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Author's Note: There are a few fics out there where baby Tony makes an appearance and Gibbs takes care of him. I want to write one of them too, but I thought that maybe what happens if Tim is the one with a baby Tony.


Tim McGee walked towards his apartment building. They finally got to go home after a tough case and it was finally over and for that he was glad. Gibbs had been growling and yelling more than any other case before. He had also gotten a lot of head slaps. He walked out of the elevator and down the hallway towards his apartment when he saw a baby carrier with a baby inside. He quickly got his phone out and dialed Gibbs number and told him that he had a baby on his doorstep. He looked at the angelic sleeping face and wondered who would do this.

He looked up as the elevator dinged and saw that Gibbs, Ducky, Ziva and Henry the senior agent walk up to them.

"So who would leave a baby on your doorstep?"

"I don't know. I didn't want to pick him up because I was afraid to contaminate the crime scene."

"Good job. Let's get this over with, so you can pick him up." Gibbs looked at the blue pajama clad infant.

They dusted the car seat and then when they were done Gibbs nodded towards the baby for Tim to pick up. When the infant was in Tim's arms the baby woke up and then started babbling. There was an envelope in the bottom of the carrier and Tim picked it up. He handed the baby to Gibbs who held him and then he started to open it up.


I know that you are a kind and caring man. That is why I fell in love with you. I found out that I was pregnant a few weeks into our relationship and I knew that I had to leave. I am sorry for the heartache that I put you through. Our son is named Anthony Dominic DiNozzo. He is a good baby and I know that you would make a good father. My father wanted me to get rid of him and if I didn't then he would. I couldn't let that happen, so I had to leave him with you. I signed all the documents that you would need to be signed to make him your son legally.


Allison DiNozzo

He looked at his boss and then at the baby in his arms. "His name is Anthony Dominic DiNozzo. His mother is Allison and she left me legal papers, so I can make him my son."

The baby cooed and waved his tiny hands in the air. "Congratulations, it's a boy." Gibbs said as he handed Tim his new son.

"I don't know anything about babies, Boss."

"You'll learn." Gibbs smirked at Tim as he looked at his son.

The baby patted his chin as he was babbling again. "I'll have to get things for him though."

Tim put the baby in the carrier and took the baby and the diaper bag inside. There were diapers, formula and baby toys inside. "I need to ask Abby to come over and we can both get things for the baby. I think I might need to get a bigger apartment too. This is only one room apartment. I need a room for Tony too." He picked up the baby again.

"Tony?" Gibbs asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Anthony seems to be too big for the little guy." He tickled the tiny stomach and the baby grabbed his finger and wouldn't let go. Ducky had given a check up on the infant and he was in good health. Tim smiled at his new son. He loved him already and couldn't think of giving him away, or abandoning him.

"I'm going to keep him, Boss."


He took out his phone and asked Abby to come to his apartment, but didn't tell her anything yet. She took one look at the smiling, babbling infant and raced towards him. He had already put the baby back in his carrier before Abby came inside.

"He's adorable, Tim. Who's is he?"

"He's mine. A girl that I had a relationship dropped him and abandoned him on my doorstep and wrote me this note. He showed her the note and while she was reading it looked down at his son and touched his little hand and smiled when he grabbed his finger.

"You love him already, don't you?"

"Yes, I do."

Abby walked up to the baby and smiled at him. "Hello, Anthony."

"I'm going to be calling him Tony."

Abby glanced at Tim and then back at the little boy. She tickled his stomach and the little boy grabbed her finger with his other hand. He babbled and smiled at the both of them.

"Awe, isn't he cute."

"How old is he?"

"The birth certificate says he's almost a year old. He will turn one next month."

"Let's have a birthday party for him."

"That sounds good, Abby. I will have to tell my parents that they have a grandson and I still have to get a crib and other baby things for him. I will also have to get a new house because this is only a one-bedroom apartment. He needs his own room."

"I'll help you get the baby things and with the new house." She smiled at him.

"We should get a crib, diapers and formula for him now and maybe some toys."

Tim grabbed the carrier and buckled the precious cargo in the back seat. He got the crib, diapers, formula, clothes, a blanket and toys for the baby.

The next day Tim called his parents and told them that they were grandparents. They would be coming over to see the new baby. They instantly fell in love with the little guy.

Abby would come over every other day and they fell in love once again. They got married a couple of months after Tony's first birthday and Abby adopted Tony. They also brought a new two-bedroom house. He looked at his new wife and his son and smiled. He felt complete now with his new life.

The End