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The sound of steel rang out as Haku and Sasuke traded blows once more. Both growling as their kunai and senbon struggled against the others respectively. Zabuza was slightly impressed to see that a green behind the ears Genin matching up against his tool.

"Sakura!" Kakashi ordered his pink-haired Genin, "Stay in front of Tazuna. Sasuke will handle the Hunter-nin."

"Got it sensei!" Sakura chorused, bringing a kunai in front of her.

Meanwhile, Haku blocked Sasuke's kunai with her senbon needle. "Please stand down, I don't want to have to kill you." she calmly said to him.

"Please, like someone like you could beat me!" Sasuke replied.

"Your confidence will only result in your failure as I have an advantage over you. As you can see that all around us is water that you so thoughtfully provided earlier, and now I have one of your arms restrained from making seals. However, I am not as restrained as you are." Haku said as she made a series of seals on her unoccupied hand, making Sasuke look on in alarm. When Haku finished her seals she stomped on the ground calling out "A Thousand Needles of death!"

The water on the ground leaped up into the air as if it held life before reforming into a thousand long needles of ice. The needles surrounded the Uchiha and looked ready to take him out, but the boy was doing something else. He closed his eyes and began to concentrate on his chakra 'Remember the training and focus my chakra from my body to my feet.' he thought as he did just that before his eyes snapped open. Haku hopped backwards, as her technique flew towards Sasuke with quick precision.

Haku hopped back far enough to avoid taking damage from her own technique, but once she looked up she saw the Uchiha high in the air. A burst of chakra alerted her sense's, as Sasuke unleashed his signature fireball technique upon the young girl which she dodged by hopping to the side and threw a couple of senbon at Sasuke which went through him and caused him to vanish from sight

'A clone?' she thought before she felt a second burst of chakra behind her and caused her to hop to the side to dodge a kunai. When she got up she heard a voice behind her back "You're so slow that it's pathetic, from now on it will be you that dodges my attacks." Sasuke said before continuing the assault on the Ice user. He sent a side slash with a kunai that Haku ducked under and followed it with a kick to the girls head, which was the same result as last time. Sasuke however, continued to allow his moves to flow and follow one another and eventually he hit his mark in kicking her in the chest, causing her to fall onto her back.

Zabuza couldn't believe that his loyal subordinate was losing a battle of speed. Kakashi told him so, too. "I can't have you underestimating my team, now Sasuke's the number one Rookie in Konoha, Sakura's one of the brightest, and Naruto is the hyperactive knucklehead unpredictable ninja of the Leaf."

Zabuza started to chuckle, before he laughed and turned towards Haku, "Haku, it's time for us to get serious." he said with Haku slowly rising to her feet, knowing what Zabuza last said was a silent command on her part to no longer hold back. Chakra soon began to rise from her body, and soon it went above the level Sasuke was able to produce. Her bloodline began to react to the rise in chakra as water began to float in the air and surrounded her body before becoming ice shards once more and flew at the Uchiha in high speed, which he narrowly dodge. She then made a new seal, planning to use one of her unique jutsu's.

Sasuke stood prepared for whatever the girl was planning to use against him until he began to notice something. He began to feel the air becoming colder by the second with Haku remaining completely still and held her hands in the strange seal. The air then began to freeze all around him, with the moisture in the air becoming solid. The ice continued to build before forming twenty-one solid and reflective ice mirrors. Haku then brought her arms down and simply said, "Crystal Ice Mirrors."

"Whats with this jutsu?" Kakashi asked himself as he examined the jutsu, it seemed familiar to him, but he could not place it. "That's not a normal ice jutsu used in Snow Country is it?" he asked The Demon of the Mist.

"Exactly Kakashi, but you'll never get to know!" Zabuza responded before clashing his giant blade with Kakashi's puny kunai.

From within the ice mirrors, Sasuke watched as Haku's image prepared to make a move on him and try to destroy him. "Well then, are you ready? It's time for me to show you what my true speed can do." she said as she held up her senbon needles, with Sasuke standing at full alert for the following attack. But soon as he started to move a scream of pain left his throat, as he was engulfed in a torrent of metal needles. When Haku stopped, she saw that Sasuke was now riddled with needles and covered in bloody cuts on his face, arms, and legs. Sasuke coughed up blood before glaring at Haku. But before a word could be said Haku prepared to attack again.

Kakashi saw that last attack by Haku and tried to assist his student but Zabuza was continuing his assault on the Jounin, as he sent a horizontal slash at Kakashi, making the silver-haired man to jump back. Panting tiredly he tried to think of a way to defeat him.

Sakura on the other hand was extremely worried about Sasuke, she was becoming increasingly distressed at seeing her teammate getting beaten horribly and felt the need to do something and quick or else Sasuke would die. It soon became to much to handle when Sasuke was engulfed in a torrent of needles and immediately it caused her to turn to the old man beside her "I'm sorry Tazuna-san, but I must leave your side for a moment." she said with Tazuna looking at the pink-haired girl for a moment before he nodded.

"I understand, do what you have to do Sakura." he said with the girl nodding before moving towards the ice mirrors before her before jumping into the air with a kunai in hand. She screamed loudly from all the practice in her years of being a fan-girl throwing the kunai at the cage, inwardly praying that it would somehow in someway assist the Sasuke in his fight. However her efforts would prove futile as Haku caught the flying projectile with ease and held the weapon in her outstretched arm. She then looked towards Sakura with a disappointed expression being shown from her body movement.

"If you kept quiet you could have attacked me or assisted your friend." she said before she felt something was coming in her direction. Her senses proved itself to be correct, as Haku was struck across her facemask with a shuriken catching the girl completely off guard. The force of the hit was enough to knock her out from her mirror and caused her to hit the ground with a face plant. As she got up a brand new voice spoke all over the bridge that caused both battles to stop dead in their tracks.

A blast of smoke, and Naruto stood before them, his hands raised like Zabuza's as if performing the hidden mist jutsu. "There's no need to fear." he said grinning, "Naruto Uzumaki is here!"

"Loud little brat!" Zabuza muttered before reaching into his shuriken pouch, and chucked them at the blond.

Bringing out his kunai knife Naruto prepared to block them, when they were deflected and fell harmlessly to the ground. Looking at the deadly weapons he saw they were senbon needles.

"Haku, what is the meaning of this!" Zabuza demanded his accomplice.

"Zabuza I want to fight them my way." Haku answered, her voice muffled by the mask, making her sound like a guy.

Raising a non-existing eyebrow at the statement, The Demon of the Mist sighed. "Your as soft as always."

Looking down at himself Sasuke cursed knowing it was true. The wounds hurt, that was a given, but they were far from fatal. And what was worse is that he didn't know how to defeat this jutsu. He just couldn't see the reason for it. But Naruto was here now, and while the blond was an absolute idiot, he knew that he would get serious and distract the false Hunter ninja.

"Hey! I came to save you!" Naruto whispered next to him.

And just like that Sasuke knew he was screwed. "You idiot! What on earth possessed you to come inside the mirrors!" he yelled at his teammate.

"What did you say? I came to save you and this is what I get you ungrateful bastard!" Naruto yelled back.

Taking advantage of their bickering Haku merged into the nearest ice mirror. And then started to barrage the with a volley of senbon needles.

"Trying to follow with your eyes is impossible. You will never be able to catch me." Haku said, readying herself to attack again.

"That's a load of shit!" Naruto shouted out standing straight up after the attack. He brought his index and middle fingers together and shouted, "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" in a giant cloud of smoke twenty Naruto's appeared. Letting out a battle cry the real Naruto and his small clone army charged at the twenty-one ice mirrors, intending on shattering them.

It was a massacre for Naruto, his clones were absolutely decimated. And the original fell right on his ass with a couple more needles embedded in his torso.

"This jutsu uses the mirror's reflection to transport me. From my point of view, you seem to be moving in slow-motion." Haku said with the two looking stunned seeing this guy's pure speed.

Kakashi's head snapped upon hearing that last statement made by the ice user and turned his attention towards Zabuza a surprised expression on his face. "I knew it, for a kid to mater a jutsu like that." Kakashi said when Zabuza started chuckling.

"A jutsu like that?" Sakura asked, confused at what Kakashi was implying.

"A bloodline!" Kakashi said bluntly, "A deep blood lineage and superior genealogy. It's a jutsu passed down by your ancestors" he continued on, drawing a baffled look from her.

"So wait that means..."

"Yea, you can compare it to my Sharingan. Those two are in deep trouble."

In the dome Naruto heard Kakashi's explanation, and smirked hearing it, "So what? Big deal you have a bloodline, that won't stop me from fulfilling my dreams!" he exclaimed, his voice never wavering.

His exclamation caused Haku's eyes to soften behind her mask as the memory of the day she was found by Zabuza plagued her mind. The day that Zabuza found her after she was on the streets cold, hungry, and soulless, just waiting to die. But then Zabuza found her and gave her a reason to live. She became his tool, he became a father figure, and for that gave her the will to live again.

"Becoming a true shinobi was difficult fo me, and it still is today. If possible, I don't want to have to kill you. Nor want you to have to kill me." Haku said her voice shaking a little behind the mask, "But if you come at me I will destroy my kind heart, and become a true shinobi. This bridge is a place where we fight, to connect our dreams. Me, for my dream. And you for your dreams."

Tears fell from her eyes, and collected at the bottom of her mask. "Please don't hate me. I want to protect someone precious to me. To work for that person. To fight for that person. To make that persons dreams come true. That is my dream." her voice then filled with determination, "For that, I can become a true shinobi. For that I can kill you."

"Sasuke-kun! Naruto! Don't listen to him, you can beat him!" Sakura shouted at them, hoping beyond hope that they would prevail.

"No Sakura. Don't egg them on." Kakashi said stopping her from saying more, drawing another confused look from the stupid fangirl. "Even if they somehow defeat that jutsu, they cannot beat that boy."

"What do you mean?" she asked, making The Demon of the Mist laugh at her nativity.

"They don't have the strength to destroy their hearts, and kill another person. That young man knows the true pain of being a shinobi." Zabuza said, keeping up the charade of Haku being a guy. "A real shinobi can't be created in a peaceful village like yours. Because you can't gain the most important thing. The experience of killing. And from what I've seen only one of your wet behind the ears Genin are capable of such a feat." he continued on infuriating the Copycat ninja at such a claim.

"I'm going to end this instantly!" the Copycat ninja said bringing his left hand to his hitai-ate.

"Sharingan again? Is that the only thing you can do?" Zabuza sneered, getting real tired of this trick.

As Kakashi started lifting this hitai-ate, the eyebrow-less man reached under his shirt, and pulled out a kunai. Quickly adding chakra to his feet The Demon of the Mist launched himself at him. Aiming to take out Kakashi's Sharingan eye. It was too late to dodge, so Kakashi quickly brought up his right hand to defend. The kunai embedded itself in his hand, causing a massive amount of blood to splatter onto the ground. With his normal eye Kakashi glared at The Demon of the Mist.

"You asked if it's all I can do, but you are afraid of my Sharingan Zabuza." Kakashi taunted, blocking the pain from experience he received in The Third Great Shinobi War.

"A shinobi's supreme technique is not something that should be shown to your opponent over and over again!" Zabuza snarled at him.

"You should feel honored, you're the only person to have seen it twice. There will not be a third time!" Kakashi replied.

"Heh, even if you defeat me you can't win against Haku. Ever since since he was a kid I taught him all different kinds of fighting skills. Even facing the greatest adversity, he succeeded. Without heart nor fear of death, a fighting machine known as a shinobi. And even his jutsu surpasses mine by his terrifying bloodline. I gained a high quality tool for myself. Unlike the scrap that follow you around." he said pulling the kunai from Kakashi's palm.

"There's nothing as boring as a mans bragging. Lets get this started!" Kakashi replied, lifting his hitai-ate his Sharingan flashing.

Zabuza jumped backwards to avoid any possible attacks. Backing further way down the bridge. "Hold on for a second. I'll use your own words and brag about one more thing. The last time you said this to me. "I'll tell you this. The same jutsu will not work twice against me" wasn't it? I have already seen through the trivial system of your eye. In the previous the fight, I wasn't just getting beat like an idiot. I had Haku hide in the background and examine every aspect of the battle. My tool told me how to beat your Sharingan only seeing it once. Ninja Art: Hidden Mist Jutsu!" he called out.

Zabuza gradually disappeared as a thick impenetrable mist blanketed the area, leaving Kakashi waiting for the next move. "This fog is so thick I doubt even Zabuza could see through this." Kakashi muttered under hs breath. But then he saw some familiar shapes speeding through the mist he deflected several shurikan with his kunai.

"Impressive that you could block those Sharingan Kakashi." came a voice from behind Kakashi. Spinning around, Kakashi saw Zabuza standing with one hand in the controlling hand sign for the jutsu. But what really amazed him was the fact that Zabuza's eyes were closed. "But the next time either of you see me will be the end of everything. You have overrated your Sharingan a little too much."

"What?" Kakashi demanded, hoping that Zabuza didn't figure it out.

Oh how wrong he was.

"You acted as if you knew everything, but you can't read my mind nor see my future Kakashi. The Sharingan is simply a trick that makes your opponent think you can. Its basically an eye technique involving hypnotism and an attention to detail. Using these two abilities together you can progress from copying the body to copying the mind to copying the jutsu. This is the dance that makes it look like you can predict the future.

"First with that keen eye you copy my movements and shake my mind. Then when I'm confused you are able to figure out what I'll say and then become me. Then once the worry and confusion is at it's peak, you attack with a cleaver trick you attack my mind with a hypnotic genjutsu suggesting what seal I should perform next, and then you copy that." Zabuza laughed. "So the answer is simple. First with this thick mist I render your eyes useless!" The Demon of the Mist proceeded to punch Kakashi in the chest sending him backwards, "Hehe and by keeping my eyes closed I remove the chance of being hypnotized."

Kakashi panted regaining is breath after that punch, "But why? You can't see anything either."

"Have you forgotten? That I am a genius in the art of Silent Killing, taking down my enemy by just their sound."

At those words, Kakashi turned his head on instinct in the direction he knew Sakura and Tazuna to be. 'Oh no!' he thought, his body disappearing as he quickly moved to the pair, appearing between them and Zabuza just in time to barely block an attack.

From the mist, Sakura's screams could be heard.

Meanwhile during Kakashi's fight Naruto was barely holding onto conscious, while Sasuke was busy defending himself from barrages of senbon needles. He focused chakra into his eyes to see better and ducked out of the way from another barrage of senbon needles.

'Unbelievable, but how was he able to see it?' Haku thought before she got her answer when Sasuke raised his head to look at her. Within his eyes were no longer the regular onyx black of the Uchiha Clan but were now the famed crimson red eyes with two tomoes in the left eye and one in the right. Haku now knew that Sasuke was now using the Sharingan that was now active.

The ice user then knew she couldn't afford to waste anymore time. She quickly exited her mirror and went towards a prone Naruto.

Cursing Sasuke pumped the last of his chakra into his legs, hoping to make it there in time.

Kakashi clutched at his chest, trying to stem the flow of blood from the new slash going diagonally down his chest. He had managed to come between Zabuza and Sakura and Tazuna in time, but only with seconds to save their lives as a human shield.

"You were too slow Kakashi." Zabuza growled at him, ashamed his skills dulled over the years, which was truly pathetic in his opinion. "Did your desire to save that cannon fodder cloud your mind and make the mist even thicker? Even with that impressive eye, your ability to read my movements is dimming. Try and hang in there I want to savior the fun as I return the favor from my defeat earlier. Don't worry about the Genin behind us." he grinned under his bandages, "Haku has probably already killed them. Plus I am about to send you to the same place as them, I think you can apologize to them in the next life, apologize for lacking the strength to protect them!" he then went into a mocking laughter.

It was Sakura who finally perked up, yelling, "Sasuke-kun won't be beaten that easily!" completely forgetting about Naruto.

Kakashi smiled from beneath his face mask, "Exactly. I believe in their strength and Naruto's determination." he said not hearing her entire screeching. "And Sasuke is the offspring of Konoha's most outstanding clans."

"You mean?" Zabuza asked, knowing exactly what Kakashi was saying.

"Yes, that boy's full name is Sasuke Uchiha. A genius with the blood of the Uchiha Clan running through his veins." Kakashi finished his thoughts.

"An offspring of that tragic clan. But that's the same with Haku. No one has ever defeated that special jutsu." he said disappearing into the mist again.

"Sakura stay here!" Kakashi ordered his Genin, causing her to stand still. "Can you hear me Zabuza? You seem to believe that I survived in this world with only my Sharingan. You seem to forget I was a former captain of the Anbu Black Ops, and you know what that means. And you know what kind of shinobi I truly am, I can do more than just copy jutsu. I shall show you my own original jutsu!" he said, cupping his hand beneath a specific pouch on his jacket.

In the ice mirrors Naruto stirred and saw the Hunter ninja on the ground.

"Geez all you do is get in the way." Sasuke said above him.

Smiling seeing that Sasuke beat him, Naruto looked up to congratulate him. But his smile faded and his face turned into a mixture of horror, and and absolute shock. Because Sasuke was covered in needles, his arms, legs, torso, and especially his neck was riddled with senbon going through him.

"Wha? Why did you save me?" Naruto asked, shocked by the fact that Sasuke did this.

Sasuke, smirking slightly as blood leaked from his mouth. "I hated you."

"Then why? I never asked for your help!"

"I don't know my body just moved on its own." he coughed up a large amount of blood and collapsed, and Naruto caught him before he almost hit the ground. "That man..." Sasuke gasped out, as his eyes began to close. "That man I swore to kill my brother...I told myself that I wouldn't die until I killed him." he winced as he looked at Naruto, "Don't die also." and then his eyes closed, and his body became cold.

"He landed a blow on me without even flinching, and died protecting you. To protect a precious person, knowing it was a trap, he still jumped in. He is a shinobi that deserves respect." Haku said her voice void of emotion as she stood up. "Is this your first death of a friend? That is the way of the shinobi." she said sadly stepping into the nearest ice mirror.

"Shut up!" Naruto shouted at the fake Hunter ninja, "I won't forgive you!" still hunched over Sasuke's body, foul demonic red chakra emitted from his body and looked up to face her. His eyes were slitted blood red, full of malice and rage.

"I'm going to kill you!" he roared out, his voice dark an demonic, promising death.

Haku watched in fascination and horror as the red chakra surrounded his body. His face became more pronounced as his whisker-like marks becoming darker in color with his canines turning to small fangs. When he opened his eyes. The evil feeling of the chakra overwhelmed her, as she felt her hand shaking in fear and almost the need to run from him, and never come back.

She felt a multitude of fears going all throughout her body, as she saw the chakra veil take on the shape of a fox. She felt even further frightened, seeing as how chakra was supposed to be invisible to the naked eye and for an instant, she could swear that an image of a evil glaring fox. 'What is this chakra?' she asked herself as his wounds healed, and the needles from he previous attacks popped out of his body, 'That's impossible for chakra to change like this! It feels so evil and full of malice. And his wounds are healing, who is this boy?' she questioned inside her head, while preparing for Naruto's attack.

Kakashi and Zabuza all blinked as they felt the sudden burst of evil chakra. Kakashi looked into the mist desperately as he withdrew a scroll from one of the pouches on his flak jacket, 'Is that Zabuza? No! This terrible chakra it can't be Naruto?'

Knowing he didn't have much time left Kakashi flipped his scroll into the air with his right hand, and moved his left hand up to his chest wound. He stuck his finger in the wound, and in a single practiced motion caught the scroll, opened it and swiped his bloody finger down the length of the inscriptions. Spinning the open paper around his body in preparation for the jutsu, Kakashi called out to the Demon of the Mist, "Zabuza I know you can hear me, and you know neither of us have time to waste. This might not be your style, but lets end this fight right here and now!" he said, catching the scroll as if rolled itself up in a focusing seal.

"Humph, sounds interesting. What could you possibly do in this situation? Show me Kakashi!" Zabuza shouted from within the thick mist.

In the ice mirror dome Haku moved quickly and threw six senbon needles towards Naruto. Naruto simply let out a demonic roar that blew them away. He then proceeded to jump up to attack her, she fled the mirror from years of training, and just in time as he punched where she just was a second ago, destroying the mirror. She fell to the ground completely shocked that her mirror was destroyed, but she didn't have time to think on it when she rolled way as he came down on her. His punch destroyed the ground which she stood on, resulting in her tumbling towards him after trying to get towards another mirror. She tried to get away, but he grabbed her arm nearly causing it to break. Naruto then brought his right arm back and with all the strength he could muster, he punched Haku's masked face forcing her to fly backwards, through one of her mirrors, and roll on the ground before hitting an iron rail guard.

As her jutsu crumbled Naruto roared out and ran on all fours like an animal. As he neared her, her mask started crumbling revealing parts of her face. He brought his right arm back to finish her off, and thrusted forward. As his punch was about to reach her face, her mask fell off.

Everything around them stopped, the wind didn't blow, the birds didn't chirp, nothing.

Haku sat there on her knees. "Why didn't you finish me off?" she asked, her voice cold and dead.

"What are you trying to say?" Naruto asked, his eyes back to their blue color.

Haku was silent, but then she stood, her head bowed. "You don't understand now you have taken away my reason for living. Zabuza has no need for weak shinobi, or a defective tool."

"You're not a tool!" Naruto snapped at her, "What makes him so special anyway!"

Haku bowed her head, and told Naruto of her history. She explained how in Water Country, those with bloodlines were seen as monsters and tools, and civil wars in Water Country had resulted in the deaths of nearly all the bloodline users in said country. "My mother was one of them." she said, her eyes lifeless. "And when my father found out, he killed her, and then tried to kill me...but I killed him."

"Then Zabuza found you." Naruto finished for her, his gaze saddened. Knowing her life was somewhat like his unwanted, and alone.

"Yes." Haku smiled, tears running down her eyes. "I was happy, he took me as his own, and trained me to be his perfect tool. He was like a second father to me, but now..." she trailed off, looking to the side. "He has no need for a defective tool, so please Naruto...kill me."

Over with Zabuza and Kakashi, the Copycat ninja went through four hand seals before slamming his scroll onto the ground.

'Summoning: Earth Style: Fanged Pursuit!' he thought out as rolls of kanji symbols stretched out, and the ground crackles with immense power.

'It's useless Kakashi you can't figure out where I am. Without your Sharingan your useless. The next attack will be the las-' Zabuza's thoughts were interrupted feeling some rumbling beneath his feet. Opening his eyes, he could hear what he thought was the sound of dogs barking, which was joined quickly by cracking noises. Looking at his feet, Zabuza was shocked to see when several vicious dogs burst from the bridge, grabbing him, and holding him tight in place.

As the mist cleared Kakashi saw Zabuza being held by a pack of dogs. A huge bull dog bit into both of his right shoulder rendering it useless, two great dame's held his hands, two Labrador retrievers held his arms, two rottweilers bit into his thighs, two beagles bit into his ankles, and a pug bit on the long cloth of his hitai-ate. All wearing blue capes with smiley faces on them and Leaf hitai-ate's on various parts of their bodies.

"How?" Zabuza asked despite the pain.

"Earlier in the fight I let you wound me, and your weapons stink with my blood, so my hounds couldn't miss you." Kakashi replied as the fog lifted. "The fog is lifting. I can see your future, and your future is death!"

"You say my future is death? I've had enough of your bluffs!" Zabuza raged.

"Zabuza you've had your fun. You schemed your schemes, the day you deserted The Village Hidden in the Mist and became a Missing-nin, your name, and your reactions were reported to every village. We all know your failed coup d'etat you and your followers staged, and the attempt to assassinate the Mizukage. Since then you've been trying to raise funds for a second attempt, and barely staying a head of the Hunter-nins which is what brought you here. It's why you'd stoop to work for scum like Gato." Kakashi said, his voice filled with disgust.

He then did three hand seals and used his left hand to brace his right wrist. A ring of crackling chakra appeared around him and small bolts of electricity flowed from the ring into his hand. the bolts eventually stopped and he now held a large blue ball of lightning, which let out a terrible sound like the screeching of a thousand angry birds, "You're are a loose cannon. The man you're trying to kill, Tazuna, is the heart and spirit of this place. And the bridge you're trying to prevent him from completing is the lands hope. You're willing to sacrifice this place and everyone in this village, just to advance your own ambitions." he continued.

"Spare me the civics lesson and philosophy, you have no right in my affairs! Do your worst!" Zabuza roared.

"Then die! Lightning Blade!" Kakashi yelled as he ran at Zabuza his right hand at his side tearing through the bridge, he then brought his hand up to plunge it into his chest. But he saw a dark shape appear before him. Too late to pull back, he surged forward, thrusting his lightening-engulfed hand at Zabuza.

Despite the tears Naruto knew how Haku felt, he didn't want to do it, but sometimes there was no choice. Reaching into his kunai holster, he brought out his kunai knife and ran at her, intending at making her death swift and painless.

'Thank you Naruto, live on and fulfill your dreams...I just wish we met under different circumstances. I know we would have been friends maybe even...' her thoughts were cut short when she sensed a massive chakra spike where Zabuza was.

Just when Naruto was going to take a stab at her heart, she grabbed his wrist, preventing him from the killing blow. "I'm sorry Naruto-kun, but I can't die yet." she said not realizing she added a suffix to his name, she then proceeded to do a one-handed seal and disappeared.

"What the?" Naruto asked himself seeing her disappear, looking in the direction he knew Kakashi and Zabuza were fighting he saw her appear in front of Zabuza. Her arms wide open protecting him from Kakashi's lightning covered hand. He felt his eyes widen, and he growled angrily. It wasn't fair! No one deserved to die like that, that was when he felt something in his legs, apparently he unconsciously focused the fox's remaining chakra into his legs. But he didn't care, squatting down he flew forward towards them

In a splash of blood, Kakashi saw with horror what he actually hit.

Haku had reached Zabuza in time, but Naruto had shoved her out of the way, and took Kakashi's prized jutsu through his chest, and out his back, splashing the area with his blood. "Wha...wha..." Kakashi tried to get out the words, but Naruto grinned, despite the pain he was in.

"I...couldn't let her die." he said, as Kakashi pulled his trembling, blood soaked arm free from his student.

Zabuza only scoffed, amazed by Naruto's tenacity. "Saved by my enemy's student all for a defective tool."

Naruto, growling pale by the second, looked at the Demon of the Mist. His eyes hard and cold, "Don't you call her that." he said, trying to cover up the hole in his chest.

"How?" Haku put her hands over her mouth, trying no to throw up.

"I don't know I just guessed." Naruto smiled at her, before puking up a glob of blood. "Now listen here no-brows, she loves you like a father!" he manged to yell out, going into a coughing fit, hacking up blood that got worse with each cough, causing him to fall onto his back on the hard concrete floor. But he managed to smile through the pain, "I'm dying I know that much...and while I may be an idiot." he snickered a bit as he saw the look on their shocked faces, "...I now one thing about The Seven Swordsmen last rites."

Zabuza winced hearing that, it was a tradition in The Seven Swordsmen of the Mist to honor one request from the dying. That was if they earned their respect, and if it was reasonable. While he didn't want to admit it, the blond brat earned his respect from their first meeting, being the only one who actually didn't fear him like the others.

"Fine what is your wish?" he asked, knowing it would to abandon his mission.

"...I...I want you to abandon this mission, and bring Haku and yourself to Konoha to-" he immediately went into a hacking fit that caused his life blood to spill onto the bridge. "-become shinobi of the Leaf." he managed to finally say after his fit, his voice growing weaker, and weaker by the second.

That was a shocker the Demon of the Mist becoming a Leaf shinobi. Kakashi thought it was a insane idea, it would take a lot of strings to pull with the Hokage. And Zabuza was wondering if the bloodloss was getting to his head. But sighing he agreed.

"Last request accepted...on my sword." Zabuza agreed sealing the deal, and looked at the dying blond. Forever burning the image into his mind in order to never forget.

"Thank you...Zabuza." Naruto sighed out tiredly before his closed forever.

The scene was heart breaking only four people cried for the blond. Kakashi cried for his student that he killed with his own hands, Zabuza actually shed a single tear for the first time since he defected from the mist, leaving behind someone very important to him. Haku started weeping as she looked at this boy...no this man who gave his life for her. And even Tazuna wept uncontrollably for the deceased blond who gave his life to save a country that wasn't even his own.

The only people who didn't cry was Sakura, because she was tending to a wounded Sasuke. And was because parents told her that Naruto was nothing but a demon. When she was as young as six, they, and the entire Civilian Council gave her a super secret mission to abuse him for her years in the academy, and kill him whenever she got the chance. And Sasuke, because he was unconscious at the time, blissfully unaware what happened to the blond.

However the heartbreaking scene was ruined.

"Well, well, well what do we have here?" came a familiar voice. It was Gato in his fancy tuxido, and he had brought all of his henchmen with him to finish the job. "Looks like you're getting your ass kicked Zabuza."

"Gato," Zabuza growled, clearly in no mood for the businessman's crap. "what do you want? And what's with those men?"

Sakura, who had brought a unconscious and senbon filled Sasuke over. "What's going on?" she asked.

Haku only grimaced. "It's our employer." she replied wearily, tired from using her chakra.

"Hehehe." Gato chuckled. "The plan's changed. At first I wasn't going to pay you, and let the Hunter-nin from Water Country know where you were." Zabuza grimaced. He knew this wasn't going to end well. "But then I saw this fight, and thought that it'd be better to kill off you guys, and give the girls to my men as part of a job well done."

Sakura gasped in horror, Haku lifted herself to her feet, and glared at the short man who dared to betray them, as the rowdy group of man behind Gato leered at the girls. While the men were looking at them with absolute hatred.

Gato saw her, and grinned evilly. "Actually, as punishment for breaking my arm, my men can have you as their little toy, and I'll keep the pink-haired one, after all it's not every day that you find a girl with natural pink hair. I find it..." he paused to lick his lips at gaining a new toy, "...exotic."

"You will do no such thing to my daughter!" Zabuza yelled out, slowly reaching behind his back with his good arm.

"Heh, well when they're done she'll be calling us daddy!" one mercenary cheered, while the rest laughed with him.

"Get them all!" Gato called out raising his good arm to point like a the stereotypical bad guy. The thugs cheered loudly and begun to run forward, but a kunai sinking into Gato's skull stopped them in dead their tracks as they saw the crime lord fall to the ground with a bewildered look on his face.

"Nice shot." Kakashi commented The Demon of the Mist.

"I've been wanting to do that for a long time." Zabuza smirked, "I owe it to to the kid at least."

"You killed our meal ticket!" one mercenary shouted at the ninjas.

"Now we're going to ransack the village!" another shouted out.

However when they were about to charge and ransack the village an arrow embedded in front of them. Everyone looked to where it came from and every able bodied villager was there. While they were only carrying farming tools their numbers far out matched theirs, making them a little intimidated.

"Kakashi, how much chakra you got left?" Zabuza asked the Copycat ninja.

"Enough for one last jutsu." Kakashi replied to The Demon of the Mist.

Nodding Zabuza started going through forty-four hand seals with his good hand with Kakashi following suit with two hands until hey ended on the rooster hand seal, "Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu!" the two called out in a union as two giant dragons made out of water flew up from under the bridge, slamming into the bandits either sending them over the side of the bridge to their deaths, crushing them on impact, drowning them, or into the boat at the side of the bridge destroying it as well, either way no one survived. There wasn't even a body left to bury, not that they even deserved one of course.

But the cost was heavy, Naruto was dead, and nothing was going to bring him back.

As Kakashi picked up the deceased Genin to take his body back to the house, no one even suspected this single moment would change the future, not even the demonic eyes peering at them from another realm of existence and smiling to himself.

Pvt. Liquor: Holy shit he did it! He fucking did it!

Lt. Doom: Private Liquor what's wrong with you!

Pvt. Liquor: Dude Armageddon scraped the first story, everything is gonna change!

Lt. Doom: Holy shit your right! The officers hard work will be wasted, they'll have to start over!

The officers in my army: Armageddon you asshole!

Armageddon: Relax you're all keeping your ranks and everything else. You worked too hard to lose them.

The officers in my army: Whew