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Chapter 32

Ignitus turned around to face the temple and saw Cyril with Auron, while Spyro and the others including someone he thought he may never see again.

"Yuki, is that you?" Ignitus spoke as he looked at the dragoness as she walked over to him.

"Yes, my love I am home again" Yuki spoke as she slowly placed her head under Ignitus chin as he lowered it in a small embrace.

As Spyro looked at his parents he was pleased to see this and slowly walked over to them and stopped a few inches away from them and sat on his haunches.

"Mom, Dad what do we do now?" Spyro asked looking at the battlefield around them.

Ignitus looked down at his son knowing that this battle, whatever the outcome it needed to end soon for he knew Dragun will come and lay waste to the temple and everyone here.

Cut to Dragun & Eon

"What do we do now, Master?" Eon spoke following behind his master.

"Now that they are weakened I can finish this battle, but first to ensure my victory I will need Ignitus and the other guardians to open the Eluvian for me" Dragun spoke as an evil smile graced his lips meaning this was bad.

"Master, if you do that the guardians will die" Eon said looking at his master as he stopped walking and turned to face him.

"You make it sound if that is a bad thing to do" Dragun replied and turned back around walking away laughing.

Cut to Spyro

"I don't know, but I wish I knew what Dragun was after here?" Ignitus asked turning to the group.

"I believe I can answer that Ignitus" Dark answered walking towards the dragon and as Ignitus gestured for him to continue.

"He is here for the Eluvian in the statue" Dark spoke as Ignitus' face turned to one of a mixture of shock and horror.

Cut to Dragun and Eon

As Dragun and Eon advanced closer to their goal, Eon couldn't shake the feeling of dread or fear he was not sure.

"Tell the apes to bring the chest here now!" Dragun shouted snapping Eon out of his trance and as he nodded turning to call the apes to bring the chest here.

"They are here Master" Eon said as two apes came up carrying the chest that contained the pieces of the Eluvian.

Cut to Spyro

As Ignitus overcame his shock and looked at Dark and said.

"That is not possible we scattered the pieces around the world" As Ignitus finished all Dark could do was sigh and reply.

"I know, but he used the Runemeter my father created, but never had the chance to give it to you." As Dark finished as confused looks appeared on their faces.

"What does this device do?" Cyril asked clearly asking the question on everyone's mind and as the others nodded in agreement.

"The Runemeter is a detector, if you will, it looks somewhat like a compass, but will only point in the direction of a magic source or item." Dark explained looking at Ignitus whom nodded in understanding.

Cut to Dragun and Eon

"Good now there is only the Eternity Crystal to find" Dragun said looking at the runemeter, which was on a chain around his neck.

"But Master we have searched every corner of the world for it and still not found it" Eon spoke looking at his master.

"I know exactly where it is?" Dragun spoke as a sinister smile appeared on his face.

Cut to Spyro

"But if he has the final piece of the Eluvian, why does he need the runemeter anymore?" Volteer asked clearly the question on everyone's mind.

"The Eluvian is not complete by simply repair the mirror part of it, it still needs the eternity crystal to power it, but I don't know where it is" Dark answered as everyone nodded in understanding.

"I know where it is" A voice spoke from behind the group.

As they all turn to see who it was only to be greeted by the face of the Chronicler whom walked up and stood between Spyro and Ignitus.

"So where is the Eternity Crystal?" Spyro asked looking at the elder dragon hoping he had the answer.

"It is in the most unlikely place but it is hidden….."

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