Before this story starts, this is PARODY. Its meant to be funny.

Tiana opened the door to Cinderella's castle. As the new Disney Princess, she was finally allowed to join their get-togethers. It was one of the largest buildings she had ever seen, with tall, looming white towers that dwarfed even Naveen's castle. The size almost overwhelmed her, making her feel very small. Who were these girls!? Cinderella wasn't supposed to be born into royalty, was she? Did she really marry a prince with this type of bank account?

She stepped in the front gate, only to be immediately greeted by a tall butler with a long, pointed nose held up in the air. His clean, strait tux could have only been silk, something Tiana found a bit intimidating. If the butler wore a suit this expensive, what could the royals possibly be dressed in?

"This way, Madame." He said before turning on his heels and leading her away.

"Wow. Fancy." She mumbled, following closely. She had a hard time keeping up due to her eyes always up at the high ceilings painted with golden birds and trees and diamond embellished chandeliers. The Disney Princesses were not short on cash.

"In this room, Madame." The butler said, opening an extravagant pearly white door. Tiana couldn't wait to see what the room must look like, but she never got the chance. Inside where the princesses, all dressed in the fluffiest, fanciest dresses she had ever seen. Adorned with jewels and silk and satin gowns, the princesses all joked and socialized like this was completely normal. Tiana glanced down at her own dress. Just a few minutes ago the smooth dark green fabric and form fitting shape seemed so elegant. Now it didn't seem much more than servant's wear.

Timidly she stepped in. All at once, the group of princesses turned to stare at her. One, a blonde dressed in a ridiculously poofy blue gown, stepped forward.

"Welcome, friend, I'm Cinderella. But please, call me Ella," she said in a voice so peppy and enthusiastic it made Tiana raise an eyebrow. Was this girl for real? "It is so nice to finally have a new edition after all these years. That is, after Giselle was unable to join."

"Oh, yes, how unfortunate." Said a black haired girl in a dress of red, blue, and yellow, colors Tiana didn't really think went together. The girl's voice was extremely operatic, maybe annoyingly so. However, what bothered her more was the fact that this girl only seemed to be in her early teens! Aren't all the Disney princes supposed to be married? "I'm Snow White, by the way. Pleased to meet you, friend."

"But I get to stay the only redhead, at least!" sang a girl who looked a little older then Snow White, but not by much.

"No one likes a braggart, Ariel." giggled Cinderella. Tiana's eyebrow went up a little farther. What did she get herself into?

The last princess in the group stepped forward to shake her hand. This girl at least had a semi-functional dress, but the same over-the-top blond hair. "Aurora, friend, and oh! You haven't told us your name!"

"Oh, how silly of us!" Snow White cooed, sending the rest strait into a giggle fit. Tiana stood, an awkward laugh the only thing escaping from her lips.

"Uh…" She finally said. Four eager faces stared at her. "My name is Ti-Tiana."

"Tiana!" They all shouted, surrounding her at once. Tiana let out a little cry for help when they all leaped, shooting question after question about her, her kingdom, and her husband. All Tiana could do was gawk.

"Girls, one at a time!" Cinderella said happily. "I'll ask the first question. So, Tia, what is your signature color?"

"Well, uh…" Tiana looked at her expectant face. Signature color? "I…uh… wear green most of the time now…"

"Ooooh, green!"

"How nice!"

"How unique!"

"How festive!"

"My turn!" Snow White piped. "What does your prince look like!?"

"Oh, yes!"

"Tell us!"

"Is he handsome?"

Tiana rocked back on her heels. She took a step back from the wall of girls, each smiling from ear to ear. She fumbled for her hand bag, taking out a picture of Naveen.

"How wonderful!"

"No wonder you are in love!"

"He is absolutely rav-"

"Wait a minute!" Tiana shouted. The princesses stared in shock. "How could you possibly say 'no wonder you are in love' when you've only seen a picture of him!?"

"What else would you need?" Cinderella asked, confused.

"Um, his personality…his intelligence…"

The princesses gave her blank looks.

"Never mind this, you guys are all insane." Tiana turned to go, but in the corner of her eye, she saw a flash of gold. She glanced over, only to see another one.

Great. There's more of them. She took another step before stopping in her tracks. Wait, was that princess…


She spun around, finding the girl sitting the the back corner of the room. Sure enough, her nose was in a book. At the same table sat a pretty Asian girl, a Middle Eastern girl, and an Indian princess chatting it up. Their hair was mostly functional (though the Middle Eastern and Indian princesses must have had pretty expensive care products) and their outfits plain, except, of course, for the bookworm. Tiana rushed over as fast as her heels could take her.

"Uh, can I join you?" She asked timidly. The last princess attack had left her a little fearful of strange girls.

"Oh, sure." said the Asian. "I'm Mulan. I see you've already met the, uh, others." Tiana glanced over to the "others," who had obviously moved on to a brand new topic that had something to do with duets.

"Well, you guys seem plenty normal." Tiana said before she thought. "Uh, I mean-"

"Don't worry about it. Pocahontas." Tiana shook her hand. She smiled. Tiana wanted to ask how she gets her hair so long without it becoming made of split ends, but thought better of it.

"Belle." Said the book girl. "I'd introduce myself better, but I'm at the good part."

"Jasmine." Said the last.

"Tiana." She said. "Um, can I ask something?"

"What?" Mulan said.

"Why are you guys so much more…um…"

"Because we were made in a time where Disney couldn't be quite as…well, you know. Happy little sing song girl." Belle replied.

"Except for Ariel. She was a little behind." Jasmine added.

"Same reason you, Pocahontas, Jasmine, and I are…well…" Mulan shrugged her shoulders.

"Say no more." Tiana said. Belle giggled.

"Imagine how I felt!" Jasmine said, "I was the first to be…well, you know. It was a little awkward my first meeting."

"I was the first to have a life outside our husbands!" Belle pointed out.

"I was the first to have saved my entire country!" Mulan smiled, "Actually, I still am!"

"I saved New Orleans from going to Hell!" Tiana said.


"Tell us, please!"

As they shared stories, Tiana couldn't help but think this was way better than having a poofy dress. She may want to come back to a few more of these meetings.