---Chowder's POV---

I walk through the city looking for 'Help Wanted' signs, but can't find any. Nobody wanted me. It was starting to get dark anyway. I should just call Ceviche. So I took out my phone and dialed Ceviche's number and waited.

Ring Ring Ring


Ring Ring Ring

Twice. Three more rings and I'll have to leave a message.

Ring Ring Ri- "Hello?"

"Hey Ceviche." I said in the 'can I stay at your house' voice we use on eachother.

"Did Mung and Truffles finally kick you out?" he asked in a worried voice. As you can imagine now, he's my best friend.

"Sort of," I started. "Since I keep eating the orders, I have to pay off $300. And it was an awkward moment, Truffles said I needed a job. And so I wouldn't eat anymore orders, a couple hours after that, they kicked me out."

"Oh, that's rough." He answered.

"Yeah," I reply. "So can I stay at your house for awhile?" I asked hopefully.

"Sure Chowder. Come on over. I just made some Chicken."

"Thanks Ceviche. Bye."


And so I made my way through the lonely street to Ceviche's house.

---Panini's POV---

"Thank you so much Marmalade. I'd be homeless right now if you weren't my friend." I say to Marmalade before we go to bed.

"No problem Panini. You're my best friend, it's the least I can do." She relpied.

"Hopefully school is better than this day. Anyway, goodnight."

"Goodnight Panini."

We turned off the lights and went to bed.

---Panini's Dream---

"Don't leave me," I said in a silky smooth voice. "Not now…"

Now I started to cry.

"I have to." he said. "It's the only way you can be safe."


"I'll come back. I promise."

"You better." My voice broke and we started to hug. Then he kissed my forehead and said "You are my life…"

Then I woke up.