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Authors Note: If you want to know why it took me so damn long, read the latest chapter of Naruto: Heir of the Juppongatana. Or if you do not wish to do that I got the answer at the end of the chapter.

"Naruto!" Haku cried out in surprise seeing him at their doorstep. Her eyes blinked away the small tears forming and she wrapped her arms around him, drawing him into a tight; but comfortable hug.

"Uh, hey…it's all right Haku I'm fine really." Naruto awkwardly rubbed her back. It wasn't he that was making him feel uncomfortable, but the gaze of the Demon Trio as they looked upon the interesting scene. "It looks like I have some explaining to do, don't I?" He asked when the fox kits joined in the staring.

"I believe you do kid, hurry on in before you sleep outside tonight." Zabuza growled at the new occupant.

And while Naruto was explaining his situation to the people he was forced to share a place with. Hiruzen Sarutobi was busy observing the council in front of him. It was late at night, and most of them-mainly the civilians were still in their pajamas, that was his plan from the beginning. After the old Kage saw the corruption with his own two eyes he played the waiting game, he let the hours pass him by until it was extremely late…and then he ordered the Anbu Black Ops to gather the entire council for an 'emergency meeting'. And with them all in his sights, all sleepy and unprepared, the Kami of Shinobi was about to get his well justified vengeance.

Staring at the council Hiruzen first took note of the civilian side. The first being Gendo Ikari; a very popular weapons merchant, but he paled in comparison to Hiroshi Higarashi who didn't cut corners on his work. He viewed several other members of the council, several of them were pretty dirty, but out of the bunch, only two didn't have any known crimes, but they could be clear of the chopping block…for now.

He then observed the shinobi members of the council. Out of the ten seats, only three were empty; they consisted of the nearly extinct Uchiha Clan, the dissolved Senju Clan, and the Kurama Clan who gave up their position in shame due to dwindling numbers. That left only the Aburame, Hyuga, Nara, Akimichi, Yamanaka, Inuzuka, and of course Sarutobi Clans to deal with shinobi matters. The Hokage didn't know if anyone of them were guilty, so he would wait to punish any of them once he found out; and that included his own clan if any of them were guilty of whatever crimes they did.

But for now that would come later…it was show time.

"Do any of you know why you were summoned here?" Hiruzen demanded.

The first response was a loud yawn from Shikaku Nara, Konoha's master strategist, and leader of the Nara Clan. "We don't Hokage-sama, would you mind telling us why we're here so we can get back to bed?" Did I mention he was the laziest bastard in the entire village?

"Yea, what is the big deal?" One of the civilians, a wealthy food merchant demanded.

In response Sarutobi gave them a predatory smile that caused Tsume Inuzuka's spine to tingle. He reached into his robe, producing a small stack of papers, and flung them at the council. "All of you are here for one thing, and that is to witness the judgment of several members of the council for embezzlement, falsifying reports, and treason."

"That's absurd, who in their right minds would commit such a betrayal!?" Gendo demanded.

"One of them would be you Gendo-san." Shibi Aburame, the leader of one of the four royal clans of Konoha answered the weapons merchant in his monotone voice. "It's all in between the fine print, cleverly disguised, but not impossible to spot for a shinobi."

"The same goes for Rufi Sanohana; a man who I thought I could trust to help run my businesses'." Choza Akimichi glared at a pudgy civilian council member; the wealthy food merchant to be exact.

"Wh-what, Choza-san please let me exp-ack!" The pudgy council member was cut off from any explanation when the leader of the Akimichi Clan gripped his entire body with his now gigantic right arm. The biggest man in the room would have succeeded in crushing his disloyal partner if it wasn't for the Hokage's killing intent preventing him from going through with it.

"Choza-san I understand your anger, but I will not allow any bloodshed within these chambers." When he saw Rufi smiling is what looked like triumph, the Hokage animated it with his next sentence. "Each and every single one of them will personally be interrogated by Ibiki Morino, and if they will be dealt with in a fitting manner." With a snap of his fingers several Anbu Black Ops surrounded the eight guilty civilian council members, their ninjato's, or katana's poised at their throats.

"You can't do this!" Gendo raged at the leader of the village. "We are the Civilian Council. We have the most experience that the populace deserves! You need us!"

"I need you like I need the endless migraines you put me through. Take them away from my sight." Sarutobi ordered his subordinates, and once they did via body flicker, a weight was finally lifted from his old shoulders as he turned towards the remaining council members.

Surprisingly it was Shikaku who was the first to speak since the entire ordeal started. "Well, since you have delivered your judgment I suppose that we should watch our backs as well."

"You would be correct." Hiruzen answered the Nara. "In one week's time we will hold an election for newer council members, ones that will have to go through various restrictions and tests so an incident like this never happens again." His eyes hardened when he spoke the next words. "And as of right now I'm putting all requests on hold, and a team of my most loyal shinobi are going to go through the previous ones so I can find out if any more of you have deceived me."

"We understand Hokage-sama," Inoichi Yamanaka, the leader of the Yamanaka Clan, and member of the Torture and Interrogation division of the Anbu said in a neutral voice. "But I wish you to know that my own clan has not deceived you in anyway, but should that be the case, I will hold all responsibility for their actions and punish them accordingly."

"I too will deal with any members of my clan who wronged the village." Tsume, the leader of the Inuzuka Clan, and captain of the ninken division promised her leader.

"The same will go with my clan as well." Hiashi Hyuga, another leader of the four royal clans of Konoha promised in a neutral voice. Incidentally it was the first time he spoke during that meeting.

"Good, you're dismissed until further notice, pleasant dreams."

Once the entire chamber was cleared, Sarutobi took out his pipe, filled it with tobacco, lit it and slowly breathed in the nicotine. Damn did it feel good. "Tenzo, I figured you would have some questions for me." He said after several moments.

"I do actually," A single member of the Anbu team strike team for that mission stepped out of the shadows. "Normally I would never ask, but why weren't the members of the elder council notified of this meeting?"

Exhaling a stream of smoke from his nostrils the Hokage happily answered him. "It's because they would put up a fuss, telling me I was overreacting despite the evidence." Before his shinobi could ask another question, he lifted a finger to shush him. "I know what you're thinking, they are going to have a hissy fit over this, I will deal with them when the time comes, but as for now I am going to enjoy myself with a day off. Now please head off to the T and I department, I'm sure your skills will be put to good use."

Silently nodding, Tenzo disappeared in a small cloud of smoke, leaving behind a highly satisfied Sandaime to plot his next plan of action.

After the successful sting operation Naruto was finishing up his tale of why he ended up with them.

"So wait, you're telling me that the Sandaime arrested you over ninjutsu?" Gozu asked with a raised eyebrow.

"And that there was a wild speculation about you being Iwagakure's sleeper agent?" Meizu continued for his brother.

"And possessing skills that a Genin should not possess?" Zabuza finished for his companions. "Kid that is probably the dumbest thing I ever heard in my entire life."

Naruto's scarred face scrunched up in annoyance. What were they deaf? "Dumb or not it is the truth. It was due to a misunderstanding, paranoia, and a good amount of idiocy that I wound up here. Now I'm not complaining since it's a light sentence, but we're going to be roomies for the time being so I hope we don't kill each other before then."

"Pfft, like we could kill each other. Seriously kid we can't take a piss without anyone knowing." Meizu growled in annoyance before pointing at the corner of the room. "I know you're listening you sick bastards!"

"Ignore him," Gozu sweat-dropped at his little brothers idiocy. "We've been confined for so long that some of us are going stir-crazy." He indicated towards his obviously disturbed sibling, "Some more than others."

"You two are just being wimps. I'm perfectly fine." Zabuza leaned back in the couch at his boasting.

"Then why so I hear the wails of a little girl every single night from your room?" Haku spoke up for the first time with a mischievous grin that matched the two fox kits. "Every night I hear, 'Oh Kubikiribocho! Oh Kubikiribocho! I miss you my darling blade!'"

"That's a lie and you know it!" The Demon of the Mist roared in denial.

"Hahaha! Blondie you have no idea how much I'm enjoying myself!" Ishikawa laughed in glee when the Demon Brothers shrunk back in fear, and Haku'a cute laugh echoed throughout the room at the dangerous man's misery.

'And I am going to have so much fun here.' Naruto thought with a smirk.

(Four Days Later)

"Arrrgh! I'm so bored!" Naruto wined out from the back yard.

"Join the club, brat!" Zabuza shouted from the inside of the house.

Four days passed since his 'incarceration', and Naruto found himself about to lose his mind. Not only was he not allowed to train physically, but he was also not allowed to do anything that was considered fun. There weren't any board games that any of them could occupy themselves with; hell there wasn't even a deck of cards! Whenever Sasuke came to visit, it only was for fifteen lousy minutes, and that included Ichigo and Benihime being escorted off the property once the Uchiha first arrived…the bastards.

The only thing remotely entertaining was his interactions with his 'roommates'. Gozu and Meizu somewhat entertained him by their hijinks when they were younger with what they called 'combination pranks'. Some of them were good source material for future pranks he had in score for certain people in the village, but then they told him about all the people they cut into chunks with their gauntlets. Geez he didn't need to know that kind of thing.

Then there was Haku. Now she was pleasant to be around, with her cute smile, her melodious laugh, hell he even enjoyed it when she flicked the stray strand of hair from her face. He didn't know why, but being around her had a calming effect on the situation he was in…but it still didn't help cure his boredom dammit!

Finally there was Zabuza. Quite frankly the black-streaked blond didn't know much about the scary man. Basically all he had to go on was that he slaughtered an entire classroom of would-be Genin when he was eight years old, he became a member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, and was a master of silent killing, water based ninjutsu, and kenjutsu…that was it.

"Why don't you just go ask the big lug about his past? I couldn't hurt to ask." Ishikawa said within his head.

'Well let's see, first he would say; "It's none of your damn business", and then he would probably shove his foot up my ass for asking.' Naruto dryly responded.

"I just think you're too sacred. But that doesn't surprise me that a ningen is afraid of something." Jagan mocked his container.

'Shut it eyeball, don't make me poke you!' The preteen mentally barked back at the sentient eye. But as soon as that sentence left his mouth he had to grit his teeth painfully when his third eye ravished his body with an untold amount of pain.

"Foolish idiot! That is what will happen if you, or anyone pokes me. Your body will be racked in crippling pain, leaving you helpless as a newborn baby! Do you understand me boy!?"

'Gah! All right, all right I get it!' The black-streaked blond sighed in relief when the pain stopped. After making a mental note to never ever threaten the eyeball with bodily harm again, he asked the sentient tool a question that had been bugging him for a while. 'Hey Jagan, if that shit is gonna happen why don't you use your magical demon powers or whatever, and combine yourself with the Kuroshingan?'

Jagan briefly thought of sending another wave of pain into his container for that insulting question, but he figured it to be unnecessary; after all it was just an innocent question. "Boy, you're lucky I don't send another surge of pain through you for that question."

'But why don't you? Wouldn't you become the most powerful eye…thing in the entire world?'

"Listen, you've worked with tools before right? Well you cannot cut wood with a screwdriver in place of a saw, that is why I cannot combine myself with that dojutsu of yours. I'm just not designed to do it, so you're stuck with me on your forehead. Are you satisfied with my answer?"

'I am actually. Thanks Jagan, at least I know more about you than I thought I would. Well later, I need to do something that will allow me to hold onto my sanity.' After cutting the link Naruto stood to his feet, stretched, and headed towards the house.

Once inside he was greeted by a member of the Anbu Black Ops. Damn it all what did they want now? All right stay calm it was probably a summons from the Sandaime or some other Anbu type of thing. "Greeting Anbu-san, what can I do you today?"

"The head of the Yamanaka Clan has instructed me to retrieve you." The masked shinobi answered.

"Let me guess, my mental evaluation?"

"A mental evaluation? Is our new resident here crazy or something?" Oh great, why of all times did Zabuza have to bump into his personal business?

"That is classified information Momochi-san. All you need to know is that Naruto-san needs to see him right away."

"Fine, fine, take the brat and go. Oh and before I forget tell those assholes in your headquarters to prepare us some decent food, we're starving over here!"
The irritable Demon of the Mist griped at the masked Leaf shinobi.

"We will see." The Anbu member said before he gripped Naruto's shoulder, and both disappeared in a small cloud of smoke.

Several minutes later Naruto found himself withing Inoichi Yamanaka's office within the Anbu headquarters. His hands were restrained to the iron arms of the chair, along with his feet, a chakra draining tag was slapped to his jumpsuit making him feel weaker than normal. He was not happy at all with being restrained, but it was procedure, and he asked not to be treated any differently lest any suspicion was aroused. The door opened behind him, and the footsteps of the owner of the office echoed until he reached his wooden desk.

"Uzumaki-san." Inoichi greeted his patient.

"Inoichi-san." Naruto nodded his head in greeting.

"We're on a first name basis now? Interesting."

"Might as well be. You saw a good deal inside my head and cooperated into this charade."

"Hmm, I guess you're right. Very well Naruto-san." Inoichi nodded at him. "Now, do you know what I'm going to do in this mental evaluation?"

"Honestly I don't," Naruto shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, I'm going to dive into your mind for about an hour. And with your cooperation we're going to root around in your memories. We're going to dig up some unpleasant ones, but it will help you with accepting and dealing with them with my help in the long run. I will also do anything else that may be appropriate."

"Very well. But promise me that if I don't want to confront something just yet, please respect my wishes."

"Trust me, I will be professional about this." Inoichi strolled over and placed his hand on Naruto's forehead to begin the session.

-Inside Naruto's mindscape-

"All right, where do we start?" Naruto questioned Inoichi once they entered his mind.

"I was hoping to discover the sudden change in your behavior. I read up on the reports a few days ago, but I would like to learn the truth, if you don't mind." Inoichi professionally responded as he pulled out a pen and small notepad. They weren't real, it was something his clan developed over the countless generations of mind walking for them memorize particular memories of patients or prisoners.

"I did say I would cooperate, just don't be too surprised when you see anything weird." The black-streaked blond gestured towards one of the many red doors in his mind.

"Naruto I've been into the minds of psychopaths, it would take more than what you have in here to phase me." The blond Special Jonin gave the young man an assured grin. Inoichi opened the door and stepped inside before shutting it behind him.

And so Naruto waited for ten minutes, he whistled bordly while rocking back on his heels and toes. He was joined by Ishikawa nine minutes into his waiting time.

"So...mind probing time?" The dead Stone Chunin asked.

"Yep," Naruto answered.

"Do you actually feel, you know him wiggling around in there?"

"Actually no, I always thought it would feel like some sort or worm wiggling around in my brain." Naruto admitted. He read up on the Yamanaka Clan's abilities before his incarceration, and thought how terrifying it was to be mind raped by a clan that could make you brain dead or into a mindless husk that could be reprogrammed. But instead he felt absolutely nothing, it was just the professionalism Inoichi produced throughout the process that put him at ease.

"Really? Well you ought to be careful. Back in Iwa one of our shinobi got into a scuffle with a member of that clan, and that Yamanaka guy messed him up. I mean the dude had the IQ of one of your Nara members, and he had to be put out of his misery. I mean he could not control his own bowels, let alone form a single word."

"Hey, unlike you I still have some sort of faith in my village. I trust Inoichi to be professional about this."

"You just know that Kyuubi and Jagan are watching the entire thing. And if he screws up, he gets eaten."

"Yea that too."

After their conversation ended, the door to that particular memory opened and Inoichi emerged from it. The blond Yamanaka's face was pale, his right eye twitching wildly, and his hair standing on end like he was electrocuted. "How...how one earth are you still sane?" He asked with an exasperated voice.

"Sanity is overrated." Naruto shrugged in response.

"Yea, it really is." Ishikawa added his two-cents.

"I should have known better than to ask the two of you." Inoichi rubbed the bridge of his nose to fight off a migraine. Good Kami Naruto sure knew how to push one's buttons. "All right, I have the information I needed to gather on that subject, but now I want to investigate those gray memories of yours."

"Whoa, not a good idea Inoichi-san. Those are gray for a reason, I chose to repress them for a reason, and I rather not bring up something that's long dead." Naruto waved his hands, signaling that it was absolutely not okay.

"All right, all right we will leave them alone for this session. But I do need to investigate one other door before this session is over with." Inoichi said tapping on the notebook with his pencil. "And I am leaning towards one of the pink doors."

"None of them include your daughter." The black-streaked blond deadpanned.

"I should hope not."

"The fuck is that supposed to mean?" Ishikawa demanded, "You think your 'precious little girl' is too good for him? Huh is that what this is!?" The fuck? Naruto raised an eyebrow, wondering why the hell his ghost tenant was sounding like some cheesy gangster.

"...Uh, no. I said that because she has her sights set on Sasuke, and I rather not have Naruto go through unnecessary heartbreak." Inoichi answered with a straight face.

"Well, sorry to disappoint you Inoichi-san. But I don't like your daughter, I never have, and never will."

"And why not!?" This time it was Inoichi's turn to be offended.

"Because she is a bitch. She threw away a good friendship for a boy of all things, and is currently destroying her career by stalking the same exact boy." Naruto listed off the cold hard truth.

"Naruto-san, that was back in the Academy. She has changed since then."

(With Sasuke at the same time)

Sasuke felt his spine tingle. Oh shit that was not a good, that meant a fangirl was nearby. He knew it was only one because if it was two or more, the hair on the back of his neck would stand straight up. He turned his head towards the spot he felt her unholy presence, instead of seeing a female head he saw nothing but a wooden fence.

Turning his head towards the ground where the two fox kits were prancing around. It nearly put a smile on his face seeing the two animals playing without a care in the world. And it was a shame his teammate could not be here to see it, but then again he would have probably mauled the people secretly glaring at the two fox kits. Honestly it was becoming annoying, sure the Kyuubi attack was still pretty raw, and if it wasn't for his presence he figured they would have been impaled on pikes, but it was ridiculous.

He then heard a rustle and snapped his head towards a nearby bush. There was still nothing, no leaf out of place. Dammit at times like this he wished he was a sensor ninja, then he would not have to deal with this crap. The Uchiha felt a tail brush against his leg and saw Ichigo's scarred face looking up at him. Hang on, that gave him an idea.

"Hey, Ichigo do you smell something?" Sasuke asked the red-furred fox kit.

The growing fox tilted his head in confusion.

"Listen, there is a fangirl stalking me. Do you know what a fangirl is?"

Ichigo blinked. That really didn't answer his question, but the duck-haired pre-teen figured it to be a no. "Well, a fangirl is a horrid abomination from hell. They have forked tongues, sharp nails, and no souls. Rumors have it that they become giant spiders that spin webs, and when they capture you they will slowly eat your souls. It's a long and grueling process as they extract it from you to increase their immorality. And when they gain enough souls, they will call upon their dark Gods, Gods known as the Great Old Ones to destroy us all."

Ichigo only blinked, that sounded like a giant load of bullshit to him, and he was a completely different species. Hell even Benihime rolled her eyes, how sad was it that two fox kits thought that their adoptive uncle bought into all that propaganda.

"Come on I haven't mastered the Chameleon Jutsu yet, please just take one sniff, and I will ask nothing of you for the rest of the day." Sasuke was close to begging.

Sighing, or as much as fox could sigh, Ichigo sniffed the air. He then began hacking in revulsion. Good Inari, what kind of human wore that kind of stench? The red-furred fox then pointed his tail in the direction of the nearest tree. It was then Sasuke scooped both him and his sister into his arms before bolting to the safety of their current home.

After Sasuke departed, a part of the tree fell away revealing one Ino Yamanaka holding a cloak to for camouflage purposes in her arms. "Kami dammit! Sasuke-kun why do you deny our love!"

"I doubt that." Naruto responded in a dull voice.

"Ha! Good one Blondie."

"My daughter aside. I would like to focus on something before this session is over, if you won't allow me to open any more doors then how about some information." Inoichi said irritably. Honestly the boy was being more of a pain in the ass than usual.

"What kind of information?" Naruto asked.

"We want to put on record several items, mainly your kekkei genkai, that third eye or yours, or that katana. I only want one of the three for this session."

Naruto narrowed his eyes when he mentioned those three. Honestly the black-streaked blond didn't want to reveal the secrets of his Kurashagan, Handanryoku, or even Jagan. They were his to keep, hopefully to his grave, or if he had any children. Man this was a tough call, either he had Inoichi dig through the memories he rather left alone, the pink ones that he was too embarrassed to reveal, or one out of three subjects that he could not really reveal without Shinigami's permission.

Fuck it, he would just have to deal with Shinigami's wrath later.

"All right, I will tell you about my sword. Now please pay attention because I cannot repeat this so I don't get into trouble with the big guy. If you know what I mean."

"Fair enough," Inoichi readied his 'pen and paper' to write down the information.

"All right. My katana's name is Handanryoku, it's a one of a kind weapon created by Priest Goro Masamune and Sengo Muramasa-"

"I'm sorry." Inoichi interrupted the pre-teen. "Are you telling me that this sword was created by famous dead sword smiths?"

"Yes, Shinigami tore them from Heaven and Hell to create it. It took seven years in Purgatory for them to make it due to...complications. But the result of their labor is nothing to laugh at because this sword has the power to send souls to their rightful place." Naruto stopped to catch his breath, and to observe Inoichi paling a little bit as he wrote this information down. "Before it was finished Shinigami placed a sliver of his judging powers into it so that is would judge any earthbound or newly deceased spirits wherever I go. It is also made of chakra steel so I can pour my nature affinity into it. There is also a neat little trick with the skull, it's hollow inside for any herbal creams to put on cuts and other minor wounds."

"And that's it? Is there anymore you can think of?" The Yamanaka Clan head asked.

"Not unless your Anbu guys found out something."

"Actually, while you were in the middle of your interrogation with Ibiki, two rookie members messed with your equipment. The hilt of your sword caused one of them to lose his entire right hand, and it caused the second rookie to activate something on one of your gauntlets. Because of that we have one shinobi that was forced into retirement and a dead one. Mind explaining that to me?"

"Well for one: Shame on those two for messing with my shit." Inoichi sweat-dropped hearing that. "And second: I did not know about that feature with my sword, I had a feeling something would happen if someone other than I touched it, but not that. Also those bracers are activated by some sort of switch. Seriously am I going to be tried for their stupidity?"

"No, no, they were at fault. But anyways we're done for now, I'll see you again next month."

It would be another hour later before Naruto found himself back in the company of Zabuza and company. And another three days before he was released from custody. Oh by the love of the Shinigami Naruto was so glad to be free of that place, seriously now he knew why Meizu was going insane; well more insane than usual. He could literally feel himself growing weaker by the day of inactivity. But now that he was free he was going to rectify that with many hours of physical exercise and some clones for his chakra exercises.

After being released the black-streaked blond was escorted to some sort of supplier. He didn't really know what to make of it, it what he was seeing was some sort of service counter with a male Anbu member wearing a raven mask behind it. Of course he wasn't just out in the open, the shinobi was behind shatterproof glass and chakra-draining steel bars.

"Mister Uzumaki." The raven-masked shinobi politely greeted Naruto. In his hands were his clothing that was wrapped in thick plastic, which he pushed through the small opening of the steel bars. "One complete black outfit with fishnet chain mail shirt and belt buckle, two shuriken pouches, kunai holster, hitai-ate and sandals. All cleaned and ready for use."

After Naruto gathered up his clothing the man pushed through the scrolls. "one sealing scroll, checked and everything clean and accounted for." After the pre-teen took the scroll the man carefully pushed the demonic hannya mask through the opening. "And one scary as fuck mask. Your weapons will be given to you at the entrance of the Anbu building. The dressing room is the first door on your left, have a nice day." The Anbu member then closed his area down by blocking it off with a steel shutter from the inside.

"...All right then." It proceeded like clockwork after that. Naruto changed into his comfortable clothing, received his weapons at the entrance and walked outside as a free man where he was greeted by Sasuke.

"Dobe." Sasuke greeted with a nod of his head.

"Teme." Naruto returned with a greeting of his own, a smile upon his face even though it could not be seen.

Sasuke suppressed a chuckle and greeted him with a handshake. And with both Ichigo and Benihime never too far away from their paranoid 'uncle' yipped in excitement seeing their 'dad'. Using their powerful leg muscles they easily hopped upon Naruto's shoulders and nuzzled him affectionately. The scene was so cute, and so sweet the observing Anbu operatives swore they got diabetes.

"So, what your first act as a free man?" Sasuke asked with an amused twinkle in his eyes.

"I'm going to train my ass off!" Naruto happily exclaimed.

"The usual place?"

"Oh yea."

A week passed since Naruto's release, and everything became routine. It was wake up, eat, spar, do a D-ranked mission, eat, and train some more on their own time, eat, and then go to bed. It was becoming so boring! After that B-ranked mission the Genin of Team Seven were feeling completely restless, but for one it changed them completely.

Sasuke wanted to do another mission of that caliber again. He knew that he was ready, just the thought of fighting in a life or death situation was getting his blood pumping! But instead of fighting mercenaries or bandits, he wanted to fight shinobi. The Sharingan-user didn't care if it was someone from Mist, or Stone, or even shinobi from a minor village like Rain, he just wanted to fight side by side with his comrades and kick some ass!

For Sakura however she found it really hard to be at home. After the mission she went to report to her mother about anything incriminating they could use against Naruto. But instead of her reporting that he fought like a demon, she lied, she told her that her teammate did not do anything of the sort. The pink-haired Genin instead said that he saved her life once, killed a couple of bandits, but she didn't remember anything afterwards after she killed her first two people. Her mother was not pleased, but didn't do anything further. Afterwards Sakura tried to get closer to Naruto, to have him trust her again; and so far she had little to no success for these past two weeks.

And then there was Naruto. All he wanted to do was get some more missions under his belt, sure he loved to kick ass and take names, but what he needed was experience. After all how was he supposed to kill Orochimaru, Danzo, or Madara Uchiha, and as each day passed he was growing more doubtful that the last one was even alive.

But there they were, all three of them were heading towards their training field for another boring day.

"All right dobe, I'll bite. Why is there a rock following us?" Sasuke bordly asked, indicating a square rock following them in the middle of the street.

"Oh, that's just the Hokage's grandson who by now should have learned that A ROCK IS NEVER A PERFECT SQUARE!" he yelled doing a perfect imitation of Iruka's famous Big Scary Head Jutsu. As soon as he said that, the the black-streaked blond pivoted towards the 'rock' and kicked it towards the gates of the village, revealing three children. Konohamaru was one of them, and he was accompanied by a short brown-haired nose-dripping boy with wire-rimmed glasses. Wearing a blue long-sleeved sweater and white shorts; and a ginger-haired girl with a permanent blush with her hair pulled back into pigtails wearing a pink shirt and a tan shorts.

"What the hell are you three doing?" Naruto sweat-dropped seeing the ridiculous scene.

The girl reacted first, jumping in front of the two boys and striking a pose. "I'm Moegi, Konoha's sexiest kunoichi!"

The snot nosed boy with glasses jumped to Moegi's left and struck a pose as well. "I'm Udon and I love math."

Konohamaru just stood there grinning. "And you already know who I am."

Striking various stupid poses they shouted "We're the Konohamaru Corps!" they all said together.

"It feels like I just died a little on the inside." Ishikawa said next to his ward after he witnessed their antics, and he as already dead! "I ain't handling this, you're on your own Blondie!" The deceased Kamizuru then bugged out and went to peek on the woman's hot springs.

"That was terrible." Kyuubi agreed.

"Stupid Ningans." Jagan muttered in disgust.

'Naruto I'm blaming you for this, especially since they have those stupid goggles on their heads.' Sasuke internally sweat-dropped.

'Oh brother!' Apparently Sakura's opinion of her teammate dropped a little that day.

"Konohamaru, what the hell was that? Your theatrics were awful. Plus what kind of pose is that? I give that performance a three out of ten." Apparently Naruto was the only one who really thought something about it.

Even though they were disappointed at first, the three young children then took a minute to gawk at their boss' radically changed appearance. "Wow, Boss what did you do to yourself? You look...you look..."

"Awesome." Udon finished for his friend.

"Well...people do change. And I changed awesomely." Naruto chuckled in mirth. "All right you what is it you all want?"

"Oh right! Boss we're having a tough time with our shuriken throwing. Is there a chance you and Sasuke can come by the academy and teach us a few pointers? It did wonders for Iruka-sensei the last time you visited." Konohamaru looked at the team with pleading eyes.

Well he wasn't wrong. Sasuke had been keeping tabs ever since both Naruto and himself terrified the academy students, and they were behaving for the most part. But Iruka did threaten them all a few times that he would bring them in if they kept acting up.

"Sorry Konohamaru, but my team and I are heading to see our sensei. We'll catch up another time, okay little buddy?" Naruto said, trying to not disappoint them too badly.

"Sure thing boss, go and kick some ass for us okay!" Giving his rival to become Hokage a bright grin, Konohamaru and his small gang of friends left to go off and do ninja stuff.

"Well, you certainly have a way with kids." Sakura commented.

"They're all right. All they need is some proper training and they can be kickass like me." Naruto replied with a huge hidden grin, but more on guard since she actually said something nice to him.

"Well I'm sure you would one day be a great fa-"

"Let got of me you big bully!" Immediately hearing Konohamaru's screams the three Genin rushed to where he was screaming.

Once they arrived at the scene, the three Genin saw the Sandaime's grandson being held up by some guy dressed in a black outfit with a red and yellow circle on front, a strange object on his back wrapped in bandages, strange purple marking on his face, and a cat-like headpiece that bore the hitai-ate of Sunagakure; The Village Hidden in the Sand. Next to the guy was a girl that had blond-hair that was split into four pig tails and piercing blue eyes. She was wearing a white dress that had a mesh shirt underneath, also she also had a giant iron fan strapped to her back.

"Kankuro put the kid down he's not worth it." The blond girl sighed tiredly. It was obvious that she was tired from the long travel from their village and just wanted to rest for the night.

"I don't care Temari. This kid hit my leg and he needs to pay for it." Kankuro responded rudely to the blond. Already he was irritated from the long travel, and wanted to let off some steam, well now he found an outlet. When he raided his arm to punch the kid square in the mouth, he suddenly felt cold, sharp steel at his throat.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. Unprovoked assault on the Sandaime's grandson would be a serious crime, more than punishable by death." Naruto hotly said to Kankuro, he was barely keeping the kunai in his right hand steady. No one assaulted his friends and gets away with it.

Temari was about to pull her fan on the masked-shinobi when she too felt cold steel touching her neck. To her credit she moved one eye over to see Sasuke holding the deadly tip of his kusarigama to her jugular vein. "Sorry, but my teammate does not like unprovoked attacks. You should count yourself lucky that we stopped you."

"And why should I count myself lucky about that?" The kunoichi questioned her captor.

"Well, the one in the tree could do something worse to you." Naruto said, making everyone look towards the nearest tree. There they saw an auburn-haired teen no older than them with black rings around his pupiless sea-green eyes that showed his insomnia. He wore black cargo pants, a black t-shirt with a fishnet shirt underneath it, black shinobi styled sandals, along with a scarf tied around his neck, and had a gourd on his back. His most distinctive marking was a red tattoo with the kanji symbol for 'Love' above his left eyebrow.

He disappeared in a swirl of sand and appeared near the captured Kankuro, "Kankuro you are a disgrace to the village." the auburn-haired teen said.

"B-but Gaara it wasn't m-my-"

"Shut up, or I will kill you." Gaara turned to face both Sasuke and Naruto, both by now released their captives. "I apologize for my brothers stupidity. But however I am curious as to how you discovered my location?" Gaara asked.

"You leaked a good amount of killing intent when you stared at the idiot." Naruto replied, pointing his thumb at peeved Kankuro.

"I see you are skilled...both of you are if you managed to catch my siblings off guard. What are your names?" Gaara asked.

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha." Sasuke introduced himself.

"And my name's Naruto Uzumaki. What is yours?" Naruto asked.

"My name is Gaara of the Dessert. I look forward to facing you both in the exams." the Sand Genin said. And with that confrontation finished with they turned around to walk away with both his siblings in tow.

And while that entire scene played out Sakura found herself left out again, and as she witnessed how fast, and how strong her teammates were. She honestly began to question her skills as a kunoichi.

Ten Minutes Later

"Hello my cute little Genin." Kakashi greeted his team with his usual eye-smile.

Almost immediately Sasuke brought his hands into the tiger seal and shouted, "Release!" When nothing happened the Uchiha was joined by Naruto to try and dispel the illusion. While it was amusing to watch his Genin try and dispel a supposed illusion, the silver-haired man held up his hands to stop them.

"I'm not a genjutsu, come on let's get started here okay?"

"You're early!" The three Genin shouted at the same time.

"Yes I am. Is that really surprising?" Kakashi asked, almost like he was sincerely confused.


Chucking in mirth the Copy-cat ninja reached into his left hip pouch and pulled out three slips of paper. "Well now that you three have finally arrived I can give you these. This is so that you can enter and compete in the Chunin Exams coming up."

"The Chunin Exams? They're coming to our village?" Sasuke questioned. Oh thank Kami he was so relieved, this meant that he would have the chance of being promoted. Go on higher, and more dangerous missions, and be one step closer to his goal in killing Itachi.

"Fucking sweet! Kakashi have I told you how much I love you!?" Naruto happily read his sheet over and signed it with a pen Kakashi provided. After signing his paper the jinchuriki handed the pen to Sasuke, and like his teammate signed the paper without any hesitation. He then handed it to his sensei the same time his teammate did. But after handing it to Sakura all three shinobi noticed her hesitation, she gulped several times, and her hands shook violently.

"Sakura." Surprisingly it was Naruto who spoke up. "If you don't feel up to it we would understand. After all it's barely been five months since we became Genin, and we've done only two high-level mission and only have a few kills under our belts. We have a decent amount of experience, but we might need a little more time like Team Gai. We rather not have you go in without any confidence and have it end badly for you. But if you do sign the paper, just know that Sasuke and I will have your back."

"Boy, what are you doing?" Jagan demanded.

'What do you think I'm doing? I'm consoling my teammate, and hoping to whatever God of luck or courage will have her sign it.' Naruto replied.

"But you dislike that pink howler monkey! Don't you remember all those punches to the head? The abuse she and that blond bimbo cause you at your school? Why console this piece of filth when you could easily destroy her!?"

'It's because she's trying. I have not forgotten what she has done, but she is trying to change since I saved her ass on that B-rank mission. I would have to be my old self to not notice this before.'

"Pft! So you're going to forgive her after all she has done. Ningens, I will never understand your kind."

'That's the problem Jagan, you don't try to understand us.'

"And I don't need to."

Feeling the sentient eyeball cut the link he returned his focus on his pink-haired teammate. She looked at him, her expression surprised, and relieved. She brought the pen to the sheet of paper and signed her name before handing it back to Kakashi.

"Good job you three. You passed the test." Kakashi pocketed the papers, and eye-smiled at his Genin team.

"Test? What test?" Naruto demanded.

"To enter the Chunin Exams all members of the team have to sign these forms. If Sakura didn't sign it, none of you would have been able to enter this year. Now I want you three to be at the academy first thing tomorrow morning. Dismissed, and sleep tight, you're going to need it." Kakashi ordered the three before disappearing in a small cloud of smoke.

"Huh, well I guess I'll see all of you tomorrow. And Naruto...thank you." Sakura bowed to her two teammates and left to go home.

"Well, I guess we should-"

"Lets get it over with, I'm sure Haku would love to look after them." Sasuke interrupted his teammate with a sigh. He didn't mind Haku too much, it was the other three that always shook his nerves to the core.

"Glad we're on the same page, come on duck-ass lets go!"

"Don't call me that dobe!"

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