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Deciding to feign sleep for a few more moments, he watches his rose haired savior fuss over his charts and vitals. He focuses briefly on her lip pulled between her teeth in concentration, a smirk pulls weakly at the corners of his mouth. Observant emerald orbs do not fail to notice the action.

"Did I wake you?" Soft voice inquires. He stares at her silently for a few more moments, she's more beautiful than before.

Slender pink eyebrow arches slightly. "No." He responds hoarsely, then jumps, surprised at how rough his voice sounds.

She giggles lightly, placing her hand on his forehead, he decides instantly he likes her hand on him.

"Well, your temp's down, that's good. But, you still need to rest; you're not one hundred percent yet." Casting a stern look down at him, she finishes checking his I.V. A glittering smile lights her face, momentarily stunning him.

She pulls her lip between her teeth, thinking for a second. "You know, you look so much more handsome without that purple crap on your face." She says in an off-hand tone, and his heart gives a few strange thumps against his ribs. Another sparkling smile, and she leaves the room. Leaving him to try and calm his heart.

Maybe she was right, that poison must still be fucking with him...

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