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Chapter 24

As Spyro and the others disembarked from the ship and stood in front a giant, eerie castle, and its many towers, Spyro merely said,

"This is it," Dark went down on one knee beside his companion causing Spyro to turn his head.

"This is your story. It all begins here for you... however mine and Shadow's will end here," Dark said looking from Spyro to the castle.

"I know... Thank you for all you have done," Spyro said before walking towards the castle with his friends not to far behind.

"Master Eon, a ship is docked in front of the castle," an ape said to the dragon sitting on a balcony whom turn his head to the ape,

"They're here," he declared.

They approached the front gate, just as Spyro was about to push open the grand doors ahead of them, Dark stopped him.

"Wait...We need to find out where Cynder and the others are," Dark said quietly as Spyro replied in a whisper,

"How?" Dark looked at Spyro before saying,

"Repeat after me, Laas."

"Whoa... Cool" Spyro said looking at the castle.

"This is a power you will get when your powers have grown a little more. It will allow you to see all living things within a certain distance; red cloudy figure are apes or men and blue cloudy figures are dragons," Dark explained, "there they are, Shadow you three stay here and draw the enemies attention so Spyro and I can sneak in," Dark said.

Dark and Spyro ran to the east side of the castle to sneak in whilst Shadow, Leo and Flame stood in front of the main gate. As it opened, it revealed the horde of apes that awaited them and a cave troll that walked out and roared

"Looks like the red carpet has teeth," Shadow said with a chuckle and drew his twin blades as Leo and Flame got into fighting stances.

As Dark and Spyro made their way to the east side of the castle, Dark headed for a sewer grate.

"Spyro," he whispered and gestured for him to come over, "we enter here," Dark said as he pulled the grate off with a grunt.

"I thought being in the shit was just a figure of speech," Spyro said looking into where they were about to go.

"Get behind me for a sec," Leo said to the others and began to form a ball of water between his paws. He lifted it above his head and waited for a few of the apes to get closer, slamming it on the ground caused it to form a large wave that swept the enemies away, making those that were left roar in anger and charge at the three.

"Here we go," Shadow said, uncrossing his arms as he threw some shuriken killing a few apes before they ran into the horde and began fighting. Shadow was hacking and slashing any ape that appeared in his site. One ape leapt into the air, lifting its weapon high, so Shadow leapt to meet him moving his arms up and apart along the way, knocking the apes weapon out of his hands. Shadow then stabbed him with both blades and letting gravity do the rest, he let the ape fall. When he hit the floor, Shadow withdrew both of his blades from the ape and stood up to hear a roar. "Ahh...crap" Shadow said as he looked over his shoulder to see the cave troll standing behind him. Meanwhile, Leo was firing spikes of light into approaching apes and forming shields whenever he needed. Flame was breathing the hottest flame he could around himself in a circle, to create a column of fire that erupted around him, killing most of the apes that were left. They all met up in front of the troll, "let's do this," Shadow said as the three charged in to take down the troll.

"Laas" Spyro whispered and saw that Cynder and everyone else were west of him and Dark. He saw a grate above his head and lifted it out the way, then pulled himself up and looked around while Dark pulled himself up and moved the grate back, it appeared the had popped up in a store room. It had food and weapons, but what Spyro and Dark noticed were the five different color crystals that sat on a shelf, each with it's own symbol. "What are these things?" Spyro asked.

"These are spirit gems, but we have no time for this," Dark replied. Spyro nodded and opened the door to see if anything was there, luckily there was nothing and they made their way to the cells.

Shadow ran and jumped at the troll stabbing it in the left shoulder, after which he shouted,

"Now!" to Flame whom nodded and began to breathe a fire circle on the ground around the troll. Just before Flame finished, Shadow withdrew his blade kicking off the troll to land a safe distance away, but as Flame finished the troll moved to step out of the circle. Leo stepped in and yelled,

"Oh no you don't," and fired a light spike into the troll's knee forcing it to stay within the circle and burn as the column of fire incinerated it. When the flames died down, Flame said,

"What now?" looking over at Shadow.

"We meet up with the others in the center of the castle," he replied. They nodded in response and ran into the castle.

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