I didn't even make it half way to the trees when I was met by three figures that clung on to me, all crying my name and sobbing. I started to sob wildly too, and we all formed a circle, hugging each other and crying.

Laurie said between sobs, "My goodness, Sheila, we've been looking for you everywhere!"

"Why'd you run?!" Dana demanded even as she cried, tears streaming down her face.

"Why'd you even think of running?" Nicky insisted, her sandy hair framing her face.

"I–I–I–" I couldn't even get the words out anymore. I was just sobbing to hard and to much to even care if I was able to speak.

Dana started to drag me toward the trees, and Laurie was helping her. "You shouldn't have, Shazza. Everyone was crying and we've been looking for like, two days for you and then Nicky finally figured out that you'd be back here and–I'm just so thankful that you're safe!"

I yanked out of there grasp, and I was at the fringe of trees now. "I can't leave," I whispered, the thought of Seth's pained face making shiver.

Dana stopped, and Nicky's face twisted. Laurie was staring at me with wide hazel eyes. I could feel my new Quileute friends' stares also on my back.

I suddenly exploded, rage and other emotions I couldn't place filling my voice. "My mom lied to me, and I can't stand going back there, ever! My dad, he isn't even my dad, so don't even try that crap on me! I don't want to go back! I want to stay here and just . . . be with Seth!" I wasn't sobbing, but I was on the edge of hysteria once more. "He makes me happy, and when I'm happy, I forget about what happened!"

My legs were suddenly carring me in a different direction, and the trees were darkening blurs around me. I was streaking away from Dana, Laurie and Nicky, but I knew that Laurie was a faster runner than me; she was at my side in seconds, not even breaking a sweat. Dana and Nicky were calling after me.

"Listen to me, Sheila. I know what happened, but please, just come back Figure something out. You don't have to stay here," she whispered slowly. "Just think."

But thinking was the farthest thing away from my mind. "I love you guys, I do, but I can't." I started to bolt faster, out of the trees and we were running down the gravel road together, and I was heading back toward Sue's house.

Laurie smiled. "I know you love us. We love you too, sis." She started to slow down. "J-just call or something! I know Dana and I won't be mad!" And her voice faded away like the wind as I knew she stopped completely.

My legs managed to push me farther, and I was panting, though I kept running. I could hear my names–Both Shazza and Sheila–being called from behind me, but I could barely think straight anymore, let alone go back to them.

I just kept running, and for the second time that week, I felt useless and scared. I didn't want to go back, yet I had to go back, at least tell my "dad" that I was okay. I couldn't care less about what my mom was thinking right about now.

I closed my eyes, my heart wrenching and my pulse pounding in my ears. I crashed into something extremely hard and warm, but arms wrapped around me, keeping me close to the person. I just buried myself into their chest because I had a fairly good idea that it was Seth.

I just kept sobbing, and the person comforted me even as I kept sobbing. I still had a fairly good idea it was Seth, and I slowly looked up to see the handsome yet childish face looking good at me, smiling but tears were also running down his face.

"I hate seeing it when you cry," he whispered as he pressed me closer to him. "I loathe it."

I tried to stop crying, but only managed to hiccup. Moments turned to what seemed like hours in his arms, and I could hear him whispering words of encouragement into my ear.

"Your friends, they care about you. Go with them." The pain and love was almost crushing. His voice was shaky, and I slowly pulled away, and looked up into his face.

The darkness made him look beautiful, and his skin looked like silk. I blinked away more tears, and I managed to shakily whisper, "I don't want to go back."

Seth smiled and hugged me closer to him again. I willingly went, though I could hear some wild panting and a gasping, "Shazza!"

I slowly turned around, and Seth let his arms drop for a second time. I was facing Dana, Laurie and Nicky now, and they were all crying still.

"Shazza, we love you like a sister," Nicky started.

"So, because of that, we kind of came to a joint decsion." Laurie's voice was grim.

"We're letting you stay here, but on one condition," Dana lamented. "You call both your mother and your dad."

"He's not my dad," I whispered.

"I don't give a rat's butt! Your calling him," Dana said before I could say anything else. "Now give me a hug, you insane idiot. I always knew you were crazy."

I let Dana embrace me, and the arms of all three of my friends were suddenly around me, and I knew and knew I always had family. We all pulled away and smiled at each other.

"We've ought to go," Nicky whispered, motioning with her head up the road.

"You'll call, right?" I murmured.

"We'll visit," Dana corrected, laughing and smiling through the tears.

We all hugged once more, and then I watched as my lamenting friends trudged up the road. I almost started to cry again as I waved slowly until they disappeared from my view.

Seth then whispered, "You didn't have to do that for me."

"It was just you," I told him back. "Now give me a hug."

And he did.


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