Here I am again^^ Just another little story. Have fun!; D

Only five minutes. In five minutes his shift was over and he could finally see her again.

Actually, today he would not have had to work, but Gibbs had called him this morning to inform him that they had a new case.

Ten hours. Ten full hours, he had to spend without her. Ten hours without the sight of her beauty and her glory.

They had solved the case now and he just needed to write his report. Only a few lines and he could go back to her.

He knew that she was waiting for him. She always did. He could always rely on her.

The last word, and the report was completed.

As fast as he could, he mailed his report to Gibbs. After an affirmative nod from his boss, Tony jumped up, took to his backpack and walked with quick steps toward the elevator.

Soon, he would see her again.

God, how much he loved her. She was his pride and joy and he loved to show her in public. Many men were jealous, and he enjoyed it.

Finally the elevator arrived. He got in and pressed the button a few times.

He could not wait. Of course, he saw her every day, but nevertheless he was glad each time.

Finally he arrived.

He stepped off the elevator.

And there she was.

With a broad smile on his lips, he walked over to her. At last they were reunited.

"There you are, my beauty." He said, still smiling, as he lovingly ran a hand across the hood of his Mustang.

Yes, in her he had found true happiness.