More Than Best Friends Now
Chapter 4
And Baby Makes 12

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The last twenty four hours Derek Morgan didn't remember much of except for three hours. In those three hours two things had happened. One he'd gotten shot, but it had only grazed him thankfully. He'd been trying to talk the unsub down, and it had worked till one the local cops moved in to fast and the guy took aim again. He was just glad he had moved just in time other wise it would have went through his shoulder instead of across his arm. The second thing that had happen in those three hours was he was now standing over his wife's hospital bed holding their daughter. Pen had gone into labor before they'd gotten back he was just glad it had been two towns over instead of half way across the country like the one before had been.

"You know we still haven't decided on a name," Pen said watching her husband. She was happy right here with just the three of them together. They'd been busy for the last three months first they'd decided for a small wedding. His mom and sisters along with the team had been there. It still had been all that she could have wanted. After all she was married to her best friend now and they had a baby girl that looked like both of them. Secondly they'd been busy casing the bad guys from the east coast to the west and back more times than they could count. The time had flown by and it had still been two weeks before she had been due, but soon as he'd gotten off the plane his mom had called him telling to him to get his butt to the hospital. She'd been staying with them since Pen had been forced on bed rest and she'd tried to fight it the whole time.

"I guess we haven't," Morgan said he didn't want to let his daughter go, he was pretty sure he hadn't felt this way since he'd met Penelope. Now he had two girls he could spoil and he had already started on that. He'd been holding his daughter since she'd been feed twenty minutes earlier. He had thought at first if he let her go she'd just disappear, but it was real. The distant sting in his arm proved that and he was happy.

Penelope smiled, "Hey hot stuff, you going to keep staring at her are we going to name her?" she asked with laugh.

"I could watch you two all day," he replied before sitting down beside her on the bed.

"I don't doubt you for a minute handsome, but before the team comes in here we need a name for our little girl," she said.

"Danielle?" he suggested.

"Your mom's middle name I like, now we need a middle name for her too," Pen said.

"What about Rebecca after your mom?"

"I can't believe you remember her middle name, it's been three years since I told you that," she replied looking up at him.

"Well I now everything about my best friend, after all you are my wife and now…" he was cut off by her kissing him. He wanted to do more than kiss her, but it would be at least six weeks before he could do what he really wanted to do. He would make sure she got the attention she needed though, the last three months she'd been really into sex, unlike the second trimester where she hadn't wanted anything to do with it. She'd gave him all the attention though, but he'd wanted to repay the favor so many times, he already had planned what he was going to do when she was cleared and they could finally have sex again.

Morgan pulled away trying to catch his breath, "You sure he said six weeks?"

"Derek Michael Morgan, don't even think about it," Fran Morgan said coming into the room.

"Don't worry mom," Penelope said, "He knows I'll handcuff him to the bed if he tries," she teased making Fran laugh and Morgan duck his head trying to hide his face.

"Don't think I won't spank you, baby girl," he whispered making her giggle.

"Mom, he's threatening to spank me again," Penelope said with smile, "I think he needs to be punished," she teased before Morgan kissed her again not caring his mom was in the room.

"Agent Morgan I suggest you release your wife," Hotch said trying to keep a serious tone, but he had a smile on his face as him and the rest of the team came into the room.

Penelope couldn't help but laugh as Morgan pulled away, "Don't worry baby, you can kiss me senseless later when we're alone," she whispered before he got off the bed. Their daughter had fallen asleep in Pen's arms while they'd been kissing on the bed. "She's asleep, but we want you to meet Danielle Rebecca Morgan."

Fran couldn't help but smile they'd used her middle name for her granddaughter. She also knew that Rebecca was her daughter's mother's middle name. The last eight months she'd gotten to know her daughter in-law even more. She was more than in-law she was family, blood or no blood kin, she was the one that made her son happy, the one that had shown her baby boy there really was light in all the darkness that had been plaguing his soul for so long.

"She's beautiful," Emily said as Danielle opened her eyes.

"Looks like her mom," Derek said, "Don't you argue either," he added when Pen went to object.

"He's right, she looks like you, Pen," JJ said with smile, "I just can't believe you two finally have a baby, seems like just yesterday he called you Gomez then baby girl."

"I'm just glad that Reid here couldn't remember her last name," Morgan said with smile.

"We better go and give you two some time," Hotch said, "Dave is coming by later, he's at the office, he's said he'd finish the last two files you had on your desk so you can have the next two weeks home with these two here," Hotch said with smile.

Morgan had planned on taking the week off anyways, but two weeks home with both his baby girls; this was going to be wonderful. Now if he could just resist taking her to the bed this was going to be a challenge. Six weeks was already too long to not have sex, but being home with her and knowing he couldn't have her like that.

"Just don't get any bright ideas, Derek," JJ said knowing what he was thinking, "Emily and I will be stopping by after work making sure you're behaving," she added.

"Who says he's the one to worry about jumping me, did you ever think I might be the one doing the jumping?" Penelope asked, "I mean come on, she expects us not to have sex for another six weeks, we were banned a week ago and this is just wrong," she complained.

They all just laughed as she started pouting, "Try to behave you two," Emily said, "We'll see you later on," she added.

The team was on the way out of the room but Morgan told Hotch to wait. They had already asked JJ to be their daughter's godmother they wanted him to be her godfather. "I know I'm still skeptical on my faith, but Pen wants to ask if you'd be Danni's godfather."

Hotch didn't know what to say, "I'd be happy to," he finally said with smile before Morgan placed his goddaughter in his arms.

"With you two around and Dave she's never going to be able to date," Pen said.

"No way in hell, no guy is getting near her till we're dead," Morgan said.

"She's going to have you wrapped around her little finger in no time and you'll be doing every thing she asks for," Pen replied back with smile.

"Pen's right she'll have you in her back pocket," Hotch said.

"I'm still a profiler, I will be able to tell if she's tricking me," Morgan protested.

"Sure you will," Penelope teased him; it was going to be wonderful seeing how her husband took care of their daughter. Sure he had niece and nephew, but this was different, he didn't have to be the one saying no to them, he could spoil them and let his sister deal with the rest, but now he was going to have to learn how to say no when she was older and mean it. "First time she gets into trouble you'll let her tears get to you and I'll have to be the bad guy."

"Hey, that's at least ten twelve years away before she can start getting into real trouble, but she won't," Derek said.

Morgan was picking up Penelope and Danni at the hospital in hour before bringing them home. He'd finished putting the changing table together and the crib which had still been in the box since they'd been so over loaded with cases and then she'd went into labor early. Rossi had come over with food at nine the night before and they'd finished the nursery in no time.

It was painted orange since they'd wanted to be surprised on the sex of the baby they'd painted the room a neutral color for now, few years they could repaint it or just keep it for their next child and use one the other rooms for Danni when she got older. The ceiling was decorated with stars and moons that glowed in the dark.

"You better go and pick up Penelope and Danni before she decides to call somebody else," Rossi said, "I'll get JJ and Emily to help finish decorating."

"You think she's going to like the party? I mean she said she didn't want anything big," Morgan said looking around the room again.

"Derek, she is just telling you that, your mom and sisters are already in the kitchen," Dave replied, "I've been banned from the kitchen, apparently I cannot be the taste tester, Jack is having a ball though, I think he's going to be so hyper that Hotch isn't going to know what hit him."

Morgan couldn't help but laugh at that, "I better go and pick them up, just make sure she doesn't let him eat the batter, Hotch would kill me."

"You go; I'll take care of the little boss."

Penelope was already ready when Derek showed up. "I was about to send a search party what happened you said you'd be here at ten it's almost eleven?"

"Sorry baby girl, I finished the nursery last night with Dave's help, couldn't bring our little princess home without a bed," he said with smile.

"I'd completely forgotten about the crib, how could I forget about it?" Pen asked.

"Don't you start doubting yourself, we've been busy and with you on bed rest if I wasn't at work I was home with you in bed too, you think I could let you get out of that bed I don't think so."

"We should have put it up back when I said to, we had week off after that case, but no you had to plan a…" she stopped talking when he kissed her. Six weeks was too long to go without having him, she just hoped she didn't cave. However, she knew he wouldn't let it happen, he wouldn't want her hurt or in pain. That was one many reasons she loved him. "Okay, I'll stop ranting," she said once he broke the kiss.

"Good because I'm pretty sure that I could find a way to get you back, oh say no cuddling," he teased getting a playful slap on his arm.

"You're lucky you got shot other wise I would be forced to tie you up, now go find the nurse so we can get out of here and take Danni home."

"You bet," Morgan said giving her another kiss before going to find the nurse.

Few minutes later they were outside. "I thought you were bringing Ester?"

"I was, but your car is still at the office, I didn't have chance to pick it up or get a car seat in it, Hotch dropped off the SUV this morning he said no way was he letting me use the truck and I can't exactly pick you two up on my bike, I'll go get the car later," he said.

"I think I scared that guy that is filling in while I'm on maternity leave, I'm just glad that JJ had stayed behind with me, he looked at me like I had grown another head when I said my water broke," Pen said with smile.

"JJ told me, she thought she was going to have to get him out the office instead of you."

"I was calm, I just said, 'hey JJ I think I'm in labor' next thing I know that guy's freaking out. Thank God you were only two towns over and that our little girl wanted her dad there before she arrived."

"I would have loved to see his face, poor guy didn't know what hit him," Morgan said with smile.

"JJ already said I better come back soon I think she already misses me."

"Well don't look at me, you're not going there for while, we get two weeks of rest with Danni."

"Two weeks of waking up with you at home, that's going to be wonderful, too bad I can't show you a good morning for while."

"Hey, waking up with you beside me is the best I could ever ask for," Morgan said buckling Danni into the car seat. She was dressed in a pink top and pants that matched with the word princess written on the shirt. He couldn't help but wanted to hold her and never let her go. The outside world was a place he didn't want her to have to see for years. He was going to make sure he kept them both safe till the day he died.

While Derek had went to get them at the hospital the team including the other three Morgan women were helping finish up the last touches on the surprise party they were throwing. It was a welcome home and a baby shower combined since they had not had an official shower yet.

Rossi was the look out for Derek and Pen. He was standing outside tossing ball back and forth with Jack who'd been following him around all day. He looked up seeing a car pulling up. He knew that Morgan had one the SUV's so he wasn't sure who it was. He picked Jack up since he didn't know who it was and didn't want the little boy to go up to them thinking it was Morgan and Pen.

The person who got out of the car surprised Rossi, he never would have thought she would come, they had invited her yes, but she'd given them all hell in the last year and especially Morgan and Penelope.

Erin Straus wasn't sure why she had come; she had gotten the invitation to Agent Morgan and Garcia's baby shower and welcome home party. She'd been surprised to see it address to her, after all she'd given them hell over their relationship. They'd gone over her head to the director when they'd let their relationship be known. They'd been granted leeway on the frat rules and after while the director had just thrown the rules out. She could just sent something and stayed away like she'd planned, but knowing that until they retired or left the BAU she'd be seeing them every day and maybe once she should be nice.

Rossi went to greet her, "Ma'am," he said.

"Agent Rossi," she said back.

"The others are out back, Jack will show you the way, I'm still waiting on them to get back," he replied. Jack smiled before leading the way when Rossi put him down. David couldn't help but smile, they defiantly were going to get a surprise today.

Derek pulled up few minutes later finding Dave still in the front yard. He couldn't wait to surprise his wife; this was going to be fun. "Come on baby girl, I have something for you."

"What did you do?" Penelope asked, "I told you I didn't want a big deal over this."

"Well too freakin' bad, Pen because I told you I wasn't going to listen to you on this one," he replied before getting out the vehicle. "Dave can you help her, she's being stubborn, I'm going to get Danni."

Penelope saw Rossi's face and she knew he'd helped plan whatever they'd done. "I can erase you both you know that right."

"We know," both men said with smiles.

"Derek you run me into a wall I'll kick your cute ass," Penelope said as he lead her through the house and to the back door. Rossi was carrying Danielle right behind them she'd fallen asleep soon as they'd left the hospital and only woken for few seconds before going back to sleep.

"Why would I do that baby girl?" he asked as Reid opened the back door so they could get out the door. "Okay step down," when she stopped outside the door he took the blind fold off and she gasped. They friends and family were standing there. She couldn't believe that they'd done this; they had already given them gifts through out her pregnancy.

"Welcome Home," everybody said.

"Guys I said nothing big," Pen started but she was cut off and shocked at the same time by who else was there.

"Just enjoy it, Agent Garcia, I mean Mrs. Morgan," Straus said.

"Ma'am, I…" and for the first time she was at a lost of words.

Derek smile before thanking her for coming. "Okay, so what you want to do first baby girl, eat or open presents?" he asked.

"Food, I'm starving and even though I was only there for two days that hospital food was horrible, I missed your cooking."

"You let him cook without the fire department close by?" Desiree Morgan asked.

"I was what twelve, I am capable of cooking without catching anything on fire now thank you very much," Morgan said.

"Pen, I'd put it on speed dial just in case," Sarah, his older sister replied.

"Okay you two, leave your brother alone, you released him to me, I can only pick on him now," Pen said.

"I don't know whether to be happy or scared," Derek replied with smile.

"Okay you go sit and I'll get us some food and get Danni into the basinet."

Penelope went to kitchen few minutes later hoping that Morgan was still in there. She really wanted to kiss him and having the section chief there even though they'd invited her felt strange.

Morgan was feeding Clooney at the moment since he'd come out side wanting some food. "Hey, I'll be back in minute, just thought I'd feed him before he started barking like crazy."

"I know but I just really wanted to kiss you," Penelope said wrapping her arms around his waist.

"Then I guess I should give you a kiss," he said before he did. They were too lost in each other to notice that someone had followed Pen inside.

"Excuse me," they heard breaking apart, "I'm sorry to interrupt, but I wanted to give this to you," Straus said.

Penelope took it, "It's my badge," she said before opening it. She couldn't believe it, she'd been asking for two months to have her name on her badge changed to Morgan instead of Garcia. "Thank you so much," she said.

"Consider this my wedding gift to you," she replied, "I would stay longer, but I have a meeting to get to, thank you for inviting me, and enjoy your time off,"

They thanked her again before she left. Morgan waited till the door shut before he happily kissed his wife. "It's official on all levels now, you are my wife," he said with smile when he pulled away.

"Come on, we gotta tell the others," she said grabbing his hand before going back to the celebration. "She caved," she said with huge smiled, "Straus changed my badge, I can officially say I'm Derek's wife," she squealed with excitement.

"Congrats, just don't go making out I'm pretty sure you'd scare her half to death." Emily said.

"Like I'd make out with him at work, I'm not crazy, and I if you have forgotten I have already had my embarrassing moment with her, like ten eleven months back, I thought it was Morgan calling me, it was her, I said 'talk dirty to me'"

"I remember that, you know how hard it was to resist answering you, I thought I was going to die," Morgan said with smile.

"Yeah well next time don't let somebody else call me, Angel."

"Less I'm busy nobody's going to be calling you but me, baby girl," he replied before kissing her, "Now, Hotch hand over our daughter."

Later that night after everybody had left except for Fran, Sarah and Desiree who were upstairs letting Morgan and Penelope have time alone with Danielle. Pen was sitting on the couch holding Danni while Morgan had gone to change for the night. He came back with pair of sweat pants on.

"What you trying to do to me hot stuff, we can't have sex and you come out here looking like you just walked out of magazine, you're killing me," she replied with a pout.

"I could always go get the hoodie," he said turning around.

"Move another inch Agent Morgan and I'll you'll be in the nursery with her all night," she teased.

He came over sitting down beside her. "That wouldn't be a punishment that would be wonderful."

"I'll stick you with Clooney then," she retorted letting him hold Danni.

Morgan pulled her against his side as he held Danni. "I think somebody's getting sleepy," he said watching as Danielle yawned.

"She's had a long day baby, I mean from the hospital to the party and all the presents, she's tired just like her mom," Pen replied before yawning herself.

"Close your eyes, I'll wake you in little while," he said.

Penelope laid down resting her head on his lap looking up at him. "I love you, Derek Morgan," she said before closing her eyes.

"Love you too, Penelope Morgan."

Morgan watched as both his girls slept, it was going to take some time getting used to the wake up calls at two am, but he wouldn't change one thing about it. He loved his baby girl and he loved Danielle just as much.


Thanks again for all the reviews for this story. If you're wondering why I have the title as And Baby Makes Twelve it is because the team as 7 members. Hotch's son Jack makes 8 and Morgan's mom and sisters make 11 plus the baby. They all a family in themselves.