Part II

He worried she would pull away, but he needed to feel her; desperate to quench the fire in his belly. 'She's kissing me," he thought as his partner returned the gesture. He pulled her up to her knees, wrapping his free hand around his partner. Rather than tightening the embrace, she reached between them, palming his erection. Pulling away she whispered, "Is this for me?"

Her touch was maddening; yanking her hand away, "It's not your turn" Booth growled. Catching her lips again, he grabbed both of her wrists tightly, planting them to her sides. "Do want this?" he whispered against her mouth. Pulling free of his grip, she pulled him up to his feet with her. With her fists full of his shirt, she pushed him roughly against the sinking SUV. "I can't think of a better way to pass the time," pulling an earlobe into her mouth. "Bones…" Booth couldn't think anymore. He was losing control over the situation. "Bones!" he yelled this time, trying to gain purchase over the situation. She laughed wildly at his tone. Somewhere in the distance his brain protested. The voice saying 'This is a bad idea' drifted away in the thick morning's breeze, whisked away between the tawny, swaying reeds.

"Booth, this isn't going to work, if we're both wearing pants," it wasn't so much an observation as it was a taunt. He spun her around, trading places. The simple drawstring on the front of her drab cargo pants was a greater challenge than he had anticipated. Unzipping his pants, Bones slipped her hand inside, quickly finding her goal. "Bones! Pants!" he commanded. 'I shouldn't find that sexy' she mused. Relinquishing his penis, she slapped away his hands, deftly untying the offending bow. Booth yanked his pants to his ankles, as Bones slipped out her shoes. Grabbing her hips, he hoisted her up against the back hatch, and Bones wrapped her long legs around his waist. Booth felt exposed as his erection bobbed in the air against the underside of her thigh. Reaching between them, he circled her clitoris with his thumb.

Pushing his hand aside, Bones grasped his penis, "Booth. Fuck me. With. Your cock. Now!" Never had he envisioned his partner saying anything so crude. Sinking onto the thick head, she gasped, feeling the girth of his shaft stretching her wide. It had been a very long time, and this was heavenly. She caught his lips roughly again, bruising them a bit. Booth's fingers dug into the soft flesh of Bones' hips, thrusting deeply. Breaking their sealed lips, he nuzzled below her chin, gaining access to her fair neck and shoulders. Nipping the tender flesh, he marked a trail to her breasts.

Breathing heavily between words, "Do you bite, Agent Booth?" Bones teased, punctuating the last syllable, with a squeal. Her first orgasm rolled over her, her inner walls clenching his penis with their hungry embrace. Her knees tightened their hold around his waist, crossing her ankles. Pushing her harder against the hatch, driving him even deeper into her dripping sex, "Yes; yes, I bite." Throwing her arms around his neck Bones began to roll her hips in a counter rhythm to Booth's strokes. "Oh God, Bones…Do you know you're going to be the death of me?" he was losing control again. This time, there would be no coming back. Stifling a breathless laugh, Bones countered, "Yes, Booth, but it will only be a little death."

Smeared with the colors of the dusty summer morning, the anthropologist clung to her partner, "Booth. What are you thinking?" Gasping for breath, Booth pinned Bones to the truck, his hands firmly on her shoulders, leaving brown hand prints on her fair skin. "I'm going to be found dead in rural Virginia. A smile on my face and my cock still hard," his testicles were tight and heavy. Bones sunk her teeth into Booth's shoulder and pinched the soft skin of his waist as she rode out another climax. "Bones…I can't…" the words were carried away like the long forgotten beetle. Hot spurts of semen filled his partner. Slumping against the captive doctor, Booth searched for clarity. After several long minutes, he pulled back; his softened penis slipping from her body. Bones seemed to slide down the filthy vehicle under her feet found the Earth again; a streak of black lacquer broke the dust caked truck.

Replacing forgotten and skewed clothing, the pair stood awkwardly in silence. Booth found his spot on the dirt road, Bones sitting beside him. The sky was growing paler, bleached with the hot August sun. "So, was it what you were expecting?" Booth finally asked. Closing her eyes momentarily, Bones replied, "Well, technically, my fantasy was about having sex inside the truck, not against it." Then she broke into a fit of laughter, "Booth, it was great. I guess I have always assumed that outside of my fantasies you were, well, a very polite lover." His brow furrowed, "Is that a problem?" Suppressing more giggles, "It's not your turn!" Another round of laughing fell from her lips.

"Bones, you're laughing at me," Booth was becoming worried. "Oh, Booth. Are you serious?! We're broken down in the middle of Nowhere, Virginia. We're dirty, sweaty, and just 'fucked' on your FBI-issued truck. I'm not laughing at you. It's just a positive response to stimuli" she reassured him. Then she added, "Booth, you were great. Wonderful. It's just been a strange morning." Leaning back onto his elbows, Booth nodded. 'Yes. Strange is certainly accurate' he thought.

"So now what?" Bones asked. Booth looked at the landscape and then back to her. "Well, we can pick up where we left off. There are still more questions" Booth absently offered. Shaking her head, "No. I think I am done playing 'Twenty Questions'." After a long glance at Bones, covered in thick stripes of dirt and dust, and then to the smudged truck, an idea emerged from the cobwebs: "Bones, have you ever played 'Truth or Dare?"