I was running, running faster then I would have though I could have gone. I was bolting, racing, speeding. . . .

The full moon in the sky was pure white, and reflecting off the water's edge. I was screaming in a language I didn't know, and I was wearing a silky blue dress the same black-ish blue of the water. Waves crashed into the sand, and made a sound that what sounded like a slamming rock slide.

But that wasn't what it was. The slamming sound seemed to be coming from the trees, and I could hear voices in a language I couldn't understand floating through the air, just like my emotions seemed to be. I stopped, and looked around me, scanning this beautiful beach to see if I was alone in my perfect world.

Trees lines the beach as the water crashed up against the sand and it tickled my feet as it coldly washed over them. The night sky was clear as I looked up at it, but the moon was shinning so brightly as I looked into it. It was like a pure white circle placed in the sky like a mesmerizing jewel, glimmering as if it had just been buffed up to my standards. The sea water washed up to my feet again, covering them in its coolness as I could see a light, shimmering cloud starting to cover up my beautiful, perfect moon.

"Shazza," a comforting voice whispered my name as arms wrapped around my waist. The skin was gleaming in the moonlight, and it looked russet colored, red-ish brown even.

Confusion swept through me and my perfect world. How did this person know me? I turned around, and my hands rested on a russet colored chest that was burning hot, but so warm, I had to lean against it. A russet hand left my waist my went under my chin to tilt it toward the person's face.

In the darkness, but the lightness, the face was almost round, like a child's, but it seemed to have more wisdom in it then that. His eyes were deep, brown more then black. I was trembling as my knees felt suddenly weak.

He crushed his lips into mine, and I tried to pull away, but my perfect dream veered off track now. The air was fading, and it felt harder to breath, even through my nose. His lips left mine so he could kiss my nose, my forehead and my nose again.

As sudden as I found myself in the strange but perfect universe, I was suddenly overwhelmed with a strange sensation that made me tingle. The person ripped away from me, and a tear fell from his eye as he ran into the trees that the sudden wind made rustle. I tried to call back for him, but all that came out was the gibberish talk that I had talked in before.

"Shazza!" Someone screamed as black over took me, pain flashed and burned through my head and I was screaming like I was being murdered.

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