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It had been months since she'd last been to Suna, months since she'd seen a certain someone; she hadn't heard a word from him, either. So, as she climbed the stairs inside the Kazekage tower, accompanied by Naruto, Shikamaru and a Sand Jounin, she felt nervousness settle in her stomach.

They had been all be called here specifically by the Kazekage. Naruto, for being, well, Naruto. Shikamaru for being so brilliant it was almost comical. And, she suspected she was wanted because of her medical skills. However, she did wonder idly if her presence was requested for other reasons.

Walking down a long corridor, which lead to Gaara's office, she couldn't decide whether she wanted to see Kankuro or not. Finally reaching a large, cedar door the Jounin knocked twice before entering, holding the door for the three Leaf Nin to follow.

The Kazekage sat behind a huge desk, covered in papers, while Temari sat, just to his right, in a chair leaned back on two legs. The eldest male sibling was absent.

"Welcome." The redhead called softly, gesturing for them to be seated in the chairs in front of his desk.

Signing one last paper, teal eyes looked up, surveying them quickly. "Thank you for arriving so promptly, to be brief, I called you," He regarded the blond and the brunette pointedly, "to work through the latest intel we have and see if it is cause for concern." He stated, both males nodded.

His gaze finally met Sakura's. "Haruno-chan, I wished for your assistance in checking the progress of my medical corps." She nodded her assent, feeling slightly deflated.

After the meeting concluded, Temari suggested lunch and the two males agreed, Sakura, however, said she wished to rest after the long journey. Turning towards the right, which would eventually take her to the guest quarters, she ran directly into Kankuro, who was lounging casually against the wall.

Large hands gripped her upper arms, steadying her. "Hey." He greeted in his slightly gravelly voice, laughter shining in brown orbs. Oh, that pissed her off; she only got a nonchalant 'Hey'?

Just as she had sucked in a breath to begin telling him off, he chuckled lowly and pulled her closer before pressing his mouth against hers. The kiss was innocent, but it was quickly turning her brain to mush and she couldn't quite recall why she was mad at him.

A slow sweep from his (very) warm tongue along her lips elicited a soft gasp, granting him access to her mouth. As he lightly licked her teeth, her hands came up to his chest, gripping the black material in her shaking hands. His hands slid down her arms, leaving a trail of goose bumps, and moved to grasp her hips, tugging her closer. A groan vibrated through their mouths as she nipped and sucked at his roving, slick muscle that had been mapping out her mouth.

Pulling away slightly, she bite his lower lip, purring as she did so. "Bastard." She muttered breathlessly. He smiled, showing perfect white teeth, before leaning in to steal another kiss.

"Do you know how hard it's been to try an' get you outta my head?" He asked, raking his teeth delicately down her neck, making her tremble in his grasp; her heart seized a little at his words.

Shimmering smile lighting her face, she made him look into her eyes. "No, but you can spend the rest of the day explaining it to me." She murmured, looping her arms around his neck and kissing him.

Behind them, Gaara shook his head, and went back into his office. Have her help with the medics, his brother had proposed. Medics his ass. Sighing softly, light smile adorning his features, he sat back down to finish his paperwork. Glad to finally know why his brother had been moping around so much.

Love, he had begun to realize, had some strange side effects.

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