Lily Luna

Witch Weekly

Monday 31st December 2007

Daddy's Girl – Potters Celebrate the Birth of Lily

All daddies have a special place in their hearts for their little girls. It is a very special, protective hold that makes that unique bond shared between fathers and daughters. There is a very good reason why 'daddy's girl' has become a phrase that is so widely used and today the saviour of the wizarding world, Harry Potter, has had his own daddy's little girl.

Harry James (age 27) and Ginevra Molly, known as Ginny, Potter (age 26) are welcoming in the new year by celebrating the birth of their third child and first daughter, Lily Luna Potter.

As anyone in the wizarding world already knows, Harry is The-Boy Who-Lived and the Teenager Who Defeated the Dark Lord. Harry also became the youngest ever Head of the Auror Department on the 28th April this year. Ginny is a leading reporter who writes Quidditch match reports as well as other articles on the sport for the Daily Prophet, having previously played as Chaser for both the Holyhead Harpies and England.

Harry and Ginny, who were both in Gryffindor, dated while at Hogwarts in their respective sixth and fifth years before parting during the war. It soon became evident, however, once He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named had been defeated, that the pair of war heroes had been reunited. They were married within just a a few years with a small wedding for family and friends taking place at Ginny's childhood home on the 1st September 2000.

The couple are said to be delighted at the birth of their little girl. Lily was born at 05:40 on Sunday and weighed 7lb.

Harry emerged to talk to waiting reporters at 11 o'clock. "She is gorgeous and looks just like her mum with the same bright red hair. Ginny is doing very well; she is really happy but also very tired."

When asked for further details, he refused to comment apart from a request for privacy. "We, Ginny and I, have always liked to keep our private life, well… private. We both believe that it's even more important for our three children, who have not asked to be famous. They are just children and we would like them to grow up away from the media spotlight. We would kindly request that all members of the press respect that."

Lily Luna has been named after her paternal grandmother, Lily Potter, formerly Evans, and close family friend Luna Lovegood. Harry's mother died during the first war against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named on that fatal Halloween night in 1981 in Godric's Hollow. Luna Lovegood is famous as a war heroine, helping co-lead the resistance at Hogwarts with Ginny and Neville Longbottom as well as being a survivor of the epic Battle of Hogwarts, May 1998.

The Potters have two other children, James Sirius, now three and Albus Severus, now one.

Healer Taylor-Smith, who has worked with Ginny throughout all three pregnancies, broke the news to the wizarding world yesterday at six o'clock in the morning. "Harry and Ginny Potter are delighted to announce the birth of their daughter, Lily Luna, born at St Mungo's Hospital, London. Ginny was admitted to the hospital at 9 o'clock on the evening of the 29th. Mother and child are in perfect health after a natural birth."

Ginny's older brother Charlie (age 32), a dragon trainer by trade, was the first of the Weasley family to greet the press. "Lily is the spitting image of Ginny; it's quite scary. So, naturally, she already has Harry wrapped around her little finger. He's already dashing over to her as soon he sees the start of tears in her eyes. Harry would do anything for Ginny and is ever-so-slightly overprotective, which makes him kind of easy to like as a brother-in-law, and it looks like that is going to be even more the case with Lily. I feel sorry for anyone, even if it's Ginny, who gets in the way of Harry and Lily."

Another of Ginny's older brothers and co-founder of the highly successful Weasleys' Wizarding Wheezes, George Weasley (age 29), also spoke to the press as he left St. Mungo's yesterday. "Lily is doing well and it's good to see another redhead in the family, especially with both James and Al looking more like Potters than Weasleys. Both Lily and Ginny are expected to leave the hospital in the next few days, which is good as Ginny hates hospitals even more than Harry does. More importantly, since Harry has given the two boys a new pair of toy broomsticks, they are driving Mum insane with the number of things they are crashing into."

George continued to reiterate the familiar call for privacy that has often been heard from the Potter family. "I would like to ask, though, if you could all give Harry, Ginny, Lily, the boys and the rest of the family their privacy as both Harry and Ginny want to give their children a chance to grow up away from the media limelight, enjoying a normal childhood. I would also like to remind any reporter who ignores these requests that, with the help of my older Bill, a curse-breaker, we have made some alterations to the charms on their houses."

Bookmakers are now offering odds of 100/1 in Lily Potter's favour following in her mother's footsteps and playing Quidditch for England. While there are odds of 1000/1 that all three Potter children will be representing their country.

Other odds can also be found for one of the Potter children joining the Ministry of Magic (20/1) or following in their father's example and joining the Auror Department (50/1), and becoming head of the Auror Department (500/1).

Finally, at Witch Weekly, we would like to wish our best to Harry and Ginny Potter and join in their delight in welcoming Lily Luna to the world. We would also like to express the desire that — while we appreciate how eager people are to hear about the Potter family — the wizarding public will follow our lead and let the Potter children grow up away from fame. After all, with all Harry and Ginny have done for the wizarding world, they deserve it.