"Keller?" Elizabeth Cutting leaned in slightly to take one of her son's hands. The gentle touch made Keller look like Delia, his fourteen year old sister, when spiders were near the teenager.

"Yes, mother?" He flashed two rows of pallid teeth nervously.

"I have a matter to address to you, and," She pulled out a handkerchief and her eyes glimmered with tears, "Sorry, it's just that…" She broke off sighing and dabbing at her eyes. Keller closed his eyes, he hated times where he and his siblings made their mother cry, and no matter if it was because she was proud of their performance at some musical recital or whether it was because they wanted to do something against her will.

"Mother, I'm sorry that I got so drunk at the Porters'. Please forgive me!" He blurted it all out as his mother looked at him with an expression of shock on his face.

"What?" A wide smile spread across her face. Keller, Keller, Keller. He was not built for secrets and rebellions against his parents and somehow, his boyish grin made everyone forget everything about all the trouble he had caused. Once, Keller was selling lemonade as any seven year old would and he, on account of a joke, sold a cup of it for nearly ten dollars and proclaiming it to be made with the honey of bees he caught and lemons imported from Australia. The old lady, who was already quite gullible, bought it with no hesitation and Keller later returned the money out of guilt and helped her for about three days.

"What? Isn't that what you?" He trailed off, pointing a finger at the door.

"No, Keller!" She laughed just a little. Then her expression changed and she smiled at the man who entered the room. Teddy Cutting, now nearing forty was handsome as he was twenty years ago, with his blond hair now combed back and his grey eyes still carried all the same liveliness. He greeted the boy who he treated as his own son and kissed his wife softly on the cheek. Sitting down by her side, he looked between the two.

"Where have we left off?" He questioned with a jovial tone.

"Actually, we were sidetracked by another little piece of information," Elizabeth Cutting smirked at her son, and tucked a loose hair behind her ear.

"Very well, I want to be here when Keller hears the news," He looked nervously at his wife. Elizabeth nodded as tears seem to threaten to fall once more.

"Keller," She began, the nineteen year old looking between the blank face of his father and the tearful emotions of her mother, "Ever since you were a little boy, there was something different about you,"

"You were always so good-natured and a wonderful role model for your little brother and sisters," Teddy Cutting added with a nod and smile.

"And now the time has come," Elizabeth nodded as her third husband took her hand. Keller gripped the arms of the chair.

"Keller, it is time you pick a wife." Elizabeth started out.

"Say what?" Keller laughed out as if it were all a joke.

"You are nineteen now and turning twenty quite soon. I did not want to tie you down to someone you don't want of marry because that often brings harsh consequences," She sighed.

What was she talking about? Keller wondered. His mother had been married into the Cutting family and they were always on good terms with each other.

"But we have to approve," She continued.

"Emma West, I'll approve," Teddy leaned back in his chair with a smirk at his son, naming the latest gossip topic of upper New York and the eldest daughter of the Thomas Wests.

"Wait a moment; I have to pick a girl?" He asked as both of them nodded, "And marry her?"

"Keller, please don't make it difficult. The family depends on you," Elizabeth sighed out.

"I know, Ma, I know," He looked down at the carpeted floor, "By when?"

"By your twentieth birthday," Teddy answered as Keller figured he had at the very least five months to choose a bride.

Nodding, Keller looked at his parents, studying their expressions.

"May I be excused now?" He questioned, hesitant. Both parents nodded and Keller Cutting walked out the room.

"We will hold a ball here this Saturday evening for the occasion," Mrs. Cutting added as her husband hastily nodded in agreement. Still in thought, Keller managed to mutter an approval to his parents and a farewell.

He wandered about the long hall of the house and thought of his future life. He was the oldest and now he was the one who carried on the family name. Promising himself not to let down his family or himself, he entered his bedroom. The Cutting residence was a decent mansion that overlooked the rest of Manhattan. Somewhere out there, he thought as he neared his window, there was something big. He knew it, he felt it. Someone out there would capture his heart. He knew he would marry for true love.

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