Blue LeBarge didn't know what she was getting herself into. Of course, when do we ever? In fact, Blue didn't even know who she was. She was an average teenager, going to school, doing her work…except for being resurrected back into this world after her murder. Now, she's travelling the world alone, looking for the one person who knows what happened to her—how she died. She's looking for the person who murdered her. She's looking for them so she can kill them. But her journey is halted and she is thrown into the middle of an ancient war of the immortal…..a war that changes everything. But she soon finds herself in a predicament, for she was in the war before her new life. Before her resurrection. She was unknowingly in the war when she was murdered.

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Diaries of a Phoenix

By Jennifer Lynn Henderson

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Dedicated to Julie Mitchener

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The rain padded against the old, broken concrete of the sidewalks mutely in the background while the freezing cold of the night nipped at everything in sight. The remaining glow in the few nearby houses disappeared, sending the night into a darker scene. The remains of the fallen rain covered the cobbled road as it died down to a damp mist, and the evening fog crept in.

The newfound stillness of the night was disturbed as two dark, cloaked figures broke through the end of an alleyway, moving with valiant grace and exception speed. One was a taller while the other one was slightly shorter, and the hoods of their cloaks were up, keeping their faces from view. They stuck to the shadows as they crept down the damp, deserted old road, which was only lit by a single streetlamp with a dim, flickering glow. As they passed under the lamp, the flicker sparked before it completely burned out. The tiny flame inside the lamp sizzled to ashes as if it had been put out by suffocation.

"Don't do this sissy." The younger spoke in a hiss of a feminine voice as she trailed after the taller one.

"Why not?" the taller one replied without turning around.

"We don't need another. I can take them all by myself!" the shorter one said menacingly, raising her head towards the sky. The hood of her cloak fell from her head, exposing a wild, tangled mess of black hair that hung in her eyes seductively and dark, dark eyes that were framed with long lashes. She was around the age of 22. Her features were nothing less than god-like, ever line defined and her jaw a perfect sculpture with high set cheekbones. Her lips were plump and flawless, and bore the pout of a sly fox. The wild, blood-crazed look in her expression was strong and screamed murder.

The taller let out an amused laugh as she passed through huge, ancient gates and into the haunted cemetery.

"You couldn't take an eagle if it bit you." She said, spinning around to get a look at the shorter one. Fire and rage sparked in the shorter one's eyes, and her teeth barred into a menacing gesture. In a movement invisible to human eyes, she shot across the grounds and was in front of her ally in the matter of a nanosecond, grabbing a hold of the taller one's throat. The hood of the taller one fell, revealing features almost as beautiful as the shorter one. She had similar dark eyes, only more mature. She had long, straight black hair that casted a paler effect. She was older than the other, and her lips were not the plump, seductive pout that her sister had. They were thinner and set in a perfect shape. Her cheekbones weren't as high either, and her eyelashes weren't as long. She was the underdog of her sister, the one shoved aside.

"Do not forget that I am more powerful than you!" the shorter hissed. "I can and will take down this race. I will be the queen as I am destined to." She finished, letting go of her throat.

"Whatever you say, sister." The taller murmured reluctantly, spinning back around and continuing through the graveyard. She was tired of her sister always coming before her, even though she was older. As she glided past the rows of old, broken headstones, she knew she was only here to serve her sister. 'Look out for Ecstasy' 'Serve Ecstasy' 'Make sure she isn't harmed' 'do as Ecstasy says, she's the wiser.' That's what she gets, she supposes. Her sister was the epitome of perfection, of evil. She was sinister, seductive, and also childish. She got what she wanted and trampled anyone in the process. She was a liar, a thief, a killer, a two-faced version of the devil. For even Ecstasy's true name, Exitium, meant destruction.

Her own name, Cassandra, meant 'she who is ignored'. She scoffed. How accurate.

She came to a stop at a large headstone at the end f the row. It was newer than the others.

"Father spoke of this one." Cassandra said.

"Father is a fool!" Ecstasy shrieked. Suddenly, the taller one spun around, narrowing her eyes into nothing less than a death glare.

"Father knows everything. If he knows something about this being, than they are important." Cassandra spoke, sick of her bratty, perfect sister.

"Whatever." Ecstasy brushed off her comment, and began skipping around the headstone while her sister started digging through the earth with her hands. She sang off-tune loudly and nonchalantly while she skipped. "And what are you thinking....bringing her into the war is going to accomplish?"

"I'm not sure," Cassandra admitted as she pulled a large jar free from the earth. "But it had better be something great." She stared at the jar in her hands with a thoughtful expression on her face. Her sister had stopped skipping and was standing behind her, staring at the jar in disbelief.

"You don't really expect....." Ecstasy trailed off, and her eyes moved from the jar and landed on her sister. "Sissy, this is insane!"

Ignoring her, Cassandra one took the lid off the jar and tipped the jar, pouring the contents into a line on the ground.

"You can't bring someone back to life without a body!" her sister screamed at her.

She picked up a broken branch that was laying on the ground and started drawing a five-pointed star pointing down in the grass around the ashes. It was the symbol of Satan.

"Ignis." She whispered, and then the star shaped in the grass caught on fire, engulfing the ashes in flames. Her sister stood behind her in a growing pit of rage, her teeth barred, a low hiss leaving her lips. Cassandra ignored her as she continued to chant words of an ancient language, and the fire began to grow and grow as the ashes burned. But as the ashes burned, they became whole. The outline of a body was seen faintly through the flames as it continued to grows and grow.

Finally, the fire went out.

Smoke surrounded the area as the two sisters stood side-by-side in growing tension. Ecstasy took the first steps forward, peering into the smoke, until she came to a stop in front of an unconscious girl with blood-red hair. But what drew her attention was not the color of her hair, nor the beautiful, exotic features of her face. What drew her attention was the tattoo of a flaming, red bird on the top of her upper arm, near her shoulder. Ecstasy let out a astonished, low, gasp "No..."

She stumbled backwards, before her eyebrows arched in pure fury and rage directed at her sister.

"She's one of them!" she shrieked. "You've created one of them!"

"What?" Cassandra asked in shock and fear of what she had done wrong.

"You didn't create one of us, you've created one of them!"

"No, no, no, I don't see where I could have gone wrong—" Cassandra spoke in worry and stumbled for an answer. Her sister let out a strangled, hysterical laugh.

"HA! Wait until Father hears of this!" she screamed, before skipping into the darkness, and disappearing completely.

"No!" she screamed, stumbling after her sister, and away from the girl. She had really screwed up.


The girl woke with a jolt. She sat up, her body sweating and gasping for air as if she had just woken from a bad dream. She was completely naked as she sat on the freezing ground of cemetery the fog drifting around her. Quickly realizing this, she scrambled up from the ground, trying to find something, anything to cover herself with. But more than that, she noticed that she didn't know where she was, or why she was here. And as she looked around her worriedly, her eyes landed on one thing in front of her. It was the only thing she had left. It was a tombstone.


Loving daughter, sister, and friend.

January 18th, 1991-January 18th, 2008


Shivering, she looked around the cemetery, but there was no one in sight. She was alone. The last line flashed through her mind over and over again.


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