Tonight, I Love You

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Notes:My first fan fic, please be nice, criticism is welcomed. Oh and before I forget I need a female OC. I will need name and appearance details, Thanks.

Chapter 1

The moon was gently rising over the dragon realm bathing the winter landscape in a soft, gentle light as snow tumbled from the had got colder in the dragon realms lately it's a welcome change from the long, warm days of the was Cynder's favourite season of the whole year although cold it was most beautiful in her opinion, the only bad thing about this time of year was the dreams she had of Spyro keeping her warm during these increasingly cold nights,Cynder looked up and gently smiled saying

"It's so beautiful out here tonight" She then looked down sighing and looking behind at the path she made though the snow.

"What am I doing" Cynder asked herself, continuing her way forward until she came to her favourite lake, frozen now but what she found most unusual was that there was a white and blue lump on the ice so wondering what it was, she slowly made her way over to it and was surprised to find that it was in fact a dragon, roughly around her age.

Then she suddenly heard a all to familiar voice "Cynder!" "Over here" she responded, then Spyro appeared from behind some trees.

"Oh, you gave me and the guardians quite a scare we need..." Spyro stopped mid sentence upon seeing what Cynder was standing near "who is this?" Spyro said softly as not to alert the the dragon at his feet. Spyro noticed that, this dragon who ever he is the symbol on his forehead which looked like a star but twisted he had seen in on of the books he had read in the temple library but what it meant or was escaped his mind at this particular moment and why for some unknown reason did Spyro felt like he knew whoever he is but from where was a mystery.

"Spyro, Spyro!" Cynder said

"huh...what?" Spyro replied

"you spaced out for a minute there, you okay?"

"yeah...I'm fine anyway can you answer my question" Spyro said returning his attention to Cynder "Hopefully when he wakes up I can get some answers" Spyro thought to himself.

"I honestly don't know who he is, when I got here he was just lying here unconscious and besides what should we do we can't just leave him out here to freeze to death" she said,

Spyro heard concern in what she had said but he had to admit she was right the had to find some way to get him back to the temple but how, they couldn't fly back with him so Spyro suggested the only idea that would work.

"Well we need to get him back to the temple, Cynder do you think you could lift him on to my back the I can carry him back to the temple" Cynder gave Spyro a surprised look thinking that he was going to carry a unconscious dragon all the way back to the temple in the cold while it is snowing, she thought he was mad for even suggesting it but they had to get this dragon out of here and somewhere safe and warm because they didn't know how long he has been out here.

"alright but if you get tired we can stop, okay" Spyro nodded and then Cynder lifted the dragon onto Spyro's back then Spyro adjusted the dragon on his back until it was comfortable for him then looked over a Cynder an said "alright let's get going" they started towalk in the direction of the temple. Spyro looked back at Cynder.

"Hey are you coming or not?" Spyro said

"Yeah, sorry about that" Cynder replied

"Hey, I wonder what the guardians are going to make of this they haven't seen another dragon like us" Spyro said

"Well..." She trailed off. "we will just have to wait and see won't we but the guardians might be happy to have another dragon in the temple but I don't know so let's just get there first"

"Alright" he replied.

Both wondering what awaited for them upon there arrival at the Dragon Temple.