E/O Drabble Challenge (Congrats on the web site girls!)

Challenge word: shoe

Length: 100 words

A/N: Dean is six, Sam is two.

Thanks for reading!

"Here you go, kiddo."

Sam wiggled his toes into the shoes Dean placed on his feet.

"Wake Daddy?" Sam's wide eyes were hopeful.

Dean glanced at their dad, who was snoring softly. Dean had sensed he was unusually tired last night so he'd let him sleep late.

"Yeah, okay, you can wake him."

Sam scampered across the room, placed both his chubby hands on their dad's grizzled cheeks and whispered, "Daddy, wake up."

One bleary eye opened. "Hey, champ. You already dressed?"

Sam nodded triumphantly. "Dean helped me."

"He's a pretty good brother, isn't he?"

"He's the bestest!"

Dean smiled.

A/N: I posted two other short pieces this week if you're interested. They were written for the UnGen Christmas challenge. Both are letters to Santa. All I Want for Christmas is from six and a half year old Sam and Dear Mr. Claus is from Castiel. Would love to hear what you think! Thanks!