"I need a favour Kel," Domitan of Masbolle asked Keladry of Mindelan, walking into her chambers.

Keladry of Mindelan looked up from her book surprised. Domitan or Dom as he was more widely known as, never came to her if he needed a favour. Why would he when he had hundreds of friends and hundreds more women – including herself – head over heels in love with him? Usually he went to his cousin Neal, being cousins and men.

"Okay Dom," she answered placing her book down carefully.

It was an old book about the first Lady Knights that Neal had let her borrow. Lady Knight Alanna had bought it for him as a Midwinter present when he first became her Squire. He had memorised it encase Alanna asked him about it. Kel had always wanted to read it and as she was now on holidays, it was the best chance she would get. She treated it carefully because if Alanna found out Neal's present was wrecked, she would kill him not Kel. Lady Knights were an endangered species you know.

"Kel, would you…"

"Oi Kel! Come give me a joust!" Lord Raoul called out – well more like bellowed – from outside her window.

This amazed Kel as her room was at least two stores up and she heard him as clear as if he was standing in her room talking to her. Standing up, she walked to the window and rose her hand in a reply.

"Do you want to be killed Kel? He's in a bloody brilliant mood!"

"Dom, I do know how to joust; and maybe I feel like going for a fly,"

"Then you're a fool,"

Kel pulled on her sword around her waist and placed a small dagger up her sleeves. Placing the dagger in its security spot, she looked up at him. He was smirking at her and she felt her face heat up. She didn't know why she blushed when he looked at her or how he had control over her like he had but she did know she hated it yet she loved it at the same time.

"So what did you need Dom?" she asked pushing him out and locking her door.

He didn't looked her in the eyes as he murmured, "My parents are holding a large family party and I would like you to come,"

Kel stopped in her tracks and Dom unknowing she had stopped, kept walking. When he realised Kel had stopped he was a long way in front. He turned back to her confused.

"Why me? I mean, of course I will… but why me?"

Dom sighed and beckoned Kel up to him. She walked up to him slowly.

"Because you won't want to marry me after this and if I bring anyone else not only Neal but my brothers will say I'm marrying the poor girl. And I know you'll be able to hold your own against them,"

"You make them sound like monsters or animals not family members," she told him as they started walking again.

"They're worse then the Third Company, let's just put it,"

Kel didn't say anything else as they reached the training yards. Walking over she found Peachblossom already tacked up being held by Tobe and her lance being held by a very worried Neal.

"Thanks Kel," Dom said walking over to the fence.

She smiled and walked over to Neal. At his feet was her padding and she pulled it on quickly as she saw Raoul start to pace his horse.

"Hurry up Kel, that man wants to kill me," whined Neal hopping from one foot to the other, lance still in hand.

Looking at him, you wouldn't think that he was a Knight. Kel smiled rolling her eyes.

"He's not going to kill," she assured him. He's going to kill me!

"Has he asked you yet?" Neal asked, completely changing the subject without warning taking Kel by surprise.

"Who's asking me what?" she asked, surprise evident in her voice.

"My stupid idiot of a cousin asking you to our family gathering,"

"He actually said it was a party," Kel told him mounting up.

"But ya don't like parties Lady Kel," Tobe pointed out, letting Peachblossom go.

"I doing him a favour Tobe,"

"He actually plucked up the courage to ask you then," he mused.

She didn't get to ask him why he needed courage to talk to her because Peachblossom decided he was bored and walked away from them.

"My lovely Lady Knight!" Raoul called out.

"My Lord!"

"I thought I told you to call me Raoul,"

"You did My Lord!"

Dom smiled as Neal and Tobe climbed up on the fence next to him and made themselves comfortable. No one but Kel would dare to tease Raoul.

"Do anyone else has a bad feelin' 'bout 'is?" Tobe asked.

"Nope," Neal answered not really paying attention to the boy.

"Ready!" Dom called out as Kel and Raoul took their places.

Both Kel and Raoul shouted a reply of 'YES!' and so Dom shouted back, "GO!"

Kel and Raoul kicked their horses and both started off at a thunderous pace down. Kel positioned her lance as Raoul did the same. She felt Peachblossom stumble on a rock as Raoul got closer – almost on top of her. Kel braced herself as Peachblossom fell down bring Kel down underneath him, crushing Kel. Raoul quickly pulled him horse away and threw his lance away. Dom, Neal and Tobe were off the fence as Raoul jumped over Drum.

"Kel! Don't move!"

She wasn't sure who shouted it. All she knew that she was being flatten by her horse and she couldn't move.

Their stupid, I'm under a horse. Of course I can't move…

She felt Peachblossom get off her and she didn't care. Sleep was coming over her and she was quite content to let it.

"Kel! Stay awake!" Neal exclaimed sliding next to her.

Tobe rushed off to calm both horses down and Dom got on Kel's other side. Dom slowly and carefully lifted her up and she moaned in pain.


"Neal, fix her. Tobe leave the bloody horses and get Alanna and Baird NOW!" Raoul ordered.

Kel whimpered and Neal placed his fingers on her temples slowly letting the green flow through her. Dom watched worried, annoyed that he didn't have the gift and couldn't help. He had seen too many die from being crushed by a horse, falling from their seat and their horse falling on top of them. Neal pulled his fingers away and sighed.

"Nealan of Queenscove, don't even try it!" the Lioness bellowed running over to them.

"Lady Alanna–"

"What happened?"

"Peachblossom stumbled and crushed Kel under him,"

Baird and a team of Healers ran over and slowly lifted her up onto the stretcher. As soon as she was on top Baird placed her in a coma. Dom helped Neal up as Alanna and Baird rushed Kel off to the Healer's Quarters.

"Is she goin' to be 'kay?" Tobe asked.

"You bet," Dom told him with a smile. "Why don't you go help Stefan?"

"'Kay," he said running off.

"She will be okay, won't she?" Dom asked Neal.

"I don't know,"

"That's what I was afraid of…"