This is my first story, so please put your comments. All are accepted. Anyways, this is based off of Monty Oum's Dead Fantasy series, but I'm doing it from Yuna's point of view. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: The Battle Begins

Yuna ran as fast as she could through the temple ruins. Her two pursuers were gaining up on her pretty fast. What's worse was that she could only see their shadows.

"How in the world am I gonna get these pursuers off my tail?"

Yuna knew that she had to think fast. Suddenly, she saw a light up ahead.

"Looks like a way outta here."

Yuna ran faster and reached the light. But when she reached it, it was just more ruins.

"Just great. How am I supposed to get outside?"

Suddenly, she saw a pink flower petal floating in the air in front of her, from the stairs to the ground. Then, it somehow transformed instantly into a girl. She had strawberry-blond hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a revealing blue ninja outfit with a white neck choker, white knee-high stockings and sandals. She also wields a tanto. Then another girl appeared. She wore a short purple sleeveless dress, a large orange ribbon tied around her waist, a purple neck choker, purple arming, and high purple boots. She had short light purple hair with a purple headband and brown eyes.

The purple-haired girl turned to her ally and said, "This should be easy, Kasumi."

Kasumi nodded, and then turned to Yuna. "It's best if you surrender to me and Ayane. We don't want to fight you, but if you don't cooperate, then we'll take you by force."

Yuna then pulled out her pistols.

"What makes you think I'll surrender?"

Kasumi pulled out her tanto. "Then you give us no other choice."

Ayane summoned her dual-blade energy sword. "This is gonna be fun!"

Yuna then fired at Ayane, but the ninja dodged the bullets with ease. Then she jumped over Yuna and did a low slash. Yuna back-flipped, dodging the blade, then quickly turned around and blocked Kasumi's incoming attack. Yuna fired, but Kasumi moved away quickly. She slashed vertically, but Yuna backed away and did a high kick. Kasumi rolled away and Ayane slashed at Yuna from behind. Yuna did a low somersault and fired again. Ayane twirled her blade, blocking Yuna's shots. Kasumi jumped over her and attacked Yuna. Yuna blocked it, turned around and fired with her left hand. Kasumi blocked, and Yuna jumped over her, firing backed at Kasumi. She immediately dodged Ayane's attack and flew over the stairs, landing safely.

Yuna turned around and was about to fire energy blasts, but Kasumi quickly came behind her and blocked her attack, jumped over her, got under her and pushed her up in the air with her legs. Then Ayane jumped and readied her blade for a fatal slash. But suddenly, someone came from behind her and stole her blade. When Yuna landed safely, she turned to her right and saw her rescuer. It was a girl, wearing a yellow bikini, a brown skirt, a red and yellow scarf, a blue headband, white bow arming, and dark-blue sneakers. Her long blonde hair was held back as a ponytail with some of it braided and she had green eyes. Yuna immediately recognized the girl as her cousin.


The Al Bhed turned to her cousin and smirked. "Looks like you can use a little help, Yunie."

Rikku then tossed the blade back to Ayane and pulled out her two red daggers. "Let's get the real party starting!"

The girls readied their weapons. Then Ayane slashed at Rikku, but the Al Bhed thief back-flipped, and jumped into the air at a hanging stone. She slashed at one of the chains that was holding it and grabbed hold of it. The stone then went straight for Yuna and Kasumi. Hearing the approaching stone, Yuna quickly dodged, and the stone knocked Kasumi away. The ninja then teleported, jumped onto the stone, and flew to Rikku. Rikku then swung herself around the chain and flung herself to Kasumi. The ninja got her legs around the Al Bhed's head and somersaulted in the air, flinging Rikku at the hanging stone and knocking her down.

Ayane then took advantage and did a low slash, but Rikku quickly pushed herself up, vertically slashing at Ayane, which were all blocked. Then Rikku did a low kick, tripping Ayane. Then Kasumi came up from behind and did a no-hand cartwheel, but Rikku easily dodged the kicks. Yuna quickly came in and fired at Kasumi, but the ninja blocked the bullets with her tanto. Meanwhile Rikku pushed herself off the side of a stone pillar and blocked Ayane's incoming attack. Then the Al Bhed slid under Kasumi, trying to trip her. But the ninja jumped at Yuna, jumped off of the gunner and slashed her. Then Ayane did a front-flip and knocked Rikku. Yuna quickly recovered, rolled, and fired at Ayane. The purple-haired ninja blocked the bullets, and Kasumi quickly slashed at Yuna. The gunner blocked and Rikku quickly kicked Kasumi in the head, knocking her away.

Then Ayane did a low slash at Rikku, which the Al Bhed quickly dodged. Then Rikku clashed her daggers with Ayane's blade. Seeing an opening, Rikku kicked at Ayane's face, then quickly blocked Kasumi's incoming attack, did a high kick that Kasumi dodged, and blocked another slash. Yuna then kicked at Kasumi, knocking her into Ayane, and the two of them landed near the stairs. Yuna quickly fired energy blasts at the stairs, which flung the ninjas back, and she and Rikku kicked at them, knocking the ninjas on top of the stairs. Yuna and Rikku then charged at the ninjas, but the ninjas quickly recovered. Suddenly, a girl ran between the two girls and kicked at them. Yuna and Rikku quickly dodged.

Yuna and Rikku then turned around and looked at their attacker. The girl had shoulder-length brown hair with a pink headband and blue eyes. She wore a dark-yellow tank top, black gloves, blue jeans, and black shoes.

Ayane shouted, "Hitomi! What took you so long?!"

Hitomi did a few karate moves and answered, "Does that really matter now?"

Yuna and Rikku then somersaulted over Hitomi and landed near the stairs. Suddenly Hitomi quickly dashed to them and punched Yuna, knocking the gunner away. Then Ayane slashed at Rikku, knocking her at Kasumi. The orange-haired ninja flip-kicked Rikku into the air, but wasn't ready for Yuna's kick. Then the gunner fired at Ayane, sending the purple-haired ninja flying. Hitomi then kicked at Yuna, but the gunner got on top of her leg, stepped onto her back, and fired. As Yuna flipped in the air, Kasumi tried to attack her from behind, but the gunner was too quick, as she got onto Kasumi's stomach and fired. Then she got on top of the hanging stone, catching a falling Rikku. Yuna swung her cousin onto a nearby balcony. Yuna then fired at the bottom of the chain, sending the stone to her opponents and causing the ground to collapse. While Hitomi and the ninjas were getting away, Yuna swung up to the balcony.

Suddenly, Kasumi teleported on the balcony, and Ayane jumped up, slashing an energy blast at Yuna and Rikku. They quickly dodged, and Rikku ran back, slashing at Ayane, but the ninja dodged and kicked the Al Bhed, sending her straight at Yuna. As the two girls bumped, Kasumi kicked Yuna, sending the gunner falling. Rikku quickly rolled over to the side and grabbed Yuna, flinging her back onto the balcony. Yuna then fired at Kasumi, but Rikku quickly pushed her away, saving her from a large incoming stone thrown by Hitomi. Suddenly, the balcony that Yuna and Ayane were standing on was beginning to fall. As it was falling, Hitomi ran up to it and jumped on. While Yuna was firing at Ayane, she quickly noticed Hitomi and jumped. Ayane and Hitomi followed her. Yuna then fired at Ayane, and then fired behind her at Hitomi, but the karate girl was too fast, and she kicked Yuna to Ayane, who kicked her down. Rikku, who was fighting Kasumi, quickly noticed and grabbed hold of the orange-haired ninja, flinging her at Yuna. Then Kasumi teleported as soon as she crashed into Yuna, sending them both to the balcony.

Then Rikku ran up to Hitomi and slashed at her. As soon as Hitomi saw an opening, she punched at Rikku, sending the Al Bhed flying. Then Kasumi kicked at Rikku, knocking her onto the balcony. The ninja teleported and knocked Rikku down again. Yuna tried to shoot Kasumi, but the ninja dodged quickly with her teleport ability, and then she kicked at Yuna. Rikku then slashed at Kasumi and kicked her, sending the ninja flying. Then Ayane began slashing at Rikku, which made the Al Bhed back-flip. While Yuna fired an energy blast at Ayane, Hitomi kicked at Rikku in the air, pushing her and Yuna back. Then Hitomi put her energy on her left foot and kicked down on the balcony, sending Yuna and Rikku flying. Then Hitomi charged her fist and punched at a balcony part, sending straight and the gunner and thief. As soon as they were hit, they were flung all the way outside. Rikku quickly got up and slashed at Kasumi, but as soon as the Al Bhed kicked, the ninja got on Rikku's leg and kicked at her face. Then Ayane came from behind and threw her charged blade at Yuna. The gunner quickly dodged, but couldn't get away as soon as it blasted. The Hitomi jumped and kicked Yuna to the ground. Rikku quickly ran to her cousin. The two of them tried to recover, but Kasumi and Hitomi got on Yuna and Rikku's backs, pushing them towards Kasumi, who teleported again, and Ayane. The ninjas swung Yuna and Rikku at each other and kicked them towards Hitomi, who slid under and tripped them.

As the trio landed, Kasumi sighed. "If only these two would've just surrendered."

Ayane smirked. "Well this is what they get for being stubborn."

Hitomi shouted, "Girls, let's finish them off! Charge!"

Yuna and Rikku tried to recover quickly, but they were so weak. Taking advantage the trio charged at them, ready to finish them off. Suddenly a girl came running between Yuna and Rikku and did a split kick at both Kasumi and Ayane, then quickly kicked at Hitomi. As soon as Yuna and Rikku recovered, they saw their rescuer. The girl had long, black hair and brown eyes. She wore a black, sleeveless vest that exposed part of her stomach. She also has black gloves, black khakis, and black sneakers.

Yuna gasped. "Tifa Lockhart! What are you doing here?"

Rikku sighed. "Yunie, do we have to worry about that right now?"

Tifa turned to Yuna. "She's right. Let's save that for later."

Their opponents recovered and readied themselves. Yuna and Rikku readied their weapons, and Tifa took her stance, with the Materia within her glowing.

"The real duel begins here and now!"

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