouldn't mind," smiled his father. For a few hours, the whole family played with the rowdy toddlers; Takeshi deviously ate one of Karin's cookies and was gently scolded. Tenshou, on the other hand, yanked at his mother's striped tail and squealed when he was being dragged. It wasn't long until Grimmjow came back and sat down on the living room.

"Dada! Dada!" smiled the twins as they cuddled into his strong arms. Grimmjow purred in greeting as he nuzzled into their soft hair. Both Takeshi and Tenshou managed to purr back before resuming to play as Ichigo settled onto his lap.

"You think we should let them play here while we have our own fun?" smirked Ichigo.

"Yeah, I need a break anyway," purred Grimmjow, nuzzling into his neck as he wrapped his arms around him. "After all, your sweet scent is making me crazy. Good thing you're on the pill."

"Shut up, asshole," scoffed Ichigo.

"I know I am, Ichi," smirked Grimmjow, kissing him passionately on his lips.

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