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Sirius's Point of View

She changed me.
I have to admit, it was for the better.

Lily Evans. The girl that always had James's attention. Sometimes I loathed her for stealing him away from me, but sometimes I was thankful for her. She put some sort of sense into his head – he wasn't always the sharpest tool in the box.

Evans wasn't just smart, either – she was beautiful. Long red hair always worn loose down her back, sparkling eyes the color of jade… I could see why James had fallen for her. But she wasn't my kind of girl. I let him make a fool out of himself in front of her because he needed a girl like her to set him straight.

Even though I'd hoped that Lily would have a good effect on James, she had a lasting effect on all of us Marauders. Moony became bolder in exercising his duties as a prefect, and Wormtail became less dependent on us. Even I let my bad-boy image slip a little, though I was none to happy about it. James stopped nicking Snitches, too.

And now, remembering her, I'm struck by just how much I miss her. I've always missed James, but I've never really thought about Lily before. But now, with Harry in the house, his eyes strike me every time I see him. I remember her more clearly than ever before: she was sweet and kind, once you got past that hostile wall she always put up for a few people. She loved us all – loved everyone, even the worst of the Slytherins. She sacrificed herself to save her infant son, who grew up to save our world. She let herself change to love James.

Huh. I guess it wasn't just me she changed.

Her loving heart changed the world, though most people don't know, or have forgotten about her.
I won't let myself forget her anymore.

The night before we went to the Ministry, I hung a picture of her on the wall next to my picture of James. My room seemed to warm up a little, and it didn't look quite so bare with her in it. I smiled sadly at her pretty face and she waved back at me, holding baby Harry in her arms. Next to the picture of her husband, Lily's picture looked extraordinarily happy for the first time in ages.

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