More Than Best Friends Now
Rossi finds out

AN: I don't own Criminal Minds wish I did though. Okay Gideon has gone Rossi has only been there for about two months. Morgan and Garcia are already together have been for year. Read and Review hope you enjoy my second CM story. :) Will be at least three or four chapters maybe.

David Rossi had come back to the BAU after fifteen years of being gone. He knew few people that had been there when he'd left. Aaron Hotchner for one, it had been three years since he'd seen him before he'd come back six weeks earlier. He was enjoying being back here; the team had all new faces except for Hotch who was now the unit Chief.

Everybody was mostly leaving for the weekend; he had no plans yet and had thought about asking the other two guys if they wanted to come out to his place. Hunting and fishing for the weekend. He'd invited the others too, but Hotch was spending the weekend with his son first time in few weeks. JJ and Emily had plans and Garcia had never gotten back to him. She'd said she had to check with her boyfriend, but he couldn't figure out who it was. He hadn't asked Morgan or Reid yet, not knowing what they'd say. He went down to the bull pen planning on asking them.

"I'm out here," Reid said, "Have fun Morgan, and don't let Garcia eat too much cotton candy this time, I think Hotch would kill you this time," he teased.

"How was I supposed to know she'd eat that much and get sick the next day, she said she had eaten more than that when she was younger," Morgan replied putting his coat on.

"You have weekend plans then?" Rossi asked them.

"I don't, but Morgan is going to try and convince Garcia to go to the fair, she hates heights, and after last years cotton candy problem I'm pretty sure she's going to want to avoid it," Reid said.

"If she doesn't want to go then you could always come out to Little Creek, the others turned weekend of fishing down." Rossi offered.

"I don't fish, why you would want to anyway, I mean you catch them and it is a higher pos…"

"Don't finish that sentence kid," Morgan said with smile, "I'm off to see if Garcia is willing to go to the carnival or if I have to drag her," he said before walking off.

"I thought Garcia had plans with her boyfriend?" Rossi asked.

"You don't know?" Reid asked surprised, "Morgan is her boyfriend, started almost a year ago, we sorta don't talk about what led to it, but they were best friends before it and still are, if you want to get on Morgan's good side the way in is through Pen, without her he'd been framed for something he didn't do, she saved him last year, the rest is history," Reid said before walking away.

"How could I have missed that?" Rossi asked his self out loud. Then the last part came back to him about being framed. He went to his office getting his bag before leaving. Reid had him curious now, he'd have to do some digging, but then again maybe he should just ask Garcia. He doubted she'd tell him though, they were too close and he had already known they were best friends; you don't come between best friends and get away without pissing one them off. He'd learned from the past.

Later that night Garcia was waiting on Morgan to get back, he'd gone out for run with Clooney and even though he told her not to wait up she always did. He came in the bedroom few minutes later Clooney right behind him jumping on the bed and lying at the end.

"Hey Angel," she said with smile, "Shower then we have movies and popcorn," she said holding up a movie she'd gotten few days earlier.

"What is with you and all the romantic movies, you got me baby girl," he teased giving her a kiss. She pulled him closer wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Because, you owe me, you made me watch Jaws with you last weekend, and don't say it was just to have fun either, you enjoyed me cuddling up against you," she protested.

"Why would I need that reason, you're mine, baby girl, forever," he added kissing her again showing her how much he loved her in the kiss. She moaned into the kiss allowing him access to her mouth. He didn't want to pull away from her; he finally got up the courage to ask her out almost a year ago. It wasn't that he was out her league as she'd claimed; she was out his league in his opinion. She was his best friend and it scared the hell out him because he'd never wanted to screw the first real friendship he had. He hadn't had a best friend before he'd met her, but now he had more than a best friend.

She was the only one he wanted to spend the rest his life with, he still was terrified he'd wake up finding that he'd some how scared her away or that something would happen and she'd be gone. He didn't know if he could deal with that, she was his light at the end of the day. She knew him better than anybody, they stayed up talking at night, it had been a year since he'd had any nightmares, and that was because she was there to make sure they stayed away. With her in his arms he was safe from the hell that had been his past.

"Go shower and then we can talk about the movie choice maybe," she said pulling away breathless.

"What if I don't want to watch a movie?" he asked moving the covers down, but she playfully slapped his hands away.

"Till you shower you're not getting anything mister, now go, I love you, but no way am I letting you in this bed till you do," Garcia said.

"Fine, baby girl, but when I get back that movie better have disappeared, cause there is no way I'm going to let you cry over some movie tonight," he replied kissing her again before going to the bathroom after getting pair boxer briefs.

When Garcia heard the shower cut on she got up going to the kitchen getting couple things before coming back. She then shooed Clooney out the room shutting door. "I promise I'll let you back in later, but you like to jump on the bed at the wrong time," she said giving him his chew toy. She loved Clooney he was sweet and Morgan had him for about six years now, he'd gotten him as a present from his mom when he transferred to the BAU. Since he had left home she'd wanted something to remind him of them. Clooney was an over grown puppy that was hyper. He would greet them at the door, sleep at the foot the bed and he always enjoyed being spoiled and they both did that.

Morgan got out the shower coming back into the bedroom finding the lights out the TV off. "What are you up to?" he asked noticing she was sitting under the covers again. The lamp beside the bed was the only light in the room, he could make out something she had on, but the covers were in the way.

"Why don't you come over here, handsome and find out for yourself," she said with wicked smile he couldn't see.

Morgan did just that, but instead of going to his side the bed he went to hers pulling the covers away finding she wasn't wearing nothing but one his old football jersey's she'd found buried in box few months back. He was about to say something but she reached up pulling him closer to her. "Movie night's rescheduled," she replied before kissing him.

Garcia woke up the next morning not wanting to get out the bed and she had no reason to either. It was Saturday, they were off for three days and she had nothing planned. She looked up at Morgan he was still fast asleep. They'd been up till past one talking after making love. They always did, if it was anybody else it would feel weird, but with him it felt normal. She smiled before slipping out his arms she had a plan on waking him up.

Morgan didn't want to wake up, he was having a wonderful dream. Garcia had him up against her office door moving her way down his body. He clothes had disappeared in the dream and she was now on her knees in front of him. The door was unlocked with risk of getting caught added. "Pen," he moaned, but something made his eyes open and he realized that part of it wasn't a dream. Penelope was looking up at him as she swallowed around his erection taking him deeper into her mouth. He was too close, the dream and now this, he wanted her, wanted to be inside her again.

Garcia didn't say anything she just moved her hand down cupping at his balls. She knew he was close he didn't have to say it, he'd been moaning in his sleep for few minutes before he'd woken up. She moved back breaking all contact making him groan. She loved teasing him, she could drive him crazy. She wondered how long she could keep him like this not letting him have what he wanted.

Morgan didn't give her time to think about that he sat up pulling her into his arms before kissing her. "Don't even think about it," he added. She was trying not to laugh, but she couldn't help it, he'd known what she'd been up to.

"You have no idea what I was thinking about, Hot Stuff," she replied before he started tickling her.

"Yes I do," he said making her squeal as he found the place she was the most ticklish.

"I give," she said trying to catch her breath. Morgan didn't give her a chance to trick him this time like she'd done before. He had her hands pinned above her head kissing her as he thrusted into her. "Derek," she moaned arching into him she wanted to touch him but he was keeping her from doing that.

He was nipping at her neck making her whimper. He knew what she wanted, but he was denying her that at the moment after all she'd tormented him for few minutes it was only right he got his pay back. "You're mine baby girl, you're not leaving this room today if I have my way," he said claiming her mouth again.

Penelope knew he wasn't lying, if they didn't have to he wasn't letting her out of bed. It had been over a month since they'd gotten to be alone together besides few hours. They'd had three cases in the last month and this was the first weekend they'd spent here without anybody around.

"I wouldn't mind that," she replied wrapping her arms around his waist when he finally let her hands go.

"Then it's settled, we're not leaving this room except for food," he couldn't help but smile the phone ringing however stopped him from what he was going to say next. "Damn it."

"No, ignore it, we're not on call this weekend, the other team has to be called not us," she said not wanting him to move.

"I don't need somebody showing up because I don't answer the phone though," he replied kissing her before pulling away from her. "This better be good," he said into the phone, "Life or death good," he added.

Rossi wasn't sure what to say at the moment, he'd called to see if they wanted to join him and the others for lunch later. He'd gotten four yeses from the others. "I just wanted to know if you two wanted to join us for dinner?" he finally said.

"Who is the us?" Morgan asked trying not to say anything else, not because he was mad any more, but because Garcia was nipping and biting at his neck. She had smile on her face when she looked up to see his expression.

"The rest the team, Hotch is bringing Jack with him," Rossi said, "I'm sure that you two need a break," he added.

"Who is the two you keep talking about?" Morgan asked him pretending he didn't know what he was talking about.

"Reid told me, now get out bed and dressed so you can be here in couple hours," Rossi said before hanging up the phone.

Garcia had pout on her face when he tossed the phone to the floor. "I wanted only you," she replied.

"We got hour, I'm sure we can finish what we started," he said moving his hands down to her sides.

"We have to shower, get dressed and feed a certain doggie of ours first," she said, "not enough time for that and sex."

"I'm sure we can have longer shower if we get up now and you stop pouting at me, other wise I'm going to call him back and tell him we're not leaving this room till Monday," Morgan said, he'd do it too, that was what got her smiling again.

"I'm pretty sure that Rossi would avoid us for the whole week if you told him that, I'll settle for us sneaking off after dinner to have little fun," she said getting up and heading to the bathroom.

Derek couldn't help but laugh at her, she was going to drive him crazy till then and he knew it. He got up following her into the bathroom planning on starting that fun in the shower.

"Oh hell no baby girl," Morgan said seeing what she was wearing, "there is no way I can resist you if you wear that."

"That's the whole point, baby, I'm going to make sure that we get out there earlier, other wise you're not getting to take this off tonight," she replied turning to go to the kitchen. She was wearing pair of jeans that hugged her in all the right places and a top that showed just enough cleavage that he'd get peak of what was to come if he got them out of there early.

"You can't do that to me, you know it's not the leaving part, it's the 'me not being able to control myself' with you sitting beside me, baby girl."

"I guess you'll have to find the strength then because, if you don't Angel you're not getting what you want, and I'll be forced to us those cuffs on you this time," she said with grin before she took off trying to get out his reach. They hadn't left and he was already trying to get her. She got between the kitchen table and the wall knowing there was only one way out, but he couldn't exactly get to her since Clooney was standing beside the escape route.

"No fair, you got him on your side," Derek said when Clooney got between him and Garcia.

"I think it's completely fair," she replied with smile, "Now go get in the truck and I'll be out there."

"You're not getting out till you…" he stopped when the phone started ringing, "I'm on my way out the door now," he said into the phone.

"Is that anyway to talk to your mom?" Fran Morgan asked.

"Mom, hey sorry, Pen is being mean to me," he said with smile.

"Don't even try to put me between you two, you might be my baby boy, but she's my future daughter if you'd give her the ring," Fran said with smile, "Now put Penelope on the phone and go behave," she said.

"My mother loves you more," Derek said with smile handing the phone over, "Come on Clooney, they need to talk, apparently she's more important than us now," he teased sticking his tongue out at his best friend.

"He's being mean to me again mom," Garcia said, she'd been told to call her mom or Fran after the first time she'd met her.

Fran couldn't help but laugh, she was glad that her son had finally found someone that loved him just as much as he loved them. She'd never once met anybody her son had been with, that was until Christmas last year; he'd brought Pen home with him after two years of constantly talking about her. "I'm pretty sure if you put him in time out he'll behave," she said.

"I tried that, he just put me in time out with him and it defeated the whole purpose," Garcia said going to the bedroom to get her purse so they could leave soon. She hadn't noticed that the safe was open where Morgan kept his gun locked up. She went to get a jacket since it was little chili while listening to what his mom was saying about next weekend. "That'll be nice, I'll make sure to call you if we don't have a case," she replied.

"Okay, I'll let you go, tell Derek I said to behave or I'll get him when I see him."

"I will, bye mom," she said before hanging up with smile.

"I win," she heard from behind her making her jump a little when Morgan wrapped his arms around her. "I got a question for you?"

"What would that question be, handsome?" she asked before she saw the box that was in his hand.

"Penelope Abigail Garcia will you marry me, baby girl?" He asked opening the box showing her the ring he had.

She knew who the ring had belonged to, his mom has showed it to her first times he'd met her. She'd said it was her late husband's grandmothers and that the men in the family gave it to their wives. She couldn't help but smile, "Yes, I'll marry you, Derek," she said turning around after he slipped the ring on her finger.

"I got a surprise for you, but we have to go meet the team first," he said giving her a kiss.

"I don't want to, can't it wait till later," she said wanting nothing more than to go back to bed and make love to her fiancé.

"Nope, sorry baby girl, tonight we can have our fun, we promised we'd be there, now come on, princess."