Author's Note: I have a new full length story in mind for when "What You Need" is finished, but this is my…shall we say…side project. I intend to make as many Disney songs as I can and write a Tiana/Naveen drabble or one shot for each. In some cases, may be Ray/Evangeline or about Tiana and Charlotte's friendship, etc. But they will all be inspired by a Disney song, and of course be Princess and the Frog related. Feel free to suggest songs (My only thing: I prefer they come from Disney's movies, and I despise Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers, so I won't write anything related to them. Sorry.)

Song: "He's a Tramp"

Original Movie: Lady and the Tramp


It had taken almost a month on a ship to reach the shores of Maldonia. Tiana had spent the whole trip trying to fight off sea sickness. She had lost the fight, and was now leaned so far over the rail in anticipation of the worst that Naveen feared she might fall off.

"We are almost there," He said soothingly, rubbing her back. "In just minutes we will dock and greet my mother and father, and then I will give you a full tour of the kingdom. Does this sound agreeable?"

Tiana wiped at her mouth with her sleeve and glared at her husband. "All I wanna do is get off this ship." He pulled her close to him, and rocked her. She frowned. "I appreciate it, but the last thing I needed was more rocking…" she put her hand to her mouth and again leaned over the railing, dry heaving, her chest aching with the effort.

"Are you all right, my princess?"

She didn't answer. She refused to remove herself from the rail until they finally made port. Her relief was short lived, however, when she spotted how many people had shown up to see her and Naveen's arrival.

The people were packed so closely together that the ones nearest the boat seemed in danger of being pushed into the water at any moment. At first, the off-putting part was the sheer number of people. After Tiana got over that, it was the gender that started to bother her.

Sure, there were a few boys around, but most looked bored, clearly dragged there by someone else. The ones cheering loudest were all female, and all, Tiana noticed with a sharp pang of irritation, around her and Naveen's age.

Naveen waved to his subjects, flashing his dazzling smile before motioning them to make room for him. The crowd parted obediently. Naveen grabbed Tiana's hand and pulled her in tightly. He made a loud announcement in Maldonian. Silence rippled through the crowd.

The guys suddenly started cheering, but the girls were starting to mutter, many of them giving Tiana very dirty looks. One girl broke the welcome sign she'd been holding before storming off.

"What did you say to them?" Tiana demanded. "If looks could kill, those girls woulda just done me in!"

"I just announced that the rumors are true, I am indeed married, and introduced you as my wife. Should I not have?" Naveen asked, cocking his head to the side.

"So what are they so upset about?" Tiana asked, teasing. Her jealousy had died down.

"Well," Naveen rubbed his neck awkwardly, momentarily avoiding eye contact. "I may have…."


"Some of them were…."

"Yes?" Tiana pressed. Naveen coughed awkwardly, then pulled at his collar.

"It seems to be most hot today," he desperately tried to change the subject. Tiana was having none of that, though. She crossed her arms and tapped her foot impatiently. Naveen hung his head. "All right, all right. I have dated uh…many of those girls."

"How many is many?"

"Who keeps track of these things? I was a bachelor, I had a lot of freetime and I am a great lover of women, after all…"

"Wrong thing to say," Tiana said, turning away from him.

"What? I meant was! I was a great lover of women, but now…now I only love you. This is all right, yes?" He grabbed onto her and spun her around. He cupped her chin in his hand, stroking her cheek with his thumb. "I only love you, Tiana. You should know that."

She grabbed his free hand and gave it a squeeze. "I know. But you're just so cute when you're nervous. You make it so temptin'," she flicked Naveen's chin when his mouth dropped open.

"Ooh, I am so going to get you back for this!" he promised.

"Suuure you are," Tiana rolled her eyes, heading for the carriage that awaited them.

Naveen watched her walk away, admiring every movement of her body, thinking of how lucky he was to be with her. The crowd that had watched their argument (with the few who knew English trying to translate as quickly as possible for those around them), and nearly all had come to the same realization. Prince Naveen had finally grown up, and this woman, Tiana, was the one responsible for it all.

"I think," One of the natives said in Maldonian, "we must find some way to thank that woman."