Title: Amplified Friendship

Author: slery

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Rating: FRC gen

Characters: Reid, Morgan, others

Spoilers: Amplification

Summary: What if Derek didn't listen to Hotch and stopped working the case to be with Reid?

Disclaimer: Don't own, if I did, would I be playing here? evil grin

Note: The first few lines are taken directly from the episode.


"Derek, Dr. Kimura called. Reid's in trouble." Garcia said.

"What do you mean?" Derek asked.

"He got way sicker on the way to the hospital he's in respiratory distress." Garcia continued to talk over Hotch.

"Listen, he's with the people that can help him the most. I need everybody's head here now." Hotch ordered.

"No." Derek stated.

"What do you mean no?"

"You have the army at your disposal. I'm not leaving Reid to deal with this on his own."

"Derek—" Hotch started.

"No, Hotch. If I have to quit, I will." He started pulling out his credentials and reached for his gun.

"That's not necessary. Keep us informed."

Derek nodded his head and walked out, his walk almost turning into a run to get to the SUV.


At the Walter Reed, Derek followed the signs to ICU and nearly ran over Dr. Kimura when he exited the elevator.

"Agent Morgan, I'm glad you're here." She said.

"Where is he? How is he?"

"I'll take you to his room. It'll be good for him to have someone here."

"Why?" Derek grabbed her arm and spun her around to face him.

"The aphasia started on the way here. He is really upset by it and it's causing him to have even more trouble breathing. He's been refusing narcotics the whole time but I would really like to contact his next of kin to get permission so that he can be made more comfortable."

"Reid doesn't want narcotics. Agent Hotchner has his medical power-of-attorney but I know he will agree with Reid's wishes.

"Fine, but he needs someone to stay with him then."

"I'll be here until he's released. Now where is he?"

Dr. Kimura sighed and then led him to the Reid's room where Derek stopped and stared at his friend through the large observation window. Spencer looked awful. He was almost as white as the sheets except for the blood that caked his chin where he kept coughing it up. He looked totally exhausted and . . . scared. Derek hesitantly stepped into the room.

"Hey there, kid."

"Grass look no." Spencer gritted through his teeth and then started coughing violently.

Derek rushed forward and helped Spencer sit up straighter hoping to ease the coughing.

Reid pressed an already bloodied wash cloth to his face as he continued to cough up more blood. He pulled his knees up and laid forward into them.

"Let me get you a clean rag and one to clean you up with." Derek opened the drawers next to the bed until he found several wash cloths and a couple of hand towels. He stepped over to the sink mounted on the wall and wet one. When he returned to the bed, Spencer was resting his forehead on his knees with his arms tucked in.

"Reid, let me take that rag. I've got a clean one here." He gently pulled the younger man's arm out and pried the dirty rag free. Derek then wiped down the long fingers before placing the clean rag in his hand. "Can you sit up a minute?"

Reid didn't respond, so Morgan pushed the bony shoulders back onto the bed and tucked the long stringy hair behind his friend's ears. "Let me clean you up." He carefully scrubbed the fresh and dried blood off Reid's chin and grabbed a tissue from the side table to blot at the tears streaming down the cheeks.

"It's gonna be okay."

"Take snow how."

"Shh, don't try to talk. Let me do that for now." Derek soothed. He wrapped Spencer's hand in his and held on as more coughing wracked the slender body.