Disclaimer/: We should all be very glad I don't own Harry Potter or the Thunderbirds, because Harry Potter is dark enough on its own, and I have way too much fun tormenting Alan Tracy.
Warnings/: Blatant mangling of characters! Non-cannon timeline! OCs! Deatheaters are NOT always who you will expect!
Author's Notes/: In all my wanderings through the Thunderbirds fandom and it's various crossovers and AUs, I noticed the only one I never came across that I'd expected to was Harry Potter. So of course, this led into creating my own crossover, despite the fact that I've already got a Harry Potter/Gundam Wing crossover in the works. -Glares at PlotBunnies-

Of course, pondering this crossover brought two immediate problems to my attention. First, that I would have to be careful not to turn the Tracys into a rich version of the Weasleys, because in my head, the two families are really similar. And second, the idea of Alan Tracy with magic immediately made him the new Boy-Who-Lived. I tried to ignore it, but I just kept coming back to the Tracys=Weasleys problem. So I gave up.

However! This is not going to be a cannon following. Alan is the new Boy-Who-Lived, but he is not replacing Harry. Nor is he replacing Ron. I went on a completely different spin with this, which could have worked without the Thunderbirds quotient, but again ... -Eyes Bunnies- All I ask is that you give it a chance before you judge. It may surprise you.

For the record, Alan's first year begins in 2007, as I decided to go with the Thunderbirds movie timeline for ages. I'll be using the descriptions from the TV show, but birth order will follow movieverse. This really hasn't affected anything beyond the days of the week for certain events.



"You can't do this!" an angry voice bellowed.

"You will find, Sir, that when it comes to the safety of the Wizarding World, we will do what is necessary," another voice returned coldly.

"I don't care about the Wizarding World! That's my son, and I won't let you take him!"

"I'm afraid you don't have a choice. Stupify!"

There was a soft gasp that seemed impossibly loud in the tiny closet, and eleven-year-old Scott Tracy hurriedly muffled his younger brother Gordon's face in his shirt. He raised his eyes to meet his brother John's, biting his lip at the fear he saw there as John and their other brother, Virgil, clung to one another. Scott wanted to go out and stop them, to teach them a lesson for daring to touch his baby brother (the only thing left of Mom, and god, it hurt), but he'd promised his father they'd stay put. He promised to keep his brothers safe.

Closing his eyes tightly and hugging Gordon closer, Scott sent out a silent prayer. Mom, if you're watching us ... Keep Allie safe. Just long enough for us to get to him.

He flinched as the ministry official hissed "Obliviate!"