"Not a word."—Anonymous Clone of the 501st

Anakin watched his troops walk silently out of the Temple. Their armor was stained with blood, as was their hearts.

And Anakin wondered, was this right? Was all of this worth one life?

Anakin walked after them, crying for the blood on his hands, and for the souls on his shoulders. And he wondered, was it really that silent?

He looked once again at his troops.

Indeed, it was silent.

Mister Buch—Well, I was hoping to get deep in a few words. Guess I didn't succed, didn't I? :). Hopefully, I won't be repetitive next time. I'm glad that you like all the reactions that the clones had. And I am EXTREMELY glad that you find it creepy; really hoping to get that out. Thank you for the review!

Torli—I agree, I always read something where the Clones seem to be in lala land, and I knew that wasn't right. I hope readers understand that. Thank you for the review!

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