14 years old.

And I'm in an awkward situation right now.

Obviously I've always liked girls.


But now I've been with my best friend Silver for a long time, those feelings changed into something more... ugh.

This is frustrating. When did this happen?

Explotaro nudges me in concern. "I'm okay." I told him.

Resuming my situation.

Let me think... maybe when it was when he has that agonizing expression on his face when he's in pain, or when in battle, that turns me on.

Maybe it was that tough attitude that covers up his real feelings, the feelings I know are in there because I've seen it myself, that turns me on.

Maybe it was his red hair that turns me on.

Or maybe it was just the way he wears his gloves or the way he talks that turns me on.

Crap, I like him. This isn't what I thought I'd turn out.

Crystal was nice, but she just doesn't turn me on.

Blue was hot too, but she seems attached to Red. Or maybe Green. I don't know, but I know she's out of luck. Red and Green seem to be almost too attached to each other.

Like I should talk.

I don't think I'd go for Yellow, she's too innocent for me. It doesn't turn me on.

Sapphire's with Ruby. It can't get any more obvious than that, however I like her wild attitude.

But it doesn't turn me on.

I feel a smack on my head.

"What the hell?" I complained as I turned around. I melted suddenly. Of course it had to be Silver.

He stared at me with cold eyes. "Stop spacing out, you're drooling on my table." he said.

I wiped it off with my sleeve. "What do you want?" I asked him.

"I need to-" he glanced away, biting his lip. I can see him turn the same color as his hair.

Well this was new. Silver wasn't always this... tense, I guess.

I see Crystal peering in from the doorway.

And then Blue.

And Sapphire.

What's going on?

I hear them whispering "Do it, do it, do it!"

Silver glares at them, but then turns to me. He holds his arms out wide.

"Hug." he mumbled, then glared at the girls at the door.

I stared.

"Dare?" I whispered to him. This was awesome, and my day couldn't get any better than this but I can't say what I really feel to Silver.

He'd freak. That's just him.

Silver nodded slowly. "Just get this over with." he mumbled. His face is matching his hair.

I shrugged, lugged up Explotaro with me, yelled "GROUP HUG!" and proceeded to shove mostly him and Explotaro together, me just being behind the warm Pokémon.

The girls' expressions looked disappointed. Just as planned.

Silver looked relieved, probably saved from the embarrasment and the inevitable awkward feeling later on.

Explotaro crawls back to his comfortable spot.

The girls leave the doorway, muttering.

"Thanks Gold." Silver sighed as his face turned back to normal. "Those girls are ganging up on me I swear. "

"You owe me one." I smirked, obviously joking.

He looked at me.

Those glaring eyes again.

"Okay, okay I'm jo-"

What happened next I was not prepared for at all.

Silver came up to me.

He grabbed me by the collar.

He kisses me.

And then he runs out of the room. "I owe you nothing!" he yells as I hear his running footsteps fade.

I'm standing stock still, a smile spreading over my face.

It was probably his first kiss.


But of course,

That's what turns me on.